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Coffeeshop La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop Info

  • Montag 11:00 - 19:00
    Dienstag 11:00 - 19:00
    Mittwoch 11:00 - 19:00
    Donnerstag 11:00 - 19:00
    Freitag 11:00 - 19:00
    Samstag 11:00 - 19:00
    Sonntag 11:00 - 19:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://www.coffeeshoptertulia.com/
  • +31 20 623 8503


Kristina K. - vor 1 Monat

Beautiful place, excellent music selection, great coffee and lovely staff, wow.

The Kman - vor 1 Monat

This place is run by a lovely mother and daughter team who have owned it for 30+ years, and it is a delightful place to smoke weed. The coffee is great, the service is informative without the BS, and the smoking environment is welcoming. The weed is the same as most other places in AMS. Highly recommended.

özge çelik - vor 2 Monaten

The place is beautiful and cute. But the staff were quite grumpy. If we didn't get too tired, we would definitely give up on ordering and get up.

Théo D. - vor 3 Monaten

One of my fav coffee in Amsterdam, very few places to sit, small but that kind of "vegeral design" and atmosphere is still unique after many years. Quality is good, prices are medium, but for sure a nice spot to buy and chill around.

Lois Holden - vor 3 Monaten

One of the worst Coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Looks lovely from the outside, great area. Light interior however very unfriendly atmosphere. Lad behind the bar demanding you buy weed and a drink before you look for a seat. Took 25 minutes for a coffee. We had to remind them of the order and still no apology. Menu wasn’t great either. Other staff looked pretty miserable too.

Ajda Novak - vor 4 Monaten

We went there with my friends, because it was one of the coffee shops that didn't look so dark and sketchy, which was nice. We wanted to get a brownie. However the woman at the bar told us it is very strong and we should have half if we never tried an edible before. So 2 girls shared one and i had 1 whole brownie (which was 7€ btw). We waited hours and we all felt NOTHING. It was just like having a normal (but very expensive) brownie. It felt like a scam, honestly.

Michelle Croix - vor 4 Monaten

Hidden Gem! Great Coffeeshop with a great atmosphere! They got a lot of vegan options and the setting for a good time is perfect combined with a nice hot or cold drink :) I will definitly come back here.

Vivian Sthel - vor 5 Monaten

One of the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Chill vibe, excellent customers service, the hash is the best in town. Definitely a place to be

Jan S - vor 7 Monaten

Nice place but the service is a bit rude. It seems that sometimes either it's my vibes they don't like or their mood is not well. But the energy vibes of the place itself seem to have a healing potential. Don't poob in the toilet? Is this even serious?

Drago Topić - vor 7 Monaten

Perfect place if you wanna chill out with a book or do some work, nice and relaxing atmosphere. Don't like the menus not stating which strain you buying when getting pre-rolled joints and the size of the pure joints ain't nothing to brag about but still a really nice coffee shop so giving it 4 stars


Best coffee shop in Amsterdam. The brownies didn't really hit but the environment, the flowery design, the staff was amazing. My favourite one. Prices are better than other coffee shops. You can sit outsiders in front of the canals and enjoy this authentic experience of a coffee shop.

Anderson Mastronelli - vor 8 Monaten

Best place ever in Amsterdam. They are super friendly and nice! The peanut butter cake OMG brings you to a different dimension. Guys eat it!! This place surely would be the reason why I would move to Amsterdam ♥️

Kenneth Jimenez - vor 9 Monaten

I really enjoy this place. Usually the coffeshops looks kind of sketchy, but this one is open, with light, nice vibe, friendly and colorful. The flowers are also great and the food menu is according to a nice joint. Thanks for the space!

Desmond Gallagher - vor 10 Monaten

I would rate this as the best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Vegan toasties, lovely coffee, dairy free milk to go with it, and a lovely location on the canal. The staff are super friendly and down to earth too. Something a bit different from the mainstream premises, this is a cute little alternative that can't be missed!

Dominika Tkáčová - vor 10 Monaten

Gluten-free friendly!

Leo ML - vor 11 Monaten

Amazing coffeeshop with the most helpful and friendliest staff. Also, amazing location with a great view. Good coffee and even great buds.

Gabriel Oliveira - vor 1 Jahr

Their Dark Chocolate Cake is one of the best edibles I've ever eaten. Loving quality edibles. Space is exotically soft. Nice

Dan Alexandrov - vor 1 Jahr

Was my starred place to check it out! Looks like a lovely place but apparently it’s mandatory to buy sth or smoke – and drinks or toasties don’t count. I find this weird or even customer unfriendly but the lady said it’s perfectly fine! Well, would this make La Tertulia my go-to place when I would wanna smoke? No?

Matt Simpkin - vor 1 Jahr

Easily my favourite coffeeshop in the city. Bright, leafy, very chill. Unintimidating and welcoming. Simple weed menu, relaxed music and the fresh mint tea is excellent. Everything I want to find in Amsterdam.

Catherina Vecchione - vor 1 Jahr

A lograr weird the way that the line is organized to put which can make it a bit unconfortable, also the tosti is a bit dry. But the product is quality and the place is soo pretty.

Rhys Joseph - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing coffeeshop, really chill vibes and great atmosphere. The van Gough style mural on the outside of the building adds a nice touch

Miriama Bicanova - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffee shop in the city. Very nice designed and prices are very reasonable. The staff was very cute. Fully recommended

Rafael Lyra - vor 1 Jahr

Cozy and cute coffeeshop. My favorite in the city. good (and not loud) music, nice light and receptive crew

Layaan Almenoar - vor 1 Jahr

Bright,relaxed and friendly coffee shop. Great reggae music in the background and amazing lemon and ginger tea.

Kilian Gut - vor 1 Jahr

First Coffeeshop that serves oatmilk Very very nice indoor decoration, friendly staff #vegan

Stephen Racano - vor 1 Jahr

Finding a clean coffee shop that you want to sit at is so difficult in Amsterdam. A friend took me here, and wow, what a great experience. I used to go to green house, but this will now be my regular place when visiting. Staff was very welcoming.

Iris Homer - vor 1 Jahr

This place is kind of everything

Georgiana Ciuparu - vor 1 Jahr

A nice and cozy place to sit down and enjoy your coffee, good chill music and beautiful view. We enjoyed this place a lot.

Idioteque - vor 1 Jahr

Nice place, nice weed, nice people

Gregor Schulze - vor 1 Jahr

the vegan space cake is very good

LUCA Bianco - vor 1 Jahr

Very good place to chill and eat milkshake

daniel feldman - vor 1 Jahr

Very cute place with nice people

Gennaro Martello - vor 1 Jahr

Nice place,cool location but horrible and disgusting iced coffee. No replacement for it. I got an espresso after it and wasn't any better. Again perfect location, nice spot but.....

gregory jakowleff - vor 2 Jahren

Nice place, it doesn't feel like a coffe shop but rather a very relaxing reading space. The products are good.

Maren Schüler - vor 2 Jahren

Best coffeeshop around town! I love the small but cosy cafe with good quality products. The cakes and drinks were excellent.

Lucia Eugena Rosado - vor 3 Jahren

Prices are too expensive and it is not such a good place. The orange juice is the WORST I tried EVER. I felt so pressured by the staff to consume drinks, weed and food (ALL OF THEM, it was not enough to grab a drink or some weed). Definitely not coming back.

FayeFergy . - vor 3 Jahren

Love this place! Friendly staff (who remembered us!), excellent coffee, nice atmosphere, can't really fault it! It doesn't have an overly tourist vibe either, which adds to the experience.

Walter - vor 3 Jahren

Friendly staff will make you feel like home. Board games, delicious family hot chocolate, and the owner has some lovely pictures of Brazil to share with you. Ask him!

Hajo Smulders - vor 3 Jahren

I like to smoke, but absolutely hate most coffee shops. This place still has the vibe of the coffee shops of my youth. I believe the fact that it's run by ladies is a big factor that sets this place apart from the other's.

Rina R. Wehbe - vor 3 Jahren

Interesting experience. They style this place like a mad scientist/laboratory/pharmacy. This was recommended by a guide on the tour of the city we took. The staff are generally funny and helpful. They went above and beyond to fill our order (getting someone from another shop to run over the product). Caution: However, they really do not tell you enough about the effectiveness of the product (I observed that they are very very very very strong). Please exercise caution when going here and ordering items. Be sure to understand the affects of this substance on you personally. Also, be careful in where you use the product, be in a safe (and hopefully familiar) environment. Stock up on munchies (snacks). When in doubt follow the Canadian motto: start low, and go slow! (Thanks Ontario OCS)

Anna Politte - vor 4 Jahren

Found this place on our last day in town and so happy about it. Bright but cozy with a lovely garden. The woman working there was gentle and kind. What a wonderful place to smoke a j

Gitche Qwerty - vor 4 Jahren

Light, airy and reasonably quiet coffeeshop. 10/10 would come here again as long as they let us play board games on weekends. Otherwise excellent freshly squeezed orange juice and service.

peter dangana - vor 4 Jahren

Chilled vibe and really friendly service. Way better atmosphere than other coffeeshops in Centraal

Mark Covell - vor 4 Jahren

When extinction rebellion are exiled to Amsterdam like climate camp was in 2009...they have to come to this place for their meetings...vegan and vegetarians welcome and needed to smoke good weed. This place comes highly recommended if you are part of the movement of movements.

Charles Moussoux - vor 4 Jahren

Bio hemp coffeeshop, you have to buy weed or Home made Space Brownies to be able to sit and enjoy a drink. The place is cosy and much better that other crowded and dark coffeeshops. Positive vibes.

Romuald Krasensky - vor 4 Jahren

Very friendly staff. Welcoming and taking the time. I would recommend for an easy going time. Products are well priced and of good quality.

Liam Irwin - vor 4 Jahren

It was my absolute favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. If you love a chill relaxing environment to smoke in I highly recommend la tertulia, the staff and selection of Cannabis are wonderful. If you like a more club like atmosphere I don’t suggest coming here, this place is more like hanging out with your friends in a respectful chill manner. Again I absolutely loved this place and it’s amazing if you wanna grab a coffee sit down and get really high and relax.

Yasmeen Islam - vor 4 Jahren

Our favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam and we've tried nearly all of them. Its beautiful outside right on one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam. Its also lovely to sit inside, full of plants and crystals. The staff is always so welcoming and patient, never rush you. Their brownies are actually real and al their products are of quality.

Ricardo Ortega - vor 4 Jahren

It is a really calm experience, the weed is strong and is a good mix, is not a place with loud music that can upset you. When i go back this place is on my list.

Olga Ivochkina - vor 4 Jahren

Fantastic staff and great atmosphere! Great spot for chilling and people watching activities.

Kristl - vor 4 Jahren

Best coffeeshop I've been to in Amsterdam. Chill, good music, good service. Flew out high as a kite.

Petr H - vor 4 Jahren

Prettiest coffeeshop in town. Nice selection of good weed, good drinks, relaxed atmosphere. The only downside is that they close at 7pm.

Stephen Short - vor 4 Jahren

Definitely a very chill, relaxed coffeeshop. Don’t come expecting the “usual” vibe/loud atmosphere. Perfect to slowly enjoy your weed, or try the excellent house made edibles. If your mom partakes, this is the place to take her! Awesome little sandwiches and juices/shakes as well. Great spot to people watch or just read a book. Will absolutely come back.

Dan Geisler - vor 7 Jahren

Absolutely wonderful coffee shop with a lot of sun coming in and wonderful English-speaking staff !

Kevin Spijkers - vor 7 Jahren

In my opinion this is the chillest coffeshop in A'dam. Soft atmosphere with plants and coloured art. Weed quality is normal

Alex Landa - vor 7 Jahren

Great place to start the day! Tasty fresh and clean.

Semih Usta - vor 7 Jahren

So nice and comfortable. It's not just a coffeeshop.

Gal Sivan G - vor 8 Jahren

The best in A'dam! Go! Just great. different than other coffeeshops. lots of light. quite. super kind owner.


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