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Vincent Azavedo - vor 3 Wochen
Irie ites brotha !
Filip - vor 2 Monaten
Takeaway only but great stuff and staff.
Dubois Nicolas - vor 2 Monaten
I came by consulting the opinions of this coffee, the employees are not at all pleasant or even racist. So I turned around and left my order on the counter. To be avoided very strongly
Margaux Martin - vor 3 Monaten
Friendly staff with very good advice. Would recommend
Davide Meloni - vor 6 Monaten
Good stuff and friendly
Mandown Lerrace - vor 8 Monaten
Good quality bud, but poor quality of staff hired. Especially the tall white guy with long hair, very rude & impatient. Staff need to be instructed to quit acting like they own the coffeeshop and just serve.
serena senatore - vor 10 Monaten
I love ❤️ this coffeeshop, personnel really lovely
Adam - vor 1 Jahr
The centre of Amsterdam, one of the originals and everything a coffeeshop should be, friendly, good atmosphere/conversation, nice well considered music and a good volume, nice coffee, and of course the C5 haze.
Alessandro Todaro - vor 1 Jahr
Very nice experiece! It was my First Time in Amsterdam and the staff was very kind, they told me everything about weed! One of the best coffee shop ever !
Tom Birchy - vor 1 Jahr
Highly recommend this place, came early and chatted to the guy behind the counter. Very nice place. Would return. Great draw.
Tim M - vor 1 Jahr
Great Products! Super nice Staff! This coffee shop is really classy and distinguishes itself from the other ones in Amsterdam. Currently they only offer take away though. But i would say this one of the 3 best coffee shops in Amsterdam!
Ethan Riss - vor 1 Jahr
i’ve never been in this particular shop and i got only there today because of the close down. the shop is very cozy staff was super friendly they answer to call!. and now trying what i got i am really satisfied with the quality and the value point. I now have a new go to spot in central for sure!
Matthew Lloyd - vor 1 Jahr
My favorite shop in Amsterdam best overall vibe, best music, best coffee and the best consumables. Staff was great laid back and very pleasant. Overall our favorite place to stop in for a coffee and a smoke before planning our days or when coming back from running about the netherlands. A must visit for anyone who will be in the city and looking for a spot to hangout for a bit. Sole drawback is seating is very limited but overall due to location its normal to be able to find a spot to sit as long as your willing to mingle.
Mirna Ober - vor 1 Jahr
This is such a lovely place! Small, but cozy with great menu, great coffee and cool people. We love it and will def be back!
M O - vor 1 Jahr
This is such a lovely place! Small, but cozy with great menu, great coffee and cool people. We love it and will def be back!
Poezie Trista - vor 1 Jahr
I really felt very welcomed here, the hosts are so incredibly welcoming. Although the place was crowded and I spent only about 10 euros, the host messed up with great dedication to find us a place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Such a delicious and inviting atmosphere, good people, one thing more than rarely to be found in those times and in the so desecrated and secularized society we live today.
Anthony Gissinger - vor 1 Jahr
One of my favourite spots in the "city center". Good music, good coffee, even added some Panton greatness last i was there. Always a pleasure!
Jared Guichard - vor 2 Jahren
Best coffee shop that we went to...the other places seemed overwhelming. This spot was a softer place and more chill. The lady up front was very helpful and we got edibles and some good weed as well and we had the exact night we wanted with the goods and the had some Frittes afterwards. You wont be disappointed
Sir BurnS - vor 2 Jahren
Its small. But the people are cool. The quality of the weed is great. And the cakes will blow your mind! Go for it!
Craig MVP - vor 2 Jahren
Popped in yesterday on a flying visit, wanted to buy some roach/ filter material, the vending machine was broken, so the lady kindly made up a bag full for me and gave them to me for free. What wonderful service from a lovely lady. I will be back for sure :)
Nicole Davis - vor 2 Jahren
Super friendly employees! One woman in particular even recommended my partner and I a insider beach spot to got visit and it was beautiful. Besides really comfortable place to smoke and lastly the best coffee i drank in Amsterdam. Thanks to the staff! We will definitely come by next time.
Feili Wei - vor 2 Jahren
A great place! The weed was amazing and stronger than I expected, so I didn't have the best time of my life, but it was clearly my mistake to smoke too much at one time. The owner was extraordinaly nice - he offered me sugar to help with my situation and took care of us as best as he could at the busy rush time. Thank you so much once again and I'm sorry to cause you trouble! Unfortunately I have to admit I behaved a bit like a stereotypical tourist, but the owner was more than nice and helpful :)
Nancy Furzer - vor 2 Jahren
Our favourite Coffeeshop! Lovely selection and super atmosphere for smoking while on premises. Run by great ladies that make you feel so welcome
Ritesh Pandya - vor 2 Jahren
Good selection, friendly and approachable staff. They're happy to answer your questions. The place itself is a little smaller than it looks in the pictures but a nice atmosphere.
Roman Rybalchenko - vor 2 Jahren
Were there same day 2 times, first time everything was wonderful with nice team. Another time guy who called him as host tried to show his power "order here or look there", "order drink or don't sit here", despite of guys who were sitting during both our stays without drinks for hours. Didn't feel comfortable an we left
Jamie Greene - vor 2 Jahren
One of my absolute favorite spots to hit up in Amsterdam every time I come through! Great selection, relaxing and hip vibe, and a great staff! I particularly appreciate how they advocate for a safe consumption and use of cannabis. Small space, but well used. Definitely worth grabbing a coffee and enjoying a smoke before taking off, if you have the chance.
Paul James - vor 3 Jahren
One of the best coffeeshops I've ever visited! It's literally like sitting in a Dutch persons living room enjoying their hospitality over a good smoke. Super friendly staff and fellow customers. Can't wait for another reason to stop by
Eduardo Eliseo - vor 3 Jahren
Great place. The music is good, the ambient is just right on the spot. Added to favorites.
Justin Taylor - vor 3 Jahren
Having been here before in 2004 and 2006 I knew this was a local favorite for cannabis and hash. Figured I’d head back for more of the same. Shop and bud tenders were great but the cannabis was just average. I opted for just 1 gram and a space cake. Neither were very memorable. Sad but unsure if I’ll be back.
Paci Paci - vor 3 Jahren
Proprietari gentilissimi, informati e a disposizione per ogni dubbio, atmosfera rilassante con musica adatta al posto. Prezzi contenuti e buona qualità. The owners were really kind, informed and available for all sorts of doubts, music is great and relaxing making it the perfect mood for a chilling experience. Prices were low and quality was good.
Gennaro Martello - vor 3 Jahren
One of the most cozy and typical coffee shops in the city centre. Nice hash and weed. They also have some great choices from Amsterdam genetics, which is the best. Also the caffetteria it is good. 4 stars because it is really small and can be too loud and crowded.
Michael - vor 3 Jahren
Amazing staff and beautiful selection...very chill local vibe atmosphere :) Will happily visit again soon! 12/07/18 UPDATE* - Came back here since my last holiday, staff is just as friendly and chill, pure and affordable selection and the same Tweede Kamer coffeeshop vibe as last time, cannot recommend enough! :)
Louis Voarick - vor 5 Jahren
Consistent good quality, lots of choice with explanations, expensive but not overly so
Martin Olach - vor 5 Jahren
HELLO there this coffeshop tveede kamer near spui sell brix substances in their weed smell like parfumed and taste very bad headache after smoking bad mood. This is bad weed. I have tested specialy many coffeshops in center of amsterdam and around but the quality of weed all the coffeshops is very poor bad in whole amsterdam lots of parfumed weed lots of brix in weed also pieces of glas in weed be very careful what you get. Im very expirienced smoker and choosy so i recognize it easily than others newbies. Amsterdam is no more the destination is just tourist trap with bad quality weed and tourist prices
David Leonardi - vor 5 Jahren
One of the most authentic coffeeshops in town. Great quality and friendly service, along with mostly locals make this place stand out.
Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - vor 6 Jahren
Robert Taylor - vor 6 Jahren
Small cosy little shop, quality menu and good quality weed, worth a visit...
Leroy Di regulator - vor 7 Jahren
Altijd mijn eerste stop
Shawn Hawaii - vor 7 Jahren
Great stuff #puns

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