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Coffeeshop New Times

Spuistraat 260, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Montag 07:00 - 01:00
    Dienstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 07:00 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Freitag 07:00 - 01:00
    Samstag 07:00 - 01:00
    Sonntag 07:00 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://newtimes-amsterdam.com/
  • +31 6 26298782


Danny Buchanan - vor 2 Wochen

Very chilled coffee shop out of the centre, top quality consumables, well worth a visit

Javid Rehman - vor 2 Wochen

This place was proper

Matt C - vor 1 Monat

Great coffeeshop with some lovely weed and it's not to far to walk to from the centre. I will definitely be going back.

Kieran - vor 2 Monaten

Honestly such a good coffeeshop, great music, a really good vibe a bit on the high end on the prices but the weed does make up for it, overall very good menu, tasty, clean smokes. A good selection of Dutch and Cali, the staff are very polite and knowledgeable and really take the time (regardless of the queue) to deliver the right high whether you're a beginner or pro. They also won't pressure you into buying the most expensive weed on the menu which is nice to see. Would definitely recommend a visit to new times.

Bong Fu Fighter - vor 2 Monaten

Fancy, small Shop at the Center. The hash was very nice , but on the expensive side of Amsterdam. Clean good smoke and friendly stuff

Ian - vor 2 Monaten

Lovely spot didn't get enough time in it though,,,will definitely be back

johanne horton - vor 2 Monaten

One of my favourite coffee shops. Lovely little place.

Ralph N - vor 3 Monaten

Great place located next to a lot of nice shopping streets in a quaint district. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and the music played is very cool. The budtenders are chill and the prices are fair. They made a mistake with my order but quickly fixed it without much quarreling, which I appreciate. I will endorse this place.

Sohiel - vor 3 Monaten

Had to buy weed in order to sit down at coffee shop… I did ask if I can just order tea but unfortunately the matey was just too greed.

Jessica Dossman - vor 3 Monaten

The music, the atmosphere was so dope. I love this place. Can't wait to go back.

Ahmad Al Hariri - vor 4 Monaten

Friendly atmosphere as you'd expect. Cigis not the best in Amsterdam but serves a purpose

Anti man - vor 4 Monaten

Nice Placebo to smoke and chill. Best is the 1st Floor with a view. Very good weed for a fair price.

Jesse Velazquez - vor 5 Monaten

The most beat coffeeshop in Amsterdam. There are like 6 other coffeeshops within a 5 min walk that are way better.

Jesse Friedman - vor 6 Monaten

Great place, big upstairs and outside area. Super silver haze is

Tina - vor 7 Monaten

Was my favorite, but not anymore, because of bad service angry peps behind the bar. Stay away!

aj herringshaw - vor 7 Monaten

Good vibe , good staff , good atmosphere, good music

kevin fitzpatrick - vor 7 Monaten

Got baked, forgot my name, all in all not bad.

Stevie Rudd - vor 8 Monaten

Nice chilled coffeeshop with a decent menu and friendly staff

Davide Mistrorigo - vor 10 Monaten

The girl at the bar was very friendly and nice and I followed their advice... Good choice

Oleksandr Kniaziuk - vor 1 Jahr

Great place, Personal is very friendly and will help you to choose a right stuff

Fred Cb - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff, nice music and ambient.

Patrick Schober - vor 1 Jahr

Wonderful place, serious jams, excellent coffee!!

Alexander Estel - vor 1 Jahr

Great place for great chill. Love the terrace

Ilia Ch - vor 1 Jahr

Sick place with good weed and best music.

Sole blu - vor 1 Jahr


Alexandre Sibade - vor 1 Jahr

Love this place , one of rhe bwst of amsterdam , go eye closed

David Girard - vor 1 Jahr

Perfect coffeeshop, staff excellent and friendly, all kind of stuff that you need, and if u want more strong, there is some mushroom shop next to), if u want a pretty good chill moment just stop there for a while and see the magic coming

Alaa Mohamad Ali - vor 2 Jahren

Nice place and good service specially the Strawberry haze

Emin Kurtulmus - vor 2 Jahren

Medical User from Germany, and I use to smoke (inhale) every day measured weed with 25% THC....... I have been twice in this shop, and I picked up twice good weed. First time some NYCD, and this time Straw-Ban. Kush.. By the way, it was the Best weed we had on our tour, and I was in 4 boerejongens(love it since years) , greenhouse, Grey Area.... The blonde budtender was friendly

Boris Garcia Asensio - vor 2 Jahren

One of the best weed in town

James Peebles - vor 2 Jahren

great shop, best bud, great service

Apha - vor 2 Jahren

Absolutely amazing. Great staff and stuff. Dude who recomended me amnesia haze, thank you! 11/10

Yvar Verhoeven - vor 3 Jahren

Lovely place! Best place to go in Amsterdam if you need good coffee and good weed. Spend your best times at New Times!

Kamy Liah - vor 3 Jahren

Really nice and cosy. Will be coming back on my next holidays!

Margaret Mc Guinness - vor 3 Jahren

Great coffee shop some nice nice weed will definitely be back

toothpickmusic - vor 3 Jahren

Best spot in town. Super chill vibe and the staff is awesome. Product is out of this world way better than their neighbors or anyone else around. We came from New York City and checked out a lot of spots this is the one. See y’all soon

toothpickmusic . - vor 3 Jahren

Best spot in town. Super chill vibe and the staff is awesome. Product is out of this world way better than their neighbors or anyone else around. We came from New York City and checked out a lot of spots this is the one. See y’all soon

Doug Ray - vor 3 Jahren

Best spot in town. Super chill vibe and the staff is awesome. Product is out of this world way better than their neighbors or anyone else around. We came from New York City and checked out a lot of spots this is the one. See y’all soon

Joshua Thornton - vor 3 Jahren

Brilliant coffeeshop - good quality products (served in glass jars which I liked) good atmosphere and good service! Also very reasonably priced!

Hydro2oo9 - vor 3 Jahren

Great coffeeshop with nice bud and hash and friendly staff.

Atlantic Max - vor 3 Jahren

Amazing strains amazing staff good vibes

adam - vor 3 Jahren

Love this spot. Super place to chill in their comfortable smoking area. And the products.....AMAZING! 3 stand out strains of the trip purchased here. Go, Buy & Enjoy!

Worldirection Bot - vor 3 Jahren

Nice shop. All their buds come in jars which is very environmental friendly. But I do like some nice fat buds when I buy 2 gs and this way you mostly get small ones. Menu is quite expensive and not all the strains are worth their price. Did score some great SSD though. Friendly staff and chilled vibes when we visited (midday midweek)

Admir Lubenovic - vor 3 Jahren

Great coffeeshop! We were there in the morning. Amazing hash. Federico i think was his name was really helpful. Will come again.

Dave Sarks - vor 4 Jahren

Not one of the best, though still rather cool. Quieter than a lot of the others

P A - vor 4 Jahren

One of the nicest coffeeshop in amsterdam!

7so0om _# - vor 4 Jahren

Excellent location in a classic area This is the best place to relax, also they have all kinds of weed & hash

Ilie Ancuta - vor 4 Jahren

Very nice ,friendly, helpful and has very good stuff :). Thanks guys, we had a great time in you're coffeshop

Zach Latham - vor 4 Jahren

Nice coffee shop to chill and relax in and seem to have some good variety in there... one thing I'm sceptical about is this so called "cali" bud that gets sold for 45 a G in these kinds of places. I just think it's plain rip off

Jay Davies - vor 5 Jahren

Really recommend this place. Very helpful and friendly staff. Very nice atmosphere. Busy cafe but for good reason. Defiantly one to add to this list of coffee shops to visit

Daniel Mathews - vor 5 Jahren

Was great for getting some top quality cannabis friendly staff very helpful. Was close to are hotel so was great for a wake and bake or a nice chilled evening. There is also seating outside if you wish to sit outside.


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