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Abraxas Coffeeshop

Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Andreas Wimmler - vor 4 Wochen
the classic one in the middle of the city is always a good place for a relaxed coffee and chill out. you can sit inside - outside are only some few places available because of the small street. the building itself has several floors. the service is very good. the quality of the products is very good. the prices are relatively high for Amsterdam.
Mark Sidwell - vor 1 Monat
As someone who has never done cannabis/weed before, I was hopeful that Abraxas would be a good venue to purchase a cake. I went in and asked what they had, but they only had a brownie. I purchased the brownie for €6, not knowing how much it should cost. The brownie didn't do anything and I was very disappointed. I wouldn't advise Abraxas for first timers, plus the other shop near Ramen-ya doesn't exist.
Christian B. - vor 1 Monat
Bought a brownie from Abraxas, but absolutely had no effect. It was like eating normal cake.
Julius - vor 1 Monat
One of my all time favsin Amsterdam. Excellent stuff, always a pleasure to hang out there and lovely ladies from the staff!
Ricardo Khalil - vor 1 Monat
Nice place to take a sit and smoke. Cool people, helpful and understanding
Łukasz Malinowski - vor 2 Monaten
Good staff, great flowers. Even got discount. However cake is not working. Tested on my father. Felt nothing
Akash Sharma - vor 2 Monaten
Been here a few times, usually early morning 9-ish. The staff's always been extremely fun and friendly, the goods are good and they have some decently priced delicious drinks. Plus the calm relaxed atmosphere.
Dave Goller - vor 2 Monaten
Great experience! Nice staff, nice stuff. And great prices!
Ashley MacDonald - vor 5 Monaten
Staff are efficient and knowledgeable. It was busy but had a very chilled atmosphere. The joints were nice, as was the coffee. I wouldn't bother with the brownies though, they weren't potent enough for me. I would definitely return.
Edoardo Ferrara Dentice - vor 7 Monaten
Very nice coffeeshop near Dam Square. It opens early in the morning, at 8 am. Cozy, friendly staff, and of course nice products. Recommended
Innes - vor 7 Monaten
Came to this place on third and finally day of smoking trip to Amsterdam. The cafe was nice offer and a good range of different smoke. Was very knowledgeable and unseen them helping out a lot of tourists in picking out smoke. But the place was really busy and found it hard to get a seat. Overall worth stopping by but you can miss it off the list if you don't have time. Also picked up one of the grinders from this place for a gift back home. He was happy with the gift and I didn't pay for it so its all good
sylvie rolland - vor 7 Monaten
Best "coffee shop" in Amsterdam in my opinion. Chilled and friendly atmosphere, very helpful and knowledgeable staff and very homely. The building itself is full of character with amazing architecture and art work. Definitely one not to be missed.
Laura Carrig - vor 8 Monaten
Definitely a must when visiting Amsterdam. Staff are great. Range of products is great and drinks.. Also great. We'll worth it.
Oleg Gritchin - vor 9 Monaten
Good price and vibe inside. But you can't bring drinks with you especially beer. Beer us restricted in all coffeshops. Placed right in center. Near there is food shop with delicious bakery (coconut cookies are awesome)
Alexandra Sarah - vor 9 Monaten
One of the most popular coffee shops in Amsterdam, for a good reason. Their products are of great quality, especially their space cakes. Can get quite busy, making it a bit hectic, but it is usually easy to find somewhere to sit. The staff can be quite distant and rude; I guess it is because they get fed up with all the people? But still :/
Christopher Carpenter - vor 1 Jahr
In my top 3 faves. Fantastic quality if limited in selection. Internal decor is very arty and chic hip. Table service. Excellent drinks try the homemade sparking lemonade. Busy, comfortable, 2 floors, clean toilet, spiral stairs. Settle in .
Bria Miller - vor 1 Jahr
Didn’t feel anything. I ate about 75% of a brownie it’s been 2 hours since the first bite . And 7.50 is a bit much for a brownie . It also doesn’t have that good of a taste but it’s a nice size and 2 people can share it if you want. Also I do not smoke weed so I would feel everything because I’m not used to it.
Tsara Howell - vor 1 Jahr
Love this place and all the staff. Orange juice and sparkling lemonade with lemon are really nice. ❤️ Blueberry muffins. Pure Haze pre-rolled are awesome. Been back many times. Thanx Team Abraxas!
Emily Louise Rushton - vor 1 Jahr
Visited Abraxas in Amsterdam on my 21st birthday, 09/05/2019. I was with my partner and he was actually the one who suggested entering as it looked enticing at dark. We came in and were greeted by lovely staff members, ordered 2 lovely coffees each and were allowed to smoke our own. Looking at the menu, there was a wide range of drinks and snacks along with edibles and different strains of bud. The atmosphere was almost euphoric as the decoration in this coffeeshop was astounding. Anyone visiting Amsterdam, I suggest you visit Abraxas - especially after dark.
Jim's Mind - vor 1 Jahr
Love this place, has a really great atmosphere and plenty of room due to the multiple floor levels (although it can get packed out on a busy evening). Beautifully lit and decorated. Just watch out for the typical Dutch crazy steep spiral staircases. Drinks and food are average prices for central and good quality. Cannabis seems good quality with lots of choice of modern strains at relatively reasonable prices.
Gerard Fleming - vor 1 Jahr
Don't smoke so brownies it was. Advise was to split one between two people. This did not work at all. The next night advise to take one each. This also did not work so left it as it wasn't meant to be.
Laura Gray - vor 1 Jahr
Brilliant shop. Friendly staff who happily make recommendations. Excellent quality weed, I would say for the quality the price is fantastic and already visited twice and will be making it my regular spot whenever I visit
Sam Marshall - vor 1 Jahr
Friendly place. Didn't have any issues with unfriendly staff. Didn't have your typical Brit lads/girl groups in there. You are them typically at bulldog. This had smaller groups when I was there and felt a little more welcoming.
Javier Rubio Gallardo - vor 1 Jahr
Real nice weed and hash beautiful place and funny logo.. The good atmosphere is the best
Gregg Tobias - vor 1 Jahr
Abraxas had a great selection of souvenirs in their coffee house. Good selection of cannabis and a great environment. One of the best places to party and relax. We didn't try the food ☹.
Max de Sousa - vor 1 Jahr
Very nice coffee shop. Good atmosphere, the guy selling smokes was helpful and good to talk to. One of the waitresses upstairs was a bit edgy though... Don't go up the wrong set of stairs.
Фёкла Карлеоне - vor 4 Jahren
Somebody adviced me this place.. Im not smoker, but I love good browny))) one enough if U r not used to using weed...) and coffee nice))
Doug Shepherd - vor 4 Jahren
Probably my favourit cafe in amsterdam. Very friendly and helpfull staff. Great decor. Good music!
Justin - vor 4 Jahren
Nice environment, but pretty cramped, and very expensive. The people working there are mostly a bunch of sad sacks. Old guy whom I guess is the owner was openly berating everyone shouting expletives in Dutch that I guess he knew the mostly international patrons wouldn't be able to understand. The girl behind the counter treats you like you're an idiot. Don't touch the Volcano vaporizer if you haven't used one before, because you'll get berated for attempting to use it. If you don't like to work in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, then don't work in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
David Stalley - vor 4 Jahren
Normally my first and last visit when I'm in the city. Have always loved this coffeeshop, chilled ambience, tidy and clean and plenty of seating. Great selection of bud and one of the best cappuccinos I've had from any coffeeshop :) my number 1 recommendation when in Centrum ☺️
Jonathan Johansen - vor 4 Jahren
Just diversified!!!! KEEP CALM SMOKE WEED NO TABACCO Je crois que c'est la seule règle!
George Georgios - vor 4 Jahren
The brownie was delicious but we didn't feel anything, waiting waiting hopelessly for some effect. They didn't even wanted to sell us weed, saying that brownie could blow us away totally. Very bad to spend 2 hours wasted. The waitress from second floor was very rude, negative and should quickly leave her job and go to psychologist. I put one star only for the girl with black hair at the bar, who was friendly and with sense of humor.
Beard Friend - vor 4 Jahren
A great place to chill and vape downstairs. One of the few places with as many women customers as men. They have a couple volcano vaporisers. Doesn't sell great weed, I pick up from Grey Area nearby and then sit here for hours using their vape and drinking Chocomel. During this time I hear the budtenders explaining the difference between the two cakes on offer every few minutes. Have memorised their spiel now ;) Both cakes are tasty but the hash version usually has better potency.
Cosimo wiSe - vor 4 Jahren
no too much space but not expensive for drink. About the smoke you can have to much choice.
Nuno Gomes - vor 4 Jahren
Crowded place, full of smoke, with windows opened to ventilate the room, which made the latter cold and uncomfortable. The waitress didn't know the menu, and she told us (group of four) that the brownies had cannabis, although that was not mentioned in the ingredients. No effect whatsoever in anybody! This coffee shop is expensive and regarding the special cakes, they sell a pig in a poke.
Ferreneik Betton - vor 4 Jahren
I go twice a year. A stop is never complete without a few visits here. Always love going here. So chilled and quiet, great coffee and tea selection. Favourite is the mint leaves with camomile tea.

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