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Serhii Vasylenko - vor 1 Woche
Great atmosphere, a wide variety of products, and a very friendly staff that can help you with your choice. Highly recommend it if you are visiting Amsterdam first time! Just ask for something light and trust the barman.
Martina Šmejkalová - vor 2 Wochen
Totally unfriendly young man, we arrived, wanted to sit and then we were kicked out because we should FIRSTLY order before sitting. The tone was really rude, so we left somewhere else with better environment.
Nicolas Vanderriest - vor 1 Monat
Great stuff and great staff
p kbl - vor 2 Monaten
Very good staff, good service, cool place!
Jesse Cook - vor 6 Monaten
Great vibe inside the shop ! The service was excellent and also funny, also nice and warm inside unlike a few where doors are left open.
D M - vor 7 Monaten
Really nice popular coffeeshop with good reason! Decent size to sit inside however , the produce is the best, probably a couple of euros cheaper than other spots nearby , really worth going in and having a look. Nice staff and Covid friendly too. Looking forward to coming back again
Alex Kneller - vor 7 Monaten
Nice place, cozy, a bit upscale, big selection
Conan Scholl - vor 7 Monaten
For my friends and me a real insider tip! Great selection, very friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere. Compared to the usually noisy and crowded stores in the center, a wonderful change.
Dome 18 - vor 9 Monaten
Mango life
Alan Liebowitz - vor 10 Monaten
Comfortable seating on two levels. Well stocked, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Location has a lot of character.
tugrul uzel - vor 10 Monaten
The cake is really tasty and strong, def recommended
NIN - vor 11 Monaten
Best weed brownies
Alexander van Gelderen - vor 1 Jahr
Goede shop P.s. to all the foreigners giving bad reviews - it could very well be that you get treated badly because you come in speaking English. Sorry its just the way it is tbh. sometimes tourists in coffeeshops can be annoying as all hell and yall built up quite a reputation. Go to other dutch cities and buy your weed, believe me, they'll probably be less biased. A dutchie
andy nota - vor 1 Jahr
Amazing place they have a good vibe good music and a lot of thc to have fun with
John Koinis - vor 2 Jahren
Great atmosphere, nice music, helpfull staff.
Mateo Prochazka - vor 2 Jahren
The lady at the till gave the most rude service I have ever experienced. She barely made any effort and was dismissive and gave hateful looks.
Matthew Lloyd - vor 2 Jahren
More urban vibe than some of the other shops as an american coming from new york it felt immediately familiar some of the best bud with heavy hitting strains. Staff was solid though a little more lax in their cleaning
Yas Pgs - vor 2 Jahren
My fav coffee shop in Amsterdam ! Always great music, the staff is cool ! I recommand
Mark Taylor - vor 2 Jahren
Nice seating area air conditioning lovely Girl Scout Cookies
İlter Gunasti - vor 2 Jahren
I’ve been to many other Kadinsky coffeshops and all were good, but this branch deserves a poor rating because of “rude staff” and bad service. Music was also really boring.
connor mindham - vor 2 Jahren
Some say the best in amsterdam! Some say I would agree with that statement aswell! Lovely shop with friendly helpful staff!
Julia Hallo - vor 2 Jahren
Kadinsky is definitely my favourite coffeeshop in amsterdam. No matter what location. Staff was always friendly and helpful, it was very clean and you are even able to charge your phone while sitting down!
David Calinescu - vor 2 Jahren
One of the best indoor coffeshop from Amsterdam! They have very good products and very profi staff! Cigarettes are allowed! PS:don't forget your id!
Ahmet Rasim Demirtaş - vor 3 Jahren
Chill spot, nice to share a J with a couple of friends. Music could be better though.
Mateusz Cyryl - vor 3 Jahren
Great staff and a great place. They also own a bar opposite where you can enjoy your herbs
Averi Varney - vor 3 Jahren
Weed was good but the lady at the front was rude. Music was really loud and drinks were expensive. We asked for a tap water and we’re told “bars don’t really do that.”
Davide Caricato - vor 3 Jahren
Good coffee shop, one of the most ancient in Amsterdam. Average quality of marijuana and Hashish and average prices. Staff is a little unpleasant.
Abdullah Y - vor 3 Jahren
The place is nice to chill out. The lady in there is unbelievably rude ... Don't have any respect. Was swearing while we were there smoking . She wasn't welcoming only us but other people as well.she was the reason we left.
Riki Sagis - vor 3 Jahren
very small place, triible service. the lady in the front is very rood when you ask her questions or when she wants to explain something. for sure won't come back abraxas is near and much better
Naomi Sharif - vor 3 Jahren
Had high hopes for this place, it was lovely inside, really nicely done out, like a high end bar, but the atmosphere was whack. The staff were so weird, the tall bald guy stared at us awkwardly until we left, and the curly haired girl who served us had the worst attitude ever, proper rude, I’ve literally never had anyone look at me with so much hate, either they can’t handle their own weed or they just hate foreigners (we’re British). The girl refused to speak English even though I’m pretty sure she could. Just weird really, we smoked quickly and left because they were bumming us out! Better coffee shops that I can recommend are - Amnesia, The Store Coffee shop, and also Bluebird - all really nice, friendly, happy chilled vibes!
Elliott Martin - vor 3 Jahren
Great little'local' coffee shop, hidden away on a side street. Often relatively quiet, compared to the tourist hot-spots. Helpful, friendly staff who will help with any questions and a nice chilled vibe. I'm not experienced to comment on the selection or quality, but it worked for me! Did I mention the coffee is pretty good too?
Ronnie Lambert - vor 5 Jahren
Straight off the plane and straight into this place, good selection of weed, neps was lovely, you can buy your weed then nip over the alley to get a beer and smoke in the air conditioned pods. 2 pints was 10 Euro. Laid back happy service. Lovely vibes
Matthew R - vor 6 Jahren
My girlfriend and I grabbed a space cake to go. We split it and it was more than enough to get us sky high, taste wasn't bad either.
Chris Pick - vor 6 Jahren
Don't remember this place on my trip.. But everywhere I went was laid back and pretty cool.
chris crashtest povey - vor 6 Jahren
Watch out for the super silver haze, we called it memory lapse.
amster damus - vor 6 Jahren
Great small place. Good service and nice people. good bundle deals. Eclectic crowd and a bit too crowded for my taste. Smoked good sativa and went to my way. Would i come back? If i am in the area shure l why not. But is it my favorite new place? Not realy.
Marc Knox - vor 8 Jahren
I first visited in 1989 and it immediately felt 'comfortable', I'm sure you know that all too rare feeling when your brain recognises it! Anyway, back then I sat reading, smoking and eating the most amazing Choc chip cookies, as big as the head of a small child, I would imagine, if they had heads like large cookies. Today its more the lure of a pinball machine and the still same super friendliness quality in the staff working there. Happy discussing various products in line with what I wanted. Didn't try and upsell, in fact was critical of a couple. All something you appreciate when you're not 'green behind the ears' and making your first visit to tour the area's fine coffee establishment, most having their own roasts and blends. Quite the craft industry in civilised countries that have started the slow process to ridding the manmade laws that hinder progress. Industrial hemp production would open up so many opportunities...I digress. It's a great little place to pop in, grab a cold drink or a decent coffee, Medicate and then head off. It's small in case I wasn't clear. Not really star*ucks lounge all day using Wi-Fi over a single coffee friendly, but that's not why you'd go there, right?

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