Kadinsky Coffeeshop

Langebrugsteeg 7A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Bgs Sew - vor 3 Wochen
Nice shop. The girl verry friendly
Sarah Wilkins - vor 1 Monat
The woman serving here was pathetically rude, as if there’s not competition for this sort of business on every street in Amsterdam. The shop was completely empty of customers on a Saturday and it’s no surprise with her on the counter. Absolutely won’t be returning, her attitude put us off ordering anything at all and we walked out after a short interaction with her, stick to the kadinskys on zoutsteeg where the staff are just lovely and friendly, they really put this one to shame
Magda Lopes - vor 2 Monaten
Best weed in town
Kristoffer Andreassen - vor 3 Monaten
-1 star for the pre-rolls
Anthony Barry - vor 5 Monaten
Terrible selection of hash. Anytime I order no matter what I ask for it’s always the same trash.
Ricardo Freitas - vor 9 Monaten
Before covid I remember coming in and there was a group on front of me and then I was waiting my turn and the guy looks at me and said "what you want?!". I said I don't know because I had never been there before and then tossed the menu at me like I was some sort of animal. Giving it a 2 star because I went there again as a friend wanted to go and the person helping us was friendlier.
Alan Liebowitz - vor 10 Monaten
Larger than it appears, convenient to Metro. As with all three Kadinsky coffeeshops, knowledgeable, helpful staff.
lazybone goku - vor 1 Jahr
Very nice coffeeshop with friendly staff, nice strains and good prices. You can also sit in and chill
Erin Collins - vor 2 Jahren
Our fave coffeeshop that we came across. Went a few times; nice chilled atmosphere, seating upstairs. Nice and cosy
Grizzlie •,• - vor 2 Jahren
Very good buds and good prices, try mango kush and gelato 20% . so heavy :) Only minus is they put our cheeba 5 time on scale over and over touch our goodies. Making a receipt long 10 minutes and they were a little rude when we ask why he is doing that
Gravity Sucks Podcast - vor 2 Jahren
BEST SPACE CAKE IN AMSTERDAM I FOUND SO FAR! The pre rolled are the way to go and if you want it with tobacco in it theirs is the best it’s not all tobacco it’s 90% green if not more wish I found this place sooner on the trip 1 slice of cake was good for 3 people and I ate more then half the price my self!
L Bambu - vor 3 Jahren
Fantastic variety. Friendly staff. Crisp design. I don’t even bother going anywhere else when I come to this part of Amsterdam.
Miss Deliziosa - vor 4 Jahren
Came here by recommendation from a friend. Let’s just say this place did not disappoint. Space cake was delicious & definitely had a great time! Coffee wasn’t too bad either. There is a floor upstairs where you can smoke & chill as well. Music is also awesome & sets the vibe as a great place to chill & enjoy some coffee
Robert Talks - vor 4 Jahren
A picture paints a thousand words! So I have included one of some of the amazing food they sell here. Service is quick and so friendly and there is a lovely terrace at the rear of the shop which overlooks the canal. Lovely location and so worth a visit!

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