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Kadinsky Coffeeshop

Langebrugsteeg 7A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop info

  • Monday 09:30 - 01:00
    Tuesday 09:30 - 01:00
    Wednesday 09:30 - 01:00
    Thursday 09:30 - 01:00
    Friday 09:30 - 01:00
    Saturday 09:30 - 01:00
    Sunday 09:30 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.kadinsky.nl/
  • +31 20 420 2132


Goran Kralj - 1 month ago

What a disappointing experience. Went here more than few times bringing visitors and business. Usually friendly lady curly hair working. Today some old bold man rudest person I met in long time. Refused to make coffee as he's super busy. Once place emptied I asked again and got basically told off. Proceeded to gossip in dutch talking about cappuccino and smoke we got. Will take my business elsewhere from now on and I advise others to do the same. Instead of filling up.the pocket of this trash guy :) Of all days to be rude on 4.20 was cherry on top.

Pascal Vuong - 1 month ago

The owner was very unfriendly. We went inside and wanted to order. But our friend who wanted to smoke went to the toilet first. The owner tried to force us to buy something besides drinks, since its his business...

Александр Казьмин - 3 months ago

I was really disappointed. Last time I visited the coffee shop, it was nice with nice guy. This time we weren’t allowed to stay in the coffee shop, because we had to buy more stuff. Total disappointment.

Carlota Venturini - 3 months ago

(08-02-2023) I love Kadinsky, I come here a couple of times a week because the weed and staff is super sweet, although the lady with the red hair and long nails at Kadinsky Langebrugsteeg is very rude. I came in the shop and she was on the phone talking about ice skating. I don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes, especially if it seems like an urgent conversation, but she didn’t even greet me and kept talking and laughing for about 10 minutes as if I wasn’t standing in front of her! She didn’t even make eye contact with me… Very rude and unprofessional, I almost walked away. It’s not the first time I have issues with this lady, she always has an attitude even though I’m patient and always tip 10% (I buy 5g each time). As from now, I will go to another coffeeshop if I see that she is working… communicating with her is a real struggle. I still give 5 starts because the rest of the staff is amazing and so is the weed and the location. Love you guys! :)

pierre bartolo - 4 months ago

High-spirited salesperson extremely unpleasant! I firmly suggest staying away from it! Basically they just talk to you like if you were stupid and they were superior : especially the guy that also speaks french!

Rodolphe L - 4 months ago

Very pushy and nasty salesperson! I urge you to stay away from it! I very rarely experience such contempt in a public setting.

Spencer Phillips - 5 months ago

Really enjoyed this coffeeshop. Our server was very sweet and funny. Shared my macaroons with her. The preroll was 6 euros and the coffee was super good. Why is the coffee in europe so amazing and the coffee so bad back in the states... really! One of my fav coffeeshops so far.

tom poslushni - 5 months ago

Nice place a bit smokey inside, but good verity of stuff they have there.

Kateryna Piskovets - 7 months ago

First time everything was good: stuff and nice interior. Second - rude personal , forced us to buy something more (we bought gram and wanted to smoke up for 10minutes)

Debora Mattoso - 8 months ago

Fun and cozy place. We went mid afternoon so it was a little crowded but still had room to sit down indoors.

StyleDirect - 9 months ago

The lady recommended the Dream cake and it was an absolute dream.

Thomas Haubertin - 9 months ago

good stuff and nice smoking room with good music

Sarah Alturjuman - 10 months ago

Hello, I visited your coffee shop and forgot my raincoat cover bag that is just like this but in grey. Can you kindly let me know if it is still there. Thank you in advance.

Callum Smith - 10 months ago

Got a joint from here, was tiny and the roach was about an inch large. Other coffee shops sell joints atleast twice as big for a similar price

Bgs Sew - 11 months ago

Nice shop. The girl verry friendly

Sarah Wilkins - 11 months ago

The woman serving here was pathetically rude, as if there’s not competition for this sort of business on every street in Amsterdam. The shop was completely empty of customers on a Saturday and it’s no surprise with her on the counter. Absolutely won’t be returning, her attitude put us off ordering anything at all and we walked out after a short interaction with her, stick to the kadinskys on zoutsteeg where the staff are just lovely and friendly, they really put this one to shame

Magda Lopes - 1 year ago

Best weed in town

Kristoffer Andreassen - 1 year ago

-1 star for the pre-rolls

Anthony Barry - 1 year ago

Terrible selection of hash. Anytime I order no matter what I ask for it’s always the same trash.

Ricardo Freitas - 1 year ago

Before covid I remember coming in and there was a group on front of me and then I was waiting my turn and the guy looks at me and said "what you want?!". I said I don't know because I had never been there before and then tossed the menu at me like I was some sort of animal. Giving it a 2 star because I went there again as a friend wanted to go and the person helping us was friendlier.

Alan Liebowitz - 1 year ago

Larger than it appears, convenient to Metro. As with all three Kadinsky coffeeshops, knowledgeable, helpful staff.

lazybone goku - 2 years ago

Very nice coffeeshop with friendly staff, nice strains and good prices. You can also sit in and chill

Erin Collins - 3 years ago

Our fave coffeeshop that we came across. Went a few times; nice chilled atmosphere, seating upstairs. Nice and cosy

Grizzlie •,• - 3 years ago

Very good buds and good prices, try mango kush and gelato 20% . so heavy :) Only minus is they put our cheeba 5 time on scale over and over touch our goodies. Making a receipt long 10 minutes and they were a little rude when we ask why he is doing that

JJ Johnson - 3 years ago

Some of the best looking buds in town. Bud tender (Jeff) is friendly and very willing to be patient with you if you like exploring various strains like we do! He was also willing to do a gram split between hash and bud which is perfect for tourists that want to explore more.

Gravity Sucks Podcast - 3 years ago

BEST SPACE CAKE IN AMSTERDAM I FOUND SO FAR! The pre rolled are the way to go and if you want it with tobacco in it theirs is the best it’s not all tobacco it’s 90% green if not more wish I found this place sooner on the trip 1 slice of cake was good for 3 people and I ate more then half the price my self!

L Bambu - 4 years ago

Fantastic variety. Friendly staff. Crisp design. I don’t even bother going anywhere else when I come to this part of Amsterdam.

Miss Deliziosa - 4 years ago

Came here by recommendation from a friend. Let’s just say this place did not disappoint. Space cake was delicious & definitely had a great time! Coffee wasn’t too bad either. There is a floor upstairs where you can smoke & chill as well. Music is also awesome & sets the vibe as a great place to chill & enjoy some coffee

Robert Talks - 5 years ago

A picture paints a thousand words! So I have included one of some of the amazing food they sell here. Service is quick and so friendly and there is a lovely terrace at the rear of the shop which overlooks the canal. Lovely location and so worth a visit!


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