Coffeeshop Siberië

Brouwersgracht 11, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Zonia Anderson-Bell - vor 2 Wochen
Very relaxing. Tried a few different teas. Good music and atmosphere.
Predrag Babic - vor 3 Wochen
Great place, excellent staff and 'staff'. Professional and helpful. Love the way people chilling in front of it, next to canal, just sitting around on the sidewalk and enjoying every fmoment! So relaxing and refreshing.
john doe - vor 2 Monaten
Previously being close to centraal I always visited earlier in the day. This time I was a bit later and they had opened the back end. It was massive compared to my previous visits, staff where nice and I ended up smoking multiple strains and spending a couple hours their.
Anastassia Zukova - vor 2 Monaten
Nice and chill setting looking out on the canal and the server was so sweet and accommodating. Good quality flower, good coffee and they have oat milk(!). Highly recommend for a quick morning/midday stop.
David Mogford - vor 3 Monaten
Fantastic place wonderful staff, so friendly. I loved it, off one of the quieter streets.
Elmira Majerić - vor 3 Monaten
This place is amazing. Recommended by a local and deserves every praise. The vibe, the staff, the selection of brownies and cakes by an edible cup winner.
Rémi Buczek - vor 4 Monaten
Marvellous choice of infusions, unique in Amsterdam. Big tables to play games. French rap music
Amine Riahi - vor 4 Monaten
Cozy CoffeeShop with a Central location. Friendly staff & Great variety of tea.
Gabri ela - vor 5 Monaten
Loved the atmosphere. Friendly staff, the girl at the counter made really nice recommendations.
Jan Czumaj - vor 5 Monaten
One of the best coffeeshops I've been to, good prices and a great vibe. They serve good coffee as well.
Anton Dovzhenko - vor 6 Monaten
Hi everyone This coffee shop is the real gem Its right in the start of city center and Amsterdam journey You can think that this is tourist trap. You'll be surprised that no Prices very low Personal so friendly and nice And product quility beyond any imaginations
Micheal Karapish - vor 6 Monaten
perfect experience, exact local yet modern, cosy and homely atmosphere i was envisioning when i came to amsterdam. thank you!!
Dennis Svensson - vor 6 Monaten
Nice and cheap polm and always nice staff
Sonja Kouba - vor 9 Monaten
Super friendly, chill atmosphere and awesome products :) definitely visit again ^^
Kevin Kelly - vor 9 Monaten
Very chilled vibe, lots of space and a good priced selection.
Tom Peter - vor 9 Monaten
very good coffee shop. I received very good and extensive advice. There were also tips for sightseeing. Many thanks to the nice saleswoman!
Leon Colwell - vor 10 Monaten
The woman that served me was lovely, also reminded me of my change that I almost walked away from. Good priced weed, definitely recommend, will be coming back.
Iskander Taneev - vor 10 Monaten
Count your change in this one. Tried to cheat me out of 5€
Bastien Maire - vor 1 Jahr
Good vibes , good weed
Joseph - vor 1 Jahr
The perfect Coffeeshop? I love this place. - The menu is very clearly displayed on 3 screens - one big one for the short-sighted like me ;) - All strains have THC & CBD values and percentages and easy to understand guidance emojis on each one. - Staff is knowledgable and really very friendly and engaging. - Lovely atmosphere - I live close by so I rarely sit down but it's very cozy. - Great location (near Centraal Station but slightly out of the way of the main tourist shops) on the beautiful Brouwersgracht. No tables outside but you can always sit by the canal. It is part of a chain which seems to allow them to provide a regular menu but also a consistent supply of new strains but it still feels like a very individual place. They display art by different artists that are for sale and are changed regularly so the interior changes over time which keeps it interesting. The staff make it imho - they rotate their staff a lot with their other shops and their part-timers but they're almost always charming :) It's a coffeeshop that can't be faulted.
Cai F - vor 1 Jahr
Great service, reasonably price especially in this neighbourhood, and quality weed!
gregory jakowleff - vor 1 Jahr
Super Coffe, the manager is very nice, the coffee and the products are very good, you can be sure not to be disappointed.
Gero Nimo - vor 1 Jahr
Coffeeshop Siberie is just awesome and all the awesomeness comes from its ultra friendly staff that will not hesitate to take the time to help to understand what we are buying and giving out very detailed explanations about the effect that the weed you buy will get you to. The staff is very knowledgeable about the product they are selling and they recommended me EXACTLY what i had described to them about what i was looking for. It is one of these rare times where a coffeeshop really makes you feel like a client regardless of where you come from and how you look like :) Thumbs up to Coffeeshop Siberie and will make it one of my regular stops on the way back home :)
A Google User - vor 1 Jahr
Great menu, high quality, friendly staff, cosy and warm atmosphere. Best coffeeshop for a chill evening
Faustyna Hojnor - vor 1 Jahr
Delicious Coffee and good music
Henry Reinhold - vor 1 Jahr
Nice cozy coffeeshop with fair prices and friendly staff. Weed starts from 7€ with fair quality. You can sit in front of the store at the canal. Would recommend...
Manon Leroy - vor 2 Jahren
The best coffeeshop we've done until now : lighting and chill atmosphere, the sound is good, girls are very nice, join are thin and properly rolled, weed is tasty, prices are correct... (If you're interested by vaporizing your herb better come over before 1 p.m because they don't propose it when the place is too full!) Don't hesitate!
Tobias ten Böhmer - vor 2 Jahren
Excellent service and a great selection of strains. On my visit today I got a second degree burn on my hand because I spilled some hot tea and their first aid was very effective. As a pianist I can't risk a long-term hand injury, so hereby, my gratitude to the personell!
Antony M - vor 2 Jahren
Just go there take some staff and a tea from the tea menu and have the greatest time. Excellent service from the people
Love Couple - vor 2 Jahren
Lovely staff, very helpful even when very busy. Great selection of herbs, but what I loved most was that they were vegan friendly with their coffee! Highly recommended.
Ben Lucas - vor 2 Jahren
This coffee shop has one of the best and most central locations for sure in the city. The staff was super nice and welcoming even dealing with tourists fresh off the train ready to begin their trip. On top of that they offered us a free lighter which was outstanding and a little shocking. The only downside to their even more central location is the prices have to be a bit higher, so great to stop by here and make this your main place near the train station if you want to get off the street for a nice smoke and coffee break.
Naoufal Kaïdi - vor 2 Jahren
Best place to be, cosy and charming, people are kind and joyfull and the service is more than welcoming. Quality and prices are good in comparison with other places. But essentially : MUSIC is wonderful ;)
Lindsay Ryan - vor 3 Jahren
This coffee shop had great vibes and felt like an actual cafe rather than a strip club/hookah bar (like most of the other coffee shops I saw). I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonably priced coffee in addition to other reasonably priced goods :D
Mathias Soulier - vor 3 Jahren
Very friendly place! Simple and light ambiance! The staff is very kind and helpful and the prices are low. It is in a calm street, so very nice also to read for a moment.
Sean Patrick Toman - vor 3 Jahren
The best and nicest people. Very accommodating. I had a bad experience in the first cafe and this was the second. I stayed here for a few hours and had to leave for my train and flight home. I highly recommend this place for environment and quality of product :)
B d - vor 3 Jahren
Very nice helpful staff if you don't know what you're doing. They're patient. The people inside were also very friendly since we didn't have a lighter. Neat atmosphere, would visit again, study/library feel to it
marcin preidl - vor 3 Jahren
Lovely place and friendly staff. Other stuff is good quality too. Amazing milkshakes. Recommend to all. As not far away from Centraal station much better then most places around
Jasmin Paula Sheridan - vor 3 Jahren
Staff were infallible, good prices for quality produce and information regarding strength and effects, nice seating and decor, chilled atmosphere. Toilet would not be wheelchair accessible. Coffee was nice. Returned twice in a week and would go again for sure when next in Amsterdam.
Haroon Rafique - vor 3 Jahren
Cool chilled place. Friendly staff. Cannabis menu is very well explained with little emojis to explain how each strain will affect you. Prices are very good and proportional to strength. Music is relaxing but not too mellow. Definitely worth a visit.
Jenny Thorneycroft - vor 3 Jahren
Visited this place yesterday! Fantastic menu board and a lovely, cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Definitely my favourite coffee shop so far! The hot choc is
Joe Woods - vor 3 Jahren
Wonderful quaint coffeeshop set in a lovely long old building. Not often full and even when it is a quiet place with interesting music, mostly hip hop and some progressive tunes. A great selection of teas and different juices than found elsewhere. A wide and detailed menu of weed available with quality just under that of the best couple of shops in town but value for money is some of the very best. Helpful friendly staff too that only improves the atmosphere!
Oliver Makey - vor 3 Jahren
Amazing experience, great variety of product, equipment already available for free and good pricing. Atmosphere is cozy and nice along with great staff who were very helpful. 8/10
Tags Collins - vor 3 Jahren
Best solid in Amsterdam, lovely spot to sit and chill, solid's with over 30% THC for 11-12€ can't beat that any were and trust me I looked.
Thilo Krawietz - vor 3 Jahren
My favorite shop in Amsterdam. Great choice of different weeds with very detailed information about effects, THC and CBD content on percent basis. Also very friendly and helpful staff.
Mr movie addict - vor 4 Jahren
Found this place on my last trip to Amsterdam and can honestly say it was one of my favourite coffee shops. Its menu has a good variety of recreational and medicinal products with a good description next to each one. The guy that served me was great guy, he was very helpful while I was deciding what I wanted, explaining each one etc. Plus the atmosphere was very relaxed and you had a fair bit of space to yourself unlike alot of the other coffee shops were they're a bit loud and crowded.
Cillian Cassidy - vor 4 Jahren
Always an excellent menu and staff. Super chill place to relax also
Claes af Schmidt - vor 4 Jahren
Was one of my favorites while I lived in Amsterdam. They have an amazing tea selection, good weed, friendly staff, large tables and not too loud music so you can actually be social, it's very hippie friendly. I think this establishment deserves so much more attention but I'm glad it don't coz it can remain somewhat pristine from tourists.
Benjamin H - vor 4 Jahren
Very nice coffeeshop, not far away from the train station and not as crowded as many other 'popular' ones. The staff is very helpful and customer friendly. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Amsterdam.
Leonardo Lucas - vor 4 Jahren
Cool staff, good coffee, good weed at reasonable prices. And also very good music
Danjal Shafiei - vor 6 Jahren
One of the best coffeshops I've been in and I have to say it's hard to find something better than this. Fast Wifi, snacks, drinks and a digital display of all the strains with indicators for strength and effects and also the percentage of THC and CBD. They are also one of the few coffeshops here which have CBD concentrated strains. Also you are allowed (if you ask nicely and you are not a jerk) to eat your own little snacks and drinks if you also order or buy something there (drinks, snacks etc.).
Hannah Gibson - vor 6 Jahren
Nice place, drinks were a good price. Some interesting art on the walls. They sell various options by the gram, and a few are available present rolled, again reasonably priced.
Rebequah Rose - vor 6 Jahren
Lovely spot with really friendly and informed staff who make beautiful coffee... You must stop in!!! #amsterdamartgallery #coffeeshops #hotspot ????
Lorrin Braddick - vor 6 Jahren
Good music, friendly staff, nice atmosphere... not dark and dingy and no thumping trance! Also free wifi. Exactly how you want a coffeeshop to be.
Ned Smanks - vor 6 Jahren
This place is everything a good coffeeshop should be. A beautiful location on one of Amsterdam's prettiest canals. A low key, almost non commercial vibe which contrasts with so many shops these days. An excellent menu, friendly and knowledgeable staff and guess what? The coffee's excellent too. Perfect.

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