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Nicolas Bleyaert - vor 2 Wochen
My favorite place to be! Top weed for a good price and such a nice vibe, the staff is very friendly and give you a warm welcome.
Modell Bleu - vor 3 Wochen
If my memory serves me this place used to be called The Doors Irish Whiskey Pub. Interior looks the same. Fantastic selection of herbs and resins. We has a nice early evening smoke before dinner. Friendly staff.
Jimi Sunsets - vor 1 Monat
Absolutely love the vibes here and really helpful to find your perfect strain not like there’s such thing
James Kennedy - vor 2 Monaten
Allow drunken tourists to sing on their terrace late into the night, keeping local residents awake. And don’t bother to answer the phone. Cheers
Melanie Rumble - vor 2 Monaten
Great coffee shop! Great Selection of weed, friendly staff, amazing frappes and milkshakes! Such a chill vibe love it
Andrea Suricatta - vor 2 Monaten
Awesome Coffeeshop, great employees, weed quality is great and they have homemade space cakes. It's a chill atmosphere, and awesome music. If you want to get super stoned the cali weed did exactly that. Will definitely come back.
Kevin Rankin - vor 2 Monaten
Great prices good weed Great shop Al be back soon
Juan Francisco Pedraza Kranz - vor 3 Monaten
Kind staff, cozy space, great prices and excellent quality. I’m quite happy with this find!
Claudia Arthur - vor 4 Monaten
Great and friendly staff. Small menu as far as weed BUT what they have is top quality. Pre rolled pure amnesia Haze is my personal favorite. Love the location. Go see them!
Alexander Stifter - vor 4 Monaten
Nice, laidback coffeeshop.
D. - vor 4 Monaten
Located quite centrally in Amsterdam, at one of the beautiful canals. What i really liked is that it was not one of those dodgy dark coffeeshops, but that it actually looked like a proper café, that sells quite nice coffee and milkshakes (besides the obvious products), and which has a lot of seating outside. Beautiful on a sunny day, can recommend.
Alex Diaz - vor 4 Monaten
Love this place! I’ve been coming here since my first time in Amsterdam and it always has the best weed & chill environment. 10/10
Kennedy Rodrigues - vor 5 Monaten
chill atmosphere, by the river and minimal techno playing on the speakers
Harry Munson - vor 5 Monaten
My favourite coffeeshop, staff were awesome, the tunes made me feel as if I was bobbing in space and the death bubba was next level. I'll be back this weekend!
Amal Baiju - vor 6 Monaten
Good coffee shop, great staff following all the Covid rules.
Wesley Carvalho - vor 8 Monaten
Good place and good price. I’ve been there two times and I intend to go back.
Danny Fong - vor 9 Monaten
I go here 1st on all my visits due to where I stay and the coffeeshops location. Good variety and prices. A favourite of mine.
Omar Shehata - vor 9 Monaten
Awesome nice strains nice prices
Sharon Barker - vor 10 Monaten
Best Death Budda in Amsterdam, very friendly staff, nice crowd and love sitting over by the canal having a beer. My first stop every time.
P Lynch - vor 11 Monaten
Nice staff and products with a nice canal view and Lavazza coffee so overall a good spot
LeidsePyro - vor 1 Jahr
friendly budtender! white fire is absolute fire
Jason Bruce - vor 1 Jahr
Best service and friendliest company I have ever experienced in Amsterdam... (and the perfect music...)
Keren Ram - vor 1 Jahr
My favorite for the last 25 years. Friendly and welcoming stuff, great vibes, great weed and good prices.
Zoom - vor 1 Jahr
I will always come back to this place! awesome!
Mark van der Leelie - vor 1 Jahr
Excellent coffeeshop. Great atmosphere!
Electric Fantasic - vor 1 Jahr
Nice bud tender... clean modern comfy smoking area...
kalle veikkolainen - vor 1 Jahr
Awesome smoke
Henry Reinhold - vor 2 Jahren
The Store is great for a rest. The shop itself is cozy and prices (starting from 9€/g) are fair. Drink prices are in the average. Milkshakes are a bit sweet (Banana is fine, rest get rid of the sugar). There is a Tv with live Sports. Regardless of that - The Store is a great place to relax - especially with the great seating area outside.
Smoking j8 - vor 2 Jahren
The coffeeshop is really nice. Go check them out. They got a nice menu. Great shop to chill with. They got also some snacks you can order.
Ian Marshall - vor 2 Jahren
Simply the Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, if not the world. Here is an independant coffeeshop that has the most unique menu I've seen in my multiple trips to the city. You won't find the strains available here anywhere else, a must visit for any Amsterdam coffeeshop connoisseur!
Jane Fitzpatrick - vor 2 Jahren
Absolutely love this coffeeshop. Been here 4 times now. The atmosphere is so relaxing and the smoke is lovely too.. I will definitely be going back.
emma muir - vor 2 Jahren
If your visiting Amsterdam to experience the Coffee Shop culture then give this place a try. I wanted to be nosey with a cup of tea without the partaking and this place was fin. It’s a smoky place, a little too dark for me with music that wouldn’t be my choice but it oddly has a great atmosphere and the staff were extra helpful and they serve a good cup of tea. You can ask questions, sit and watch the world passing by, drink tea or have your medicated smoke and you won’t be out of place. And it is not compulsory to partake in the coffee shop experience if you do not wish to.
Tags Collins - vor 2 Jahren
This place is fantastic, I've been going to Amsterdam for 30years and this is one of a very few coffee shop's that still keeps the old school alive. I didn't want to write this because I don't want this original coffee shop turned into one of the mass coffee shops I visited last visit, they've gone like MacDonalds, huge menu, even have to Que, but this diamond in the ruff please stay the same so people have an idea of how things used to be back when only the real adventurers crossed the sea, not like it is now, Disney land for pot smokers, a victim of its success
Michael - vor 2 Jahren
Great coffeeshop with friendly staff and a really nice vibe. Good quality merchandise, coffee and snacks. Shame about the name change but there's still a cool picture of 'The Lizard King' Jim Morrison inside.
Osman Aydogan - vor 3 Jahren
Only good vibes! One of the most authentic, friendly and warmest coffee shops in town. Every single time I had a blast, great conversations with both the store staff and walk in customers. Will be deeply missed.
Lea Crain - vor 3 Jahren
We arrived at our hotel too early and found this coffee shop to sit at while we waited. They were very cool about letting us sit in the outdoor area, which was quite pleasant. Friendly service, I did get a cup of coffee that was excellent. D got some soda. I'll post a view from our hotel window across the street. The nice lady there gave us an excellent recommendation for dinner that turned out to be a great experience.
Leanna Crain - vor 3 Jahren
We arrived at our hotel too early and found this coffee shop to sit at while we waited. They were very cool about letting us sit in the outdoor area, which was quite pleasant. Friendly service, I did get a cup of coffee that was excellent. D got some soda. I'll post a view from our hotel window across the street. The nice lady there gave us an excellent recommendation for dinner that turned out to be a great experience.
Daniele Baraldo - vor 3 Jahren
Really good weed and not so high price. Nice staff
Nathan Knowles - vor 3 Jahren
Love this babes place❤️ Great atmosphere, great music, the staff are really friendly and helpfu. This is my most preferred coffee shop to date!
Naomi Sharif - vor 3 Jahren
Really loved it here, went everyday! Good music, good vibe, super friendly and lovely location! Cba also sit outside too if the hotbox vibe isn’t for you. Also their hot chocolates are amazing too! I liked this place because it had less of a crackhead vibe that some places had, it was just super chill and cosy!
Cian Caldwell - vor 3 Jahren
Really great atmosphere. Felt very comfortable here. Great place to sit outside and watch the world hurtle by. Not far from our apartment so great at the end of a busy day.
Keren Greenblat - vor 6 Jahren
Nice weed, nice people.. Choose the Morisson
Hannah Gibson - vor 6 Jahren
Limited seating here, but was OK. Strangely they were playing Offspring, not The Doors. Update - this was called the Doors but is now called the Store.
Graham Williams - vor 6 Jahren
Google says I visited here, but I don't really remember it. A glowing endorsement?!
Aipli Laszlo - vor 6 Jahren
One of my favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam.
Pavel B - vor 8 Jahren
Bit disappointed. No Doors music, only some disco. Bored service aren't any interest for customers. Weed aren't too good. Toilets are a bit nasty. Only plus side are a walls with Doors theme. So much potential little cofeeshop, shame...

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