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Prinsengracht 480, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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sarasta - vor 1 Monat
Nice staff, nice weed 10/10 !!!
Ivandis Deus (Dom The Skunk) - vor 2 Monaten
Really friendly staff! Amazing decoration inside!! 10 out of 10, will recommend!!!
Jean-francois Zuliani - vor 3 Monaten
Love the vibe. ☺️ Every. Single. Time. And the staff is so friendly.
Matt Cross - vor 9 Monaten
This is the only place I know of that has Apple haze. Absolutely love it
Kaz Tompson - vor 10 Monaten
Amazing stuff and good prices top quality out of most coffee shops I been too
unattendedbag - vor 11 Monaten
Worst weed I’ve ever smoked. It might just be this one strain that is absolute reggie, so just avoid the Purple Haze. Incredibly dry, no/bad aroma and a harsh smoke. I went back to tell them about this and all the guy could do is nod, seemed very unfriendly and uncaring.
Sorouche Azadeh - vor 1 Jahr
nice place i always return
Julia Senpai - vor 1 Jahr
Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam for me. Good quality and friendly staff :)
DZN prod. - vor 1 Jahr
Very unfriendly employees, there are better shops in the area
Innes - vor 1 Jahr
I'd watch out for the purple haze it tasted sprayed Came here on most recent smoking trip to Amsterdam. I had never visited the store before and I always try to include cafes I have not smoked in before to the list. The overall feeling of the cafe was nice and relaxing offering live feeds of Amsterdam square on 2 HDTVs. Offering free toilets and they were clean. Speaking on the male toilets. Not sure on the female toilet front could be a train wreck. To the import part the weed. I had a gram of white widow which I found to be really nice and well worth trying. Paid €11 for a gram and got with it rip off raws and a lighter. My friend had bough the purple haze and on first inspection it looked a bit off. Liked someone had tried to spray the colour on to it. Had a bit of a chemical taste when done threw a bong. Overall I would say this place is worth a stop by when visiting the city on first time or on repeated visit to the city. Being honest only came here cause good times next door was super busy
Ella Zohara - vor 1 Jahr
Cool atmosphere, great people. Highly recommended!
Radu Bugeag - vor 1 Jahr
What can I say?...
rakel zetterlund - vor 1 Jahr
Super chill vibes in here, great deco and usually a really killer playlist: 90s-2000s R&B - so good! Treat the staff with respect and they will do the same for you, never had a bad experience here!
Zak Wampler - vor 2 Jahren
Great selection of top quality product. The staff was friendly. The best one I've been to. Thanks.
Dorin Emanoil Pirvu - vor 2 Jahren
Nice little place just like most other coffeshops. The budtender was really nice in telling us different information about their products, so that we could choose knowingly :)
Adam Sparrow - vor 2 Jahren
Potent exotic menu. Prices for drinks are reasonable and has a very open feel to the coffeeshop.
Rhia Cooper - vor 2 Jahren
I love this place and have visited on both occasions I've gone to Amsterdam. I would love to give this place a 5 star but the drinks are super expensive and you have to purchase them to sit in and smoke. The music is typically great but can sometimes be a bit intense during the day if you're having a morning smoke. However, staff are really friendly and help you choose the best weed for your level of tolerance and really know their stuff. Also some seats outside for when it gets too hot or smokey indoors and the decor inside is brilliant so overall a really chill place that many people would enjoy.Would definitely recommend, especially for people who are new to the coffeeshop experience.
woody Tsai - vor 2 Jahren
Excellent place to chill. We order 0.5 gram wax and it’s amazing. Music is good as well. I like our last night experience in Amsterdam.
Moritz Gerz - vor 2 Jahren
Very good Coffee. As I don't smoke, but the smell is nice and sweet, it was fantastic there. Me and my friends enjoyed it there, especially the service was great. The two ladies at the counter were very kind and very helpful. Cheers
Alicia Pachucki - vor 2 Jahren
Listen... get The Light Muffin. I don't care how experienced you think you are, start with The Light Muffins. It's GOOD, and the chocolate chip chunks are delicious. But seriously, start there... on an empty stomach... just eat the top... and give it some time. Just... yeah.
Blogger uk and spain - vor 2 Jahren
There are few small coffee shops on this canal walk location of Amsterdam This particular one boast two rooms one to the rear with sofa relaxed area and to the front tables and stools more formal seating area Friendly atmosphere gets busy
Aamir Rob - vor 2 Jahren
Very tasty flavours. Would definitely recommend this place if you're ever visiting Amsterdam
Bob Bert - vor 2 Jahren
Great service, compared to other shops. Weird situation where a girl at the bar was humiliated by the store boss.
Fabio Tym - vor 2 Jahren
Can't say much about the place, i never stayed in. Muffins are stronger then average and rightly slightly higher priced
Smokey Bandit - vor 2 Jahren
My favourite cafe, good prices, nice variaty of flavours and great atmosphere.
Bia Cabral - vor 2 Jahren
At first it was really nice: the music, the staff, the place itself. But at some point one bartender was super rude. I left right away. It's a nice place tough
Hello World - vor 2 Jahren
Nice chill atmosphere, great to go to regularly as they don't hassle you to buy from weed menu just to sit inside. Prices a bit better than rest although, even though getting a drink is nice to smoke with, they will force you to buy a drink at times and there is a bald guy who cleans constantly and nagging to buy a drink which can turn the mood down quickly. Overall recommend it!
Ling Lin - vor 3 Jahren
The strongest space cake I had in Amsterdam. Better than those mass-produced prepackaged ones from convenient shops.
Déshaun - vor 3 Jahren
The vAriety is outstanding. Absolutely my favourite coffeeshop. My partner and I enjoyed the experience
Fedo BK - vor 3 Jahren
Excellent Coffee Shop, warm welcome, very good music and super safe. Strongly recommended
lance Barrett - vor 3 Jahren
Sick coffee shop really good weed and coffee. staff are very welcoming and plenty of space and seats at front and back definitely will be back. The only one Issue was a guy tried to hit on my gf as we was leaving lol she ignored him and kept walking I just starred right back at him as I walked past
Les Tombs - vor 3 Jahren
Amazing place, I did not partake of their brand of 'tobacco' but accompanied someone who did. Very friendly place, the seating area was opulent with Arabic style tables. You really felt you were in a Moroccan coffee bar (yes I have been in one). The coffee hear was really good too and reasonably priced. Oh and for those purchasing 'tobacco' on the premises...I am told it is very good quality and even available in half gram quantities.
Matthew Lyons - vor 3 Jahren
This place has a wonderful back area with spacious comfortable seating and lighting, relaxed but not cliche music, and refreshing foods and drinks. Being a bit off the beaten path, it has a much smaller crowd that tends not to be as touristy. Highly recommend!
Les Glasgow - vor 3 Jahren
Great coffee for those who where not partaking in its other delights. Very reasonably priced, seats were comfortable and easy to spend a few hours here....chilling.
Jake whitear - vor 4 Jahren
Lovely environment, good music, brilliant seating, can't go wrong
Joao Costa - vor 4 Jahren
Very nice ambient. Nice staff ????????????
Laëtitia Lemeire - vor 4 Jahren
Friendly staff, good products and quite some space to sit down and relax at the back of the coffee shop !
Ebrahim Ali - vor 4 Jahren
My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam! The decor is great with comfy spaces to chill and unwind. They play good RnB music with a great selection of herbs and brownies. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Make sure you try out the hot chocolate if you're visiting during the cold months. ☺️
Smokey Bert - vor 4 Jahren
Hands down the BEST coffee shop I went to!! Amazing place, great atmosphere, comfortable coaches and The staff are super friendly and happy to explain any questions about the weed you might have... If you want Great weed then try the CANDY KUSH, STRAWBERRY HAZE and my favourite APPLE HAZE!! Plus you can buy wax here... Not many places you can. Will 100% be coming again!!
Arkadiusz Polak - vor 5 Jahren
Good place to chillout, good music, friendly service and a large selection. The sofas are comfortable, the coffee is black and tasty ???? I highly recommend this place! ????
Aria Bennett - vor 5 Jahren
Will update with Pokéstop status in the future. They sell joints by the bundle for a reasonable price, though they are heavy on the tabacco. Lots of seating inside.
David Salti - vor 5 Jahren
For a tourist all coffeeshops looks amazing, for a traveller , you need to check the updated list for coffeeshops ratings
Christina black - vor 5 Jahren
Comfy seats to sit good music. Most importantly great menu selection staff know their stuff
Yohann Girard - vor 5 Jahren
Best coffeeshop i visited in amsterdam, good music, very good staff, nice place and lot of good products.
Paul Peter - vor 5 Jahren
Putted my apple haze into toilet. I think its sprayed or they put flavor in plants. It was not natural. I cant say its 100% true . But also owner of a better shop told me its spray. Dont know what to believe. Everybody need find out by themselves
James Crowley - vor 6 Jahren
Very friendly staff. Lower than average prices. Apple skunk may be the tastiest to be had in the city. House glass, grinders and other accoutrements for use. Can't moor table couch and cushion lounge. Music is usually an electric mix of covers and originals. Not the best name, but certainly top five CS in amsterdam.
Sean O'Neill - vor 6 Jahren
Been amsterdam 3 times this year and this is the best coffeeshop to date, very clean menus precise. Music is good. Staff gave me free pack of skins tips and a lighter also for buying. Purple haze was OK nice mellow. But I really advise the strawberry and apple haze down to the taste the smell and how hard it hits you. Incredible weed. Guttered I'm not there now :(

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