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Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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B T - vor 7 Monaten
First time visiting Amsterdam & this was one of my fav coffee shops by far. Nice bud selection, nice staff. I ordered the mango juice at least 10times lol Only thing missing is food & maybe a more chill genre or music. You can’t really vibe to techno while getting high
Twisted5576 - vor 8 Monaten
Watch out for getting oversold if you're a tourist. Cool place, music was a touch loud but not obscene. Nice and spacious, and they have pool. Drinks were pretty nice, not too cheap along with the bud. Internet was reasonably priced but they have no printer.
Michael Mason - vor 8 Monaten
Great atmosphere One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Good weed! Even had a game of pool. Really enjoyed this place.
sean masterson - vor 10 Monaten
Favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Pool tables, TVs couches ... cheap weed nice friendly staff too . Honestly just go you wont be sorry. Cant wait to visit it again .
Anthony Woelke - vor 1 Jahr
Very relaxed vibe and one of the only coffeeshops I've found with pool tables. Had a fantastic time chilling, and shooting pool. If you want more relaxed music go earlier in the day.
Anastasiia - vor 1 Jahr
We were forced to buy both drinks and weed. Then couldn't get out with our non alcoholic soft drinks, had to fast drink it there.
JakeFPbee - vor 1 Jahr
Lovely shop with great service. Really nice walk way in to the shop setting a good atmosphere. Really recommend.
Joe - vor 1 Jahr
Had a surprisingly bad experience - you had to buy either a drink or weed in order to get in. The staff was rude to us since only one of us wanted to buy something - only one of the two of us smoke, and we just had a full course meal and I didn't want a drink but was forced to buy one in order to get in. The atmosphere is cringeworthy and a lot of people didn't want to go in after they found out they had to buy something before they entered. Smells like old moldy basement. Save yourself from this experience and find another coffeeshop around the corner - they're a million times better.
Ireon Noble - vor 1 Jahr
The place is ahead of its time. Definitely a must see in the pot community. People from all age groups are here having a good time. The art surrounding the place was really cool. Plus the prices of gas was reasonable. Some of the strongest herb I’ve tried in Amsterdam. This is my go to place when I’m in town.
José Antonio Meira - vor 1 Jahr
The place is really cool. They have two pools tables where you can play if you buy any drink. They sell a big variety of weed and joints. The music is great and the people is very relaxed and chilled. It is a nice place to visit and hang out for a while. It is next to the bulldog cafe also.
Steve Williams - vor 1 Jahr
Loved this place. Pool tables in the back. Ordered an iced tea, was given a bottled tea. When I asked for a glass of ice I was informed that they don't have ice. Most Dutch restaurants don't provide ice unless it's asked for, and then you might only get three ice cubes. We would get our herbs and go into the back to smoke - no pressure to play pool. Very comfortable.
sonia lowe - vor 1 Jahr
Really had a great time in here played pool
Stopy Feronié - vor 1 Jahr
Nice and roomy, friendly staff and great prices. The best coffeeshop in dam
Reis Caffrey - vor 2 Jahren
Great music and good vibes. Lovely spot. I always visit this place when I'm over.
Steve Greenfield - vor 2 Jahren
Basic but friendly and reasonably priced. Very open to hear out any question. A chill work vibe but they get the job done. Very handy for a quick print out.
Laura Rissanen - vor 2 Jahren
Great customer service and good weed for a great price. The bouncer is very friendly and sweet
Tom Berrington - vor 2 Jahren
Great staff, comfortable, and relaxing with pool and Tv's. I always suggest the strong weed that you have to pour into a pack yourself because that has the real effects.
milosz calus - vor 2 Jahren
Great atmosphere, amazing choice of herbs and outstanding choices of drinks and snacks. Excellent place to chill out on a break from your adventures around Amsterdam!
Elaine Speller - vor 2 Jahren
Great place fantastic atmosphere, kept coming back at least once a day, would have given 5 stars, however on my last day there, there was a mother and daughter (I assume) serving and the daughter was very unfriendly even giving me the wrong change and refused to give me the correct amount and made me feel like I wasn't welcome and uncomfortable. We also saw mice in the lounge area. Shame because it was my favourite place. Don't think I will go back there or recommend it.

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