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Coffeeshop The Border

Amstelveenseweg 1160, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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  • Montag 08:00 - 01:00
    Dienstag 08:00 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 08:00 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 08:00 - 01:00
    Freitag 08:00 - 01:00
    Samstag 08:00 - 01:00
    Sonntag 08:00 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://theborder.nl/
  • +31 20 642 0681


Edv Vardo - vor 1 Monat

Never buy cookies there. They will tell you its strong but its actually cookie from market, from suvenireshops, not even close to boerejongens. They should tell truth. Weed is ok for this price

SREEJITH VARMA - vor 1 Monat

Good place friendly staff The should have more variety

Miklós Tix - vor 2 Monaten

Nice place, kind staff. Moderate prices and good strains. Recommended if you look for a take a way shop.

Nayanjyoti Kalita - vor 3 Monaten

Great Place, remains open till 1am. Friendly stuff

sydney dylan - vor 4 Monaten

pre rolled joint was not good. Quality of the weed and also the service was great

Warahu Tv - vor 4 Monaten

Best quality in their products. Nice weed and best brownies.

Conrad Bogdan - vor 4 Monaten

Profesionalism! The best team and weed!

read my comment not my name - vor 5 Monaten

Picking strains via the computer is really easy and fun. Staff was quite nice too. Cool Shop

Björn Lapakko - vor 6 Monaten

It’s a bit of a trek from the city center but well worth the effort—especially if your interest is in space cakes

Kamil Jan Bukowski - vor 7 Monaten

Good place, especially its location and opening hours. I am there late and the store itself is close to my daily route. What I have tried so far has been tasty and I was certainly not disappointed. I recommend.

Lúlu De Freitas - vor 8 Monaten

Terrible experience, I went there on a hurry to buy some pre rolls, didn’t doble check decided to trust them but they gave me just tobacco, as you can see on the photo, nothing green in there, be careful with them. Not trustworthy people.

Kamil Wiśniewski - vor 9 Monaten

Nice, but unfortunately no edibles which is sad

Lowdorn - vor 10 Monaten

Exactly what you expect. Friendly, helpful & quality stuff that they even mark for you so you can’t forget which is which ;)

Dick Lodder - vor 10 Monaten

Good weed and hasj but really bad service

Tamara Niels - vor 11 Monaten

Low Quality WEED & Hash. Dont get stoned at all from there weed or hash.. try it couple times different strains and always really not good. No stoned or high and smell and taste also mostly not nice like in centrum the HQ shops have

Abstract Algebrist - vor 1 Jahr

My go to, as I live close by, and have never been disappointed. Super pollen is my favorite product of theirs. Also most of the people working there are very polite and kind. Pre-rolled joints could have a slightly bigger tube so they don’t get all wonky but it’s only a small issue.

Sandra Miller - vor 1 Jahr

Great service from ALL staff members.

Boris Martin - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff! Excellent produce

Edyta Mhadhebi - vor 1 Jahr

Always nice service. Products sometimes fresh and working nice sometimes not. Its a lottery

אביעד דדון - vor 1 Jahr

Loco store very nice people and helpful ❤️

Sz. Szabolcs - vor 1 Jahr

This shop a bit expensive but the quality of the products is good .

Ovidiu Pascu - vor 1 Jahr

Love it one of the best shops around, i always stop by if i have a chance

Chono Nanton-Rose - vor 1 Jahr

Where quality meets quantity.... This is hands down my favorite coffeeshop. The quality is always top notch with a constant rotation of strains to ensure that you have not just old faithful but also new strains to try. Their Shogun is the best I've had and the staff is very helpful and also cheerful :). Parking can be a challenge at times but any hassle is well worth it.

pulane boesak - vor 1 Jahr

Not the friendliest or helpful herb dispensary I’ve visited. Speaker loud bouncer at door; unclean screens; impatient staff. It made for an unpleasant experience for me.

Thomas E. Gilligaen - vor 1 Jahr

Fast, and cozy. Good strains but menu on the wall behind you. Don't like that.

Dani Lhunas - vor 2 Jahren

Staff behind the register wasn’t very nice and the hashish was not potent at all, some of the worst ive had in a long long time. Not worth it at all for me, ill stick to visiting DNA Coffeeshop

gambit usuan - vor 2 Jahren

Great experience. Security was friendly, Even made sure my wife was ok while she waited outside. Would go out of my way to go back. Recommend

Jeanne Lesage - vor 2 Jahren

Unfortunately the weight is almost never correct. Security is good. Very good Nicole Kush weed.

Golden Guide - vor 2 Jahren

Very unpleasant experience. Security guard is rude and not nice. Touch screen is full of sweaty finger marks clearly not cleaned. Not allowed to inspect weed in any way before buying. There are so many other nice places to buy weed and to top it all off the weed that they sold me is terrible. Do not every go here. The worst customer service in an Amsterdam coffee shop ever. Management need to train there staff better.

Hodan Mohammed - vor 2 Jahren

The owners/employees know what they are talking about. I recommend the border for first time users and everyone else!

Mark Vanderleelie - vor 2 Jahren

The touchscreens! Plus great service, choice and price

Kamila Nowak - vor 2 Jahren

Good staff but high prices

Robert Churchill - vor 2 Jahren

Top Quality weed for 25 years

Martin Nikolov - vor 3 Jahren

The weed is good and the service is not bad but i am giving 1 star as almost everytime it is less than the amount you pay for. Today again for maybe the fifth time i buy 2 grams i get back home and put it on the scale and it was 1.88- unbelievable! Once again this is not the first time and no it is not the scale i have checked it multiple times and every time i buy from the DNA Coffeeshop everything is as on the bon and my scale shows 1 gram or however i bought for. If you want to sell it at a higher price just do it, do not cheat the customers this way as it is really disrespectful.

Nadim Lahoud - vor 3 Jahren

Simply awesome for staying open till late. Good products and a lifesaver for being one of the only coffeeshop in the area.

Claudio Tripodi - vor 3 Jahren

Top selection, and super friendly costumers service. Amnesia, train og and lots more. Wow just on my way back! Security at the place is the coolest guy ever! If u are about please go very top service

Rimovanax zmije - vor 3 Jahren

it's a good place to get either hash or weed. there is a small parking lot if you are going with the car. the downside is that you cant smoke inside so you can get beverages and other stuff. next to it is an cafè

Costantino SdM - vor 3 Jahren

The best place where to go if you have monay and not so much time to wait before your next fly at Schilpol Airport

MANIEK POP - vor 3 Jahren

As a traveler looking for a good sort, you will find what you are looking for in this store. Good Quality of the offered flowers. Nice service. Recommend

Yves Tjon A Fat - vor 3 Jahren

It's a get in get out shop. Good for emergency stash. Out of the city. Only shop in 2mile cyrcle. The prices are not as high as in the centre. But I do recommend the "genetic shops of boeren jongens". Better prices.

Gatis - vor 3 Jahren

Great staff weed good and anyway last one open

Maheswaran Gurusamy - vor 3 Jahren

Really will get nice stuff there and near to amstelveen people

Irish motorcross Yz125 - vor 3 Jahren

Taste weed merry crystals every nice smoke

Nick Morrsion - vor 3 Jahren

It does not get simpler, really nice place, the security guard could smile more.

Falcon Dean - vor 4 Jahren

Funny and easy atmosphere, good quality strains, price very good, security standards high

Vladimir Thomas - vor 4 Jahren

Based on the ambience and helpfunlenss of the staff it is quite well

Mateusz Paduch - vor 4 Jahren

Good weed on good price

Paola R. - vor 4 Jahren

High prices and normal weed, if at least there were places to sit... The only good: the employees, always really nice and friendly

springer38 BCM - vor 4 Jahren

Great !! Really helpfull staff and a good selection here

Bruce custom motors BCM - vor 4 Jahren

Great !! Really helpfull staff and a good selection here

LBow38 #38#83 - vor 4 Jahren

Great !! Really helpfull staff and a good selection here

Roy Kinnoo - vor 4 Jahren

Great place to select your weed and the seller is always helping

Ilse - vor 4 Jahren

Great location at the border between Amsterdam and Amstelveen. I like that it is a clean and professional place. Everyone feels welcome because of the friendly staff and security.

สราภรณ์ ศรีวิชา - vor 4 Jahren

Love this place ! Just close to airport , and in front of door lots of parking , will come back next time when I am in.Amstelveen or Amsterdam

Martin Klnp - vor 4 Jahren

Most original coffeehouse at Amsterdam. And it opens rally early. Don't forget ur ID :D


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