Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus einzudämmen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden erst ab 17:00 Uhr als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen.

Grey Area Coffeeshop

Oude Leliestraat 2, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop Info



Nayla Nogueira - vor 2 Monaten
Good coffeshop. Amazing strains. Just cash payment.
Lisa Talhouk - vor 3 Monaten
nice and microscopic! great weed and really nice guys.
Ciaran Murphy - vor 4 Monaten
Great guys, great products. Probably the most consistent quality in Amsterdam.
Emanuel Bushra - vor 5 Monaten
Classic spot. No cards, just cash. Oh and no edibles. Super friendly people.
Tiffany Brophy - vor 6 Monaten
One of my favorite coffee shops in Amsterdam. Great quality bud and friendly staff.
James Southworth - vor 6 Monaten
One of the best places for quality bud, not too pricey also
Lukasz Beres - vor 6 Monaten
The Best quality in hole nederland
summer Killah - vor 6 Monaten
I'm a regular smoker and I was on a rush, so I bought 1 gr of mimosa and a prerolled pure joint. I just wanted to chill a bit my nerves... Well, I've spend the rest of the day next to the canal enjoying the sunshine, cancelled the appointment and couldn't believe that it was just a prerolled joint! I'm going back to them right now to try some more!
Mary Gard - vor 7 Monaten
My memory is kind of fuzzy but I know I like this place
Alex Brodsky - vor 7 Monaten
Best coffeshop, best bud tenders, and great vibes!
Adrian Matuszak - vor 7 Monaten
If you are looking for quality weed it’s the place to go! Very nice and unique strains, decent prices. Definitely one of my favorite places!
Rike Volpato - vor 11 Monaten
If you really like Canabis and are looking for the best products, just go and enjoy!!
Samuel Turesson - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffeeshop with really nice and knowledgeable workers. The weed was really good as well, pick up a gram or two of their Melonade if it's in stock!
SveN - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffeeshop with really nice and knowledgeable workers. The weed was really good as well, pick up a gram or two of their Melonade if it's in stock!
Piotr Tokarz - vor 1 Jahr
The best weed in Amstix ;)
alby175 - vor 1 Jahr
Yo this shop is kinda gray
Mr Oranje - vor 1 Jahr
Great Coffeeshop with an excellent range and quality from its products. One of the Top 10 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Coffeeshops Rated.
Denis O'Hara - vor 1 Jahr
Very knowledgeable staff helped me pick some weed which was exactly what I asked for a fresh clear buzz
Léo An - vor 1 Jahr
One of the best coffeeshop of Amsterdam. Place is really small so it will be hard to find a seat (at this time, you can't stay in because of the pandemic but you can order to go). Highly recommend !!
Melvin Rakowski - vor 1 Jahr
For anyone who wants to visit some coffeeshops in Amsterdam, this is definitely one of the most legendary and a must see! Legendary Cup-Winners and a fair pricing.
Omar - vor 1 Jahr
The service and product is so good in here, there's usually a line during busy hours. It's definitely worth the wait and you'll probably meet some cool people! Without a doubt id recomment this even to my mom
Chris Georghiou - vor 1 Jahr
For weed selection and style alone, i give this place 5 stars. It get bonus points for its location. But the real reason for its stardom. Is the selection and quality of their products. Also placed in the No.1 disputed best place in Amsterdam category. But there is nowhere to sit, so you will have to buy weed and go, which is perfect given the shops location
john .temple - vor 1 Jahr
Bought Casey Jones. It was good. Asked for a recommendation. Got Chocolope. Was laced as hell. Made me feel terribly sick for hours. Nearly collapsed. Stay safe and stay away.
Free Man - vor 1 Jahr
5 stars as a dispensary, they have consistently had some of the best product in the city, with an interesting menu to please even the pickiest 420blazer. Not considering it as a place to go smoke really for this review as it's too small and too busy for this to be realistic most of the time. Though definitely worth it if you are there during a quite time.
Grandpa's Garage - vor 1 Jahr
Grandpa's Garage Studio 7 suggests to get over here and get happy. Sweet buds and plenty of hash always make us feel at home. Thanks for the incredible menu, wow, everyone just get over here and enjoy the selection. Hash so tasty it is frankly delicious. They go out of their way to make the experience the best of quality all around. You will come back to this store for more.
Andrew Kouniakis - vor 1 Jahr
One of the best coffeeshops I've visited. Nice environment, amazing decoration, amazing quality of weed, although it's a bit expensive. Usually there are no seats with only 3 tables, but if you are lucky you can squeeze somewhere. Expect long queue times. Nice choice of music as well and friendly personnel.
Chris Falconer - vor 1 Jahr
Good staff who are passionate. There's usually a queue for them opening shop every morning and for good reason. most of the bud is fairly high priced but very high quality
Ryan Harris - vor 1 Jahr
Was real excited to check this place out after reading about it online. Sadly, the queue put me off completely. I got to Grey Area at about 12.15 after it had been open for 15 mins and they were already queued out of the door and down the street. Also looked to be quite small inside so imagine the queue moves pretty slowly. Can't comment the inside, service etc. But if you want to go here, be prepared to queue for a good while.
J Crook - vor 2 Jahren
Very high quality coffee shop! It is very popular so be sure to get there when it opens as it shuts early too. Don’t expect a seat as it’s always full, but don’t let that put you off.. the door man is also very kind and friendly, he will happily let you wait outside for a spot or go in just to buy if don’t want a seat . Also very good product selection! Highly recommended & it’s walking distance to other shops / restaurants in the area
Stefan Mitik - vor 2 Jahren
A place that gets very busy very fast. There isn't a lot of room inside, most of the customers sit outside to smoke. The staff is nice and friendly. They provide information for anyone who is in Amsterdam for the first time or just wants to try cannabis. It is located in the center of the city, easily accessible by tourists and always crowded. Easily recognizable by the distinct smell.
Reverend Muffington - vor 2 Jahren
I came out here after seeing Dave Attell's Insomniac. I got a pic of me & Rhode Island John. This is one of my favorite coffee shops... but come early.. it gets packed pretty quick .... Great Bud. Great location.
Veronica Chase - vor 2 Jahren
My buddy knows his stuff and told me how it was. I waited outside. The place gets busy, if you go earlier on or early afternoon it’s a smaller line, but always a line. Quality of weed is great for Amsterdam. Place is always packed and busy.
Marko Vrndzic - vor 2 Jahren
A cool little shop, the product is top quality. There was a line but the wait was no more than 5 minutes. The staff is great, really friendly and insightful. I definitely recommend spending the few extra euros for the "better" strains, trust me, it's worth it.
Ajeem Bobat - vor 2 Jahren
Grey area This was one of the best if not the best menu The staff are so cool they know their stuff and they know how to treat you . It's not that far from central as definately not that far from dam square. The thousands of rolling papers and stickers makes of a great pic. Sorry I didn't take any to share By the way Make sure you check out the duck store out on the right its fabolous
taylor carless - vor 2 Jahren
Best buds ever! we picked up 2g of yellow cab, no mong effect but made us feel super positive about life and happy. never had this before. wish I could have sat in there but it was super busy. only down side is that being from the UK we do use a little tobacco in our smokes but they wont let you here so be ready for blunts! still a very nice shop and would like to come back to get some more dank buds. open from 12 as far as I am aware
J Smudger - vor 2 Jahren
The shop is too small. Good selection of weed though. I prefer the coffee shops that offer a table service for drinks and food. This place doesn’t have this.
John Clark - vor 3 Jahren
Best cannabis in Amsterdam, but you’re not hanging out inside. Get your greens, roll ‘em, and explore the city. Staff is super friendly and always be on the lookout for any of their cannabis cup winning strains. Great selection!
Craig Gunner - vor 3 Jahren
Some of the best weed in the city at a reasonable price. Great chilled atmosphere, perfect to recharge the batteries. Will be visiting again.
Ruth Navarra - vor 3 Jahren
Great weed and cool atmosphere. Buds were dense with lots of frost on them. Would definitely go back when in town again.
Justin Taylor - vor 3 Jahren
Should be everyone’s first stop while visiting Amsterdam. Few shops can match the quality or value of cannabis offered here. Often a line forms before noon when they open so come a little early. Was here first in 2004 and 2006 and this place is still solid in 2018. You can expect to often see their flower or Grey Mist Crystals finishing in the top 3 of many Cannabis Cups. You will not be disappointed. Super small shop though and not the best for hanging out. Grab your stuff and go!!
Galaxy Caramel - vor 3 Jahren
Good quality of weed. Just have your id ready to show. Also many times I have been here I've always been shorthanded change ranging between 2-10 Euro. You need to queue for an hour to be served. Shop tiny.
Reece Ellery-Masson - vor 3 Jahren
Customer service is friendly and courteous which is refreshing compared to many Coffee Shops in Amsterdam. The set up although small is littered with cool stickers, personal touches and famous people who have attended this great Coffee shop. Apart from the setting and service the real part is about the weed. The layout of the menu is easy and clear to read with some wacky and varied strains that are of some of the best quality in Amsterdam for the price. I just wish there were more Grey Area Coffee Shops in the City like a Green Area or Orange Area so I could have double, triple or more of this experience. I've been to Amsterdam twice and Grey Area has been my last visit to a shop on both trips which is testament to it's quality.
Daryoush Nekooi - vor 3 Jahren
This place is awesome and will be the only "coffee shop" I'll visit when in Amsterdam. These guys are informed on their products and make it easy to find what is right for you. Very approachable and friendly too! Top stuff guys, appreciate you :)
Nose To The Grindstoned - vor 3 Jahren
Really the top-shelf in all of Amsterdam. You will not be disappointed by anything on their menu. Friendly people workin. It’s cramped so don’t plan to hang out there long. Get in line, look at the menu, make up your mind quickly, and give em your money. The line moves fast if the people in the line try to move fast.
Sander Spoelstra - vor 4 Jahren
Coffeeshop like any other, only thing is; it's a popular one near an awesome open bridge where one can chill.
Tyrell Scott - vor 4 Jahren
Not much of a coffee shop as it is very small but this is the spot to get your product. High quality!
Nishad Panchal - vor 4 Jahren
A bit of a queue however great coffee shop and great on 420. See the kipping bang breas afterwards s they thoroughly enjoyed what the great things that sordid Amsterdam had to offer. It made them enjoy their sleep and they definitely enjoyed their wok to walk food.
Louis Young - vor 4 Jahren
The best coffeeshop to buy the best strains. Always playing good music. Can get extremely busy.
Rodrigo Bastias - vor 4 Jahren
Great little paradise. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. Some strains were too weak for me.
Jeancarlo Sotomayor - vor 5 Jahren
Great weed! Primo all-'murican [as an American] I enjoyed the simple concrete vibe of the place. Definitely not a place to sit down for too long, but some of the strongest, most potent danketry on the planet! Cheers Amsterdam :)
Martin Olach - vor 5 Jahren
i come often to this coffeshop but times are change in weed scene in whole netherland . it is true personal is helpfull friendly . Weed in this shop is sometimes good sometime very bad .Sometimes i think the dont check anymore the qualty of therir buds what they get and sell to people. last time i take the pick weed it was ewesome stoned lots thc good taste and legitiem good smell bad the next time i have ordered same stuff the pick but it was no more so good bad taste like som kinda plastic waxed taste headiche bad modd after smoking this i put it in trashbin en dont smok it anymore
Zsuzsi van Dijk - vor 5 Jahren
Award winning ganja, worth the wait. Don't expect a seat though, they only have a few. You can find a coffeeshop in the area, sit down and order a drink and you can smoke it elsewhere. Or outside if it's not cold, if you can find a bench somewhere (in this case pre roll at the bar). I was lucky enough to visit with my bf when there was no-one there while I was ordering (got really packed after we sat down), the staff is really friendly and love their job, I got to smell like 12 different kinds before choosing three to try. They have looza fruit drinks! Try the banana or strawberry one! Enjoy! ;)
Beard Friend - vor 5 Jahren
The best place to purchase Cannabis in Europe. They carry strains with very unique tastes, their buds are always expertly cured. Greyberry is one of my favourite strains. The place is always cramped with a big queue, so not the best place for sitting and vaping, buy here and move on. I love this place.
Νικόλας Μπάντρας - vor 5 Jahren
f-ing awesome. its the only coffee shop i have been so far that people are chill and relaxed. you can stand there looking at the grass for as long as you want and no one will wine.
Jordan Briggs - vor 5 Jahren
This is the best coffeeshop I've visited in Amsterdam. The place has a wicked vibe, but is very small, so don't plan on getting a seat - you will only if you're lucky. The weed is better than anything else in the city, period. Go here if you're interested in the smoke, but not if you want somewhere to sit and relax for a longer time.
Andrea Di Dio Martello - vor 6 Jahren
Most of the time there is queue even outside the place, it is very small though. Great selection of weed, top quality (that's why the queue is often long). There are two small coffee table to smoke inside, but since the place is not huge is not very easy to get a spot. A bit expensive but worth every cent. The decorations and stickers all over the walls will amaze you! (a photo of Woody Harrelson too)

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