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Kadinsky Coffeeshop

Zoutsteeg 14, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

Coffeeshop Info

  • Montag 09:30 - 01:00
    Dienstag 09:30 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 09:30 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 09:30 - 01:00
    Freitag 09:30 - 01:00
    Samstag 09:30 - 01:00
    Sonntag 09:30 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://www.kadinsky.nl/
  • +31 20 620 4715



Frank Exslager - vor 1 Monat

Cool vibe, friendly staff, good products.


A friend recommend us this place, and now I recomend you for sure to visit it, good quality..

Idris Husain - vor 2 Monaten

Small coffee shop with a great selection on the menu and very cool staff & great tunes.

Ben Nichols-Farquhar - vor 3 Monaten

Good well priced weed, good coffee and good music, what else could you need.

João Paulo Carrijo Fontenelle - vor 3 Monaten

Good stuff, place and crew. One of the best that I had

Colin Lambert - vor 4 Monaten

Best of the many coffeeshops we visited. Friendly funny staff and a good menu.

Luca Italiano - vor 5 Monaten

Not bad product, frustrating as I didn't bring my ID with me (clearly over 25) but the budtender insisted I go to my hotel to get it (20 min walk). Decided to smoke outside instead!

G B - vor 7 Monaten

cute and cozy, great cakes and weed + staff lovely, def recommend more than anywhere

Sarah Wilkins - vor 7 Monaten

This is the good kadinskys, on zoutsteeg, the other one has a horrendous woman serving behind the counter. The people here are lovely and the little assorted biscuits you get with your tea are so cute, this is one of the more accommodating alcohol serving pubs, they’re smoke friendly and have a kasinskys coffeeshop for the smokers on the other side of the road

Call me Ted - vor 8 Monaten

Inside is a bit small but musics and weed are awesome

Raúl García - vor 9 Monaten

Close to Amsterdam central station, small but cozy, very nice people and especially very nice coffe, with comfortable music to listen to during your sessions.

WLD WCKDZ - vor 9 Monaten

I recom' this amazing place to everyone, perfect service, kindly staff and top weed ever

kaizaki sama - vor 9 Monaten

Very nice coffeeshop! Was the last one before my flight and honestly next time I start with this one! The weed was very good and the saler was very nice! Thanks

Raphael de Castro Reis - vor 10 Monaten

Very friendly service and very nice location to chill

Marianne Jager - vor 10 Monaten

I feel misled. 5 grams for 44 euro's seems like great offer. Turn out to be CBD. Test shows less than 2% THC and 7% CBD. Beware, this does NOT turn you on.

Lorenzo Costantini - vor 11 Monaten

very bad experience, after having ordered tea with biscuits, I was accused of not having paid, the Spanish waiter arrogant and not dedicated to dialogue.

Almog Duek - vor 1 Jahr

Took 6 euro for prerolled without a box and said it is lemon haze which is not

Kristie Leš - vor 1 Jahr

Great music, friendly lady behind the counter. Even though it is pretty small, it has huge charm. Will be back again ❤️

Salvador Torró - vor 1 Jahr

Great place to buy and a lot of types

alan balfe (big al) - vor 1 Jahr

Great edibles

David Horvath - vor 1 Jahr

Personally the best coffee shop, best prices.

Alan Liebowitz - vor 1 Jahr

Great variety. Small place, good vibes. Across from Kadinsky bar. Offers a great deal on most varieties of weed: buy four grams, get fifth free.

Agim - vor 2 Jahren

Cool place. Great herb

Kostadinos delta - vor 2 Jahren

One of the best in Amsterdam ,not for turist.

Sabryna Waldorf - vor 2 Jahren

For me is one of the best coffee shop in town. The quality is very good and you can found a lot of offers. A must to visit

DGTL SCNC - vor 2 Jahren

Nice spot in the center - friendly staff and you can have a beer with your joint.

Chief Keelon - vor 2 Jahren

Chill dudes, chill music, nice atmosphere!

Tomasz Wandoch - vor 2 Jahren

Nicest and most helpful lad behind the counter , Holy Grail is the must when you in Dam.

Romy Cartiere - vor 2 Jahren

Always friendly and patient. Fast service. I leave with a smile on my face every time, before even smoking anything.

Erin Rowe - vor 2 Jahren

Yep this place is a good choice, pop in and speak to the staff they are happy to be helpful which is always appreciated! Their coffee is actually really nice too so that’s a bonus.

sTrax - vor 3 Jahren

First time visiting here in Jan 2020 out of all my trips over the years, Master Kush was extremely effective and tasted great, pricing was not too bad either and with their cafe across the road, its very handy to pick up your quality bud here and go across for a pint and smoke. While I sat and smoked my Master Kush, a customer at the table beside me took a phone call while at the table, the budtender politely got his attention and asked him to take the call outside, very nice to see! Will definitely make my way back here next week.

Rico Fernandes - vor 3 Jahren

Best cheese menue in hole town! 3 different real good cheese strains.. and the whole other menue also good.. high prices as well.. thats why 1* less

Jamie Lord - vor 3 Jahren

Great coffee shop with nice menu and friendly staff. Fantastic music all day long.

Maneesh R. Pherwani - vor 3 Jahren

We were novices and the staff was super friendly to guide us to the right stuff and the right quantity. Your first is always special and for us, this will always remain special for that reason! Cheers

Anthony McAtamney - vor 3 Jahren

Food is good quality, staff are lacking unfortunately

Jorden atar - vor 3 Jahren

This is the perfect coffee shop for people who would like to smoke and drink , their weed is very good and the man that works there was very helpful and the bartender gave us his lighter and was very nice. I highly recommend this place

james byrnes - vor 3 Jahren

The staff are the best in town they know their stuff!

Gary Leverock - vor 3 Jahren

A friend of mine works here and I found that the coffeeshop was very interesting. To those who indulge in the local culture would be pleased with the services.

Pickle Rick - vor 3 Jahren

The smoking booths are nice and chilled. Situated down a quiet lane and across from a bakery which tops it off perfectly when you leave with the munchies

Alex Alex Alex - vor 3 Jahren

Cool little place definitely will visit again one day.

Sudobeh Davison - vor 3 Jahren

Great staff. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely go back.

Kathleen Johnstone - vor 3 Jahren

Small and cosy, love it! Staff and products amazing! Great place to meet other travelers! Will be back next visit

scot stephens - vor 3 Jahren

Cant say enough good things about this place. Went here for the day on stag. Lady serving was great. Friendly as can be. Played music, drank beer and smoked. All round good day

Eilon Shimko - vor 4 Jahren

Great stuff. The high light is the opposite side alcohol bar. If you are into smoking and drinking comfortably, this is your place. The bar itself is smoke free but there are assigened isolated smoking zones. To make things short - check it out...

Hooded Tiesma - vor 4 Jahren

I finished off my evening here. I love the smoking rooms. Good people good fun. Great crowd today

Jesper Rocky - vor 5 Jahren

Probably THE worst coffeeshop in the whole Amsterdam. Low quality & overpriced products mixed together with the most arrogant and rude service you will ever find. I wouldn't recommend this place even to my worst enemy ,do yourself a favourite and STAY AWAY

Maria Sarro - vor 5 Jahren

Great music, chilled out vibe. Highly recommend you come here. ❤ x

john gyle - vor 5 Jahren

Front window seats/beds to watch the world and enjoy a wee toot.!!

Mitrakas Dimitris - vor 6 Jahren

A good place to drink coffe but not for smokinh weed. It is kind of high class

Emrie Sherwood - vor 6 Jahren

Went in with my husband tonight... waited in line for like 5 minutes, and then went to buy a brownie and some tea. Because there were no readily accessible menus, and a tea box shoved in a corner where I would have to reach over someone to look at it, I asked what his favorite tea was... His curt response? "I don't drink tea." My response: "Okay- what's your best selling tea?" His: "You can just look here." So, he grabs the brownie while I'm grabbing tea, and my husband and I decide this guy is so rude that we don't really want to stay, so I try to get his attention, but he's busy talking to a local while filling up a cup with hot water... So I tap his shoulder and tell him I'll take it to go and apologize. He just stares at me, so I repeat it again. The local he is talking to says "oh she just wants the tea bag", so he dumps out the water begrudgingly and the local chimes in with "tip the man". I left a 4 dollar tip, because we're American and I'm used to just giving people whatever change is in the closest bill... but who expects a tip for pouring a glass of hot water and being a jerk? I don't care if this was the best brownie on the continent (which it wasn't... it was dry and dense as hell), the staff here sucks. I guess I'll be going elsewhere to try out the local specialties on this trip. Shame, because we are staying right around the corner and this is our first day of 7 here.

Drake Weezy - vor 6 Jahren

The owner was completely unaware of our presence because of how high he was, didn't take the order right and didn't even bring the drinks to our spots. Definitely one of the worst coffee shop.

Janiel Ivan Kovatsch - vor 6 Jahren

The best weed you can get in Amsterdam. A lot of diversity and fair prices! A must go.

ashley spedding - vor 6 Jahren

Really good quality, not too expensive and the staff are ace! Being able to smoke and drink alcohol is great for all! Will Definitely be back again for the kush alone???? cheers kadinsky's from the uk

Péter Maitz - vor 6 Jahren

Good vibes,good music,very relaxed guys behind the bar. One of the best taste hasj in the shop :habibi!!! Thank you guys will see us

Ben Sye - vor 6 Jahren

Nice lil place to find great selection and service. Needs more searing though but otherwise a worthy stop.

miis besserr - vor 6 Jahren

Was served in here during 2015 by a young girl, who was so rude and sold us awful mango haze that made us choke for a good straight 4 hours

Andrea Di Dio Martello - vor 7 Jahren

Nice weed specially the White Widow. The place is not very big but nice atmosphere inside. If you want to enjoy a drink while smoking you only have to walk in the Kadinsky Pub (in front of the coffeeshop) and take a sit. A nice place to be if you are in Amsterdam.

Brian Friesen - vor 7 Jahren

This place was as cold as ice, and I don't mean room temperature. Sold me something with tobacco in it which not what I asked for. No refund. Then sold me something else which was not what I asked for. I recommend you steer clear of this bad vibe locale and go a few blocks closer toward the Central Station to a place called 420 Cafe. Much better vibe, nice bud tenders, and better products.


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