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The Happy Corner

Oude Molenstraat 115-117, Assen

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  • Montag 10:00 - 23:00
    Dienstag 10:00 - 23:00
    Mittwoch 10:00 - 23:00
    Donnerstag 10:00 - 23:00
    Freitag 10:00 - 23:00
    Samstag 10:00 - 23:00
    Sonntag 12:00 - 23:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.thehappycorner.nl/



kimi WQ - vor 1 Monat

Good, but there can be improvement in the service as well as in the product.

olaf olafson - vor 3 Monaten

Unfriendly, expensive and very bad quality. Driving to groeningen is more worth, than buying anything at this place.

M H - vor 3 Monaten

Don't buy rolled nothing from them mostly cigarettes than weed could get sick

SAUS - vor 5 Monaten

terrible and way to expensive for what u get

Alissa Kos - vor 5 Monaten

absolutely terrible. weights were off by more than 0.3 and the quality wasn’t good either. don’t ever go here.

Danny A - vor 6 Monaten

Terrible quality of wares, not much in stock a lot of times Most of the male staff are arrogant, and show signs of antisocial behavior. My advice: stay away from this, go to Groningen or Zwolle instead.

mohammed ali - vor 8 Monaten

Worst coffeeshop ever, maybe only once a month decent quality, the rest of the time its nothing but scam and low quality.

Manar Sami - vor 9 Monaten

Ridiculous shop. The owner and the staff are horrible! We’ll never come back again to this place!

Akiro Light - vor 10 Monaten

Simple, easy, one

Pan Boniek - vor 11 Monaten

most expensive coffeeshop in area, but good

Tim - vor 11 Monaten

Not much choice in Assen but these guys don't seem to slack off even if they do have a bit of a monopoly. Good variety of strains and mostly good quality. Also a good variety of other supplies and necessities. Staff is always lovely. It's a bit of a shame that the place is cash-only until mid-afternoon, but the banks are to blame for that.

Kostas Kefalas - vor 1 Jahr

Only cash sometimes!

coen leenheer - vor 1 Jahr

The grass is usually pretty decent. Pre rolled joints are really good. They get me higher than most pre rolled joints from Groningen. Prices are good too, but keep in mind that they have specific times where you have to pay with cash instead with card. Sometimes I forget because I'm high..

CHfortyfive Ampersand - vor 1 Jahr

not good.

Ton van der Linden - vor 1 Jahr

Effects of weed. Marijuana enhances the sensitivity of the senses. It's also an aphrodisiac like chocolate or a beautiful person. It's a product which chemistry working on the brain is similar to neural agens in the brain. So the brain likes it. But cognitive we are in an altered state of consciousness. The balance in our brain is broken by a high dose of THC. This fact is the cause of an altered way of behavior. In my student time a group discussed the question if the ashtray on the table existed or not. Some people cannot smoke because of disorganized thoughts and anxiety. Strange and exalting behavior are well-known. Mellie Uyldert even wrote that sustained use was ending in madness. My personal experience is that it enhances sociability, fantasy, skil and concentration. Furthermore the stomach wants food. Don't give in. The stomach must know whose the boss. The same thing holds true for your thoughts. Fantasy can go bizarre especially when it is coupled to anxiety. Driving a car unther the influence is forbidden by law. Better don't drink alcoholic beverages but fruit juice or a milkshake. Be sure you are in a pleasant environment. Have a nice time.

Arek Mieczkowski - vor 1 Jahr

Expensive and not 1g in 1g.

Hack Baxiu - vor 1 Jahr

15e minimum

Marcin - vor 2 Jahren

Not good weight in bags, and what is wrong with your price

Thu Yến Nhi Trần - vor 2 Jahren

The Space Cake got us high, but also the worst headaches, the Sneeuwwitje weed was okay-ish, the pre-rolled joints were really bad tho :/ But the service was really nice!

Amy - vor 2 Jahren

i get high whenever i cycle near tis shop lols

Henri van Lunzen - vor 2 Jahren

Good weed

A Google user - vor 3 Jahren

Expensive, and the 1.1g thing is confusing and inconvenient. They run out of the basics way too often and you just have to be happy with whatever they have at that moment. In some cases the quality is not as promised. Very small variety. At least the staff is nice, but making numbers it's just better to go to Groningen a couple times per month than buying here

Sammi Nixon - vor 3 Jahren

Chill place, could do with a bit more seating but they have the space they have I suppose! Enjoyed it!

Christopher Tijan Smith - vor 3 Jahren

Can't never get enough

Ismail Buka - vor 4 Jahren

This is the only coffeeshop in Assen so its not about the quality or quantity with them . . . Money Wasted

Mark-Oliver Peters - vor 4 Jahren

Nice Coffeeshop. Prices per gram would be useful i'm not going there to calculate...

Connar Swart - vor 4 Jahren

It is the only coffeeshop in assen, it has a weird menu, where they options for amounts is either small big or xl(not sure on this one), I got told the big is 1.1g So there weed for 1.1g is 15 euros Which is alright, the week was of Amsterdam quality, was an big place compared to Amsterdam coffee shops

Noel Rafferty - vor 5 Jahren

Read all the bad reviews an was a bit worried but went anyway an found staff more than friendly. Great service. Good deals aswell. Couldn't fault

Baiba Neija - vor 5 Jahren

Staff more than friendly!! Quiet coffe shop which was great.! Enjoyed my time here.!!

Zehra Copur - vor 6 Jahren

ik vind THE HAPPY CORNER een leuke plek om heen te gaan, maar wat mij opvalt is dat er hier enorm veel mensen rondlopen met een andere identiteit, maar ook mensen die anderen in de gaten houden wat enorme gevolgen kan hebben voor een ander die zich wil beschermen tegen deze personen. een idee om alleen bekende vaste klanten te houden ? verder ben ik tevreden met de plek en ook met de mensen die er werken, alleen mogen ze wat meer indentiteitscontrole doen.

Rick Van Der Voort - vor 6 Jahren

Beroerdste shop ever! Bagger wiet die veels te duur is. Blij met de shop far out Zuidlaren waar ik met plezier heen rij terwijl het een x zo ver is als naar Assen!

Robert Hemelrijk - vor 7 Jahren


patrickshiva idema - vor 7 Jahren

T was te roken . Ben t beter van hun gewend

A Google User - vor 11 Jahren

Erg slechte shop. Zeer weinig wiet. Kwaliteit laag en prijs hoog. Daarbij krijg je nog eens een super arrogante houding van het barpersoneel. Woon 200 m verder maar ga altijd naar groningen of zuidlaren..


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