Sky Coffeeshop

Haagweg 56, Breda (Breda West)

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Adrian Asx - vor 3 Monaten
Mucho respect to the hardworking Young boys, the amnezia joints are the best in town!
Lachkalezi Sho - vor 3 Monaten
This is the worst coffeeshop in the Netherlands. Extremely rude staff, poor weed quality and variety, but hey at least they overcharge you big time. I recommend spending the extra time to just go to another coffee shop.
User Name - vor 5 Monaten
Do you open today? I am from Ukraine, I can buy some weeds?
Diego A - vor 10 Monaten
omar gh - vor 1 Jahr
Sergio Miralles - vor 1 Jahr
Good weed, good attention i dont understand the calification that It has
Giuseppe Achilli - vor 2 Jahren
The best coffeeshop in breda. Joop nlx is 100% natural. And also other products are good Good also prices.
Hodea Iulian - vor 3 Jahren
Because it's nice :)) if u are from somewhere else that Holland you cannot buy need that nederland id

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