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Vest 18, Gouda

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SubSeven8948 - vor 2 Monaten

I been around Netherlands for some time now and I can compare shops and what they sell. Animo is the best that money can buy. Kind staff, nice menu,good greens and beautiful art exhibit . Best in Netherlands, by far! Keep it the same, much love!

Wojciech Kurosz - vor 2 Monaten

Very good coffeeshop. Good stuff and nice atmosphere

Heszu - vor 4 Monaten

Best weed shop in Gouda. Higly recommended.

Ireneusz Kasprzyk - vor 6 Monaten

Wide assortment, solid quality. A place to come.

Edom Berhe - vor 7 Monaten

Hands down best shop in gouda excellent service and informed empolyes wide range of goods aswell

Bu Ka - vor 8 Monaten

Prices dropped, cannabis remained at the same level of Q.

Christos Papanatsidis - vor 8 Monaten

Superb quality on every product I was suggested to try cookies , this is a good alternative for every day use 100 mg per cookie is enough to brighten up your day Want a suggestion? Try MAC 1 strain Very potent , amazing taste Stuff is friendly and there’s a free parking area for cars and a place where you can lock your bicycle Prices are fair and there’s a huge selection of different types of strains Maximum amount someone can buy is 5 grams per day Cheers

ShrederTube - vor 10 Monaten

Nice place, lots of choice.

SelectedGenetics IG - vor 11 Monaten

Excellent selection of Indicas, Sativas & #eesh, only takeaway

De3DPrintman - vor 1 Jahr

I was happily surprised when I found out about Club Animo. They have a great selection and good quality products. The shop is clean and they have a private parking for customers which is a huge plus in Dutch city centres. Nice and friendly personnel behind the counter too. Keep it up!

Kreousa Kingfish - vor 1 Jahr

Hands down the best coffeeshop in Gouda and one of my favorite ones in Nederland! They have a huge selection to choose from, with the best weeds and weed hashes I’ve ever smoked in my life. The quality is always amazing and they keep the rotation going so you always end up trying new stuff! Super friendly staff as well!

Artur Stawiak - vor 1 Jahr

The Best Gold amnesia. BTW. You have 2 parking lot over there also this women inside woohooo

Harley 2000 - vor 1 Jahr

Very good coffeeshop I eat the cookies and it was so good till my broothhaaa ask me to Smoke a jointie It become a little problem.... I trow up everything

Erik K. - vor 1 Jahr

Good Hash

Paulius Bakanas - vor 1 Jahr

Good selection of stuff

Nikola Tkalec - vor 1 Jahr

Grate personnel, grate service good prices.

łukasz Czekanski - vor 1 Jahr

Always best strings and price adequate to quality

john colston - vor 1 Jahr

Great weed and great service. They're very friendly. And helpful

Jurgen van Wichen - vor 2 Jahren

Best coffeeshop in town!

Greg Muzyka - vor 2 Jahren

Nice place especially the view on the canal. Prices decent, choice of varieties good as well. The blokes who sell over there, they know what they sell and are keen to answer questions. The girl who sells over there from time to time, I have an impression, she just wants to push the most dear stuff instead of the one that is more desirable. But once you show her that you are in the know, she starts to act professionally

Annetta Xavier - vor 2 Jahren

No registration fee required and services provided are great. Great experience for me.

Rafał Mazur - vor 2 Jahren

Shop is good , but the guy who guards the parking told me to drive away quickly and didn't even give me a few minutes

Svajunas Vanagas - vor 2 Jahren

To good, to be best

Mateusz Liegmann - vor 3 Jahren

The best weed in The World. Amnesia rules :)

Konrad Smaczny - vor 3 Jahren

This is very good coffeshop , have good staff and place for smoking :)

Karol Czernuszewicz - vor 4 Jahren

Good quality and is open every day til 9p.m

Barra Morra - vor 4 Jahren

Good weed :D

Patrycja Tomaszewska - vor 4 Jahren

Good prices and stuff

Janis Gutmanis - vor 4 Jahren

bought joint and there is one tobacco. do not advise in this place to buy. round deception

YeaBunny Rabbit - vor 4 Jahren

No comment come and check!!!! Best best best best


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