Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabis Shop

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Houtplein 16-A, Haarlem (Haarlemmerhoutkwartier)

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Dieser Shop ist auf unbestimmte Zeit geschlossen.



Christopher James Cocking - vor 4 Monaten
Weed is cheap and not bad but the place is a dump.
Tex Kinsella - vor 7 Monaten
Michael Weber - vor 10 Monaten
Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabis Shop is the best and oldest Coffeeshop in Haarlem. You have here a lot of different weed and hash options. And You can get here also CBD. Haze, Kush and whatever You need. Just get Your smoke, have a seat inside or outside at the balcony and joy.
Diana Rodríguez - vor 11 Monaten
Centric-cozy coffeeshop, perfect to hang out, smoke at their terrazas and play some billar.
Ivan J - vor 1 Jahr
Always weed from the bottom of the box, twice I got a cheaper strain than the one I paid for.. Sad.. Think twice if you want to leave your money here..
Bastiaan Daas - vor 1 Jahr
Not good enough.
Annetta Xavier - vor 1 Jahr
Pool table, drinks and smoke... excellent service and helped me to get high.. I gonna come again
Piotr Łubiech - vor 1 Jahr
Love this place
Tim de Platvis (Timdeplatvis111) - vor 1 Jahr
Pretty decent weed. They often sell special items like dabbers and cbd oil. Would definitely recommend.
Tim de Platvis - vor 1 Jahr
Pretty decent weed. They often sell special items like dabbers and cbd oil. Would definitely recommend.
Dominic Miller - vor 2 Jahren
Bought three strains there yesterday afternoon and all were low quality and overpriced. Generally find the service arrogant and unhelpful at this place. Why are Haarlem coffeeshops so poor?
T J - vor 2 Jahren
Unfriendly staff, there are 3 Willie Wortel’s in H’lem and all are under different management. There’s a big difference compared to Willie at central station where the staff is rly nice. I lived here all my life
Mario Balestri - vor 2 Jahren
Nice place to chill... Friendly staff.. Good choice
Samuel mohr - vor 2 Jahren
Really unfriendly staff were super rude towards us literally just took my money and made me pay 5€ extra for going to the toilet
Bart Tangermann - vor 3 Jahren
The best shop chain in Haarlem. I'm a costumer for over 25 years and still love this place. An amazing selection of buds and the best place to chill out. You can get a drink, play games or just watch some television and people are relaxed.
Erin - vor 4 Jahren
One star for price quality comparison, and one becouse it's a nice place to stay. For the rest the quality isn't that good for both weed and hashish (minus 2 stars) and I personally don't like the crowd there. (minus 1)
Beatriz Lami - vor 5 Jahren
Loved the terrace, the decoration, pool table, big spot, good weed and hash, great atmosphere, nice staff

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