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Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabis Shop

Houtplein 16-A, Haarlem (Haarlemmerhoutkwartier)

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Erciyes Çağan - 2 weeks ago

This is the most quality coffeeshop I’ll ever been. You can smoke the best weeds in the town here. You able to play pool, table soccer and the all other games. Just roll a joint, watch the match, listen the music and be high!

rzułtek - 1 month ago

Best coffeeshop in NL, thx for tubes

Mikko Simos - 10 months ago

Always a pool table available.

Christopher James Cocking - 11 months ago

Weed is cheap and not bad but the place is a dump.

Tex Kinsella - 1 year ago

Michael Weber - 1 year ago

Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabis Shop is the best and oldest Coffeeshop in Haarlem. You have here a lot of different weed and hash options. And You can get here also CBD. Haze, Kush and whatever You need. Just get Your smoke, have a seat inside or outside at the balcony and joy.

Diana Rodríguez - 1 year ago

Centric-cozy coffeeshop, perfect to hang out, smoke at their terrazas and play some billar.

Ivan J - 2 years ago

Always weed from the bottom of the box, twice I got a cheaper strain than the one I paid for.. Sad.. Think twice if you want to leave your money here..

Bastiaan Daas - 2 years ago

Not good enough.

Annetta Xavier - 2 years ago

Pool table, drinks and smoke... excellent service and helped me to get high.. I gonna come again

Piotr Łubiech - 2 years ago

Love this place

Tim de Platvis (Timdeplatvis111) - 2 years ago

Pretty decent weed. They often sell special items like dabbers and cbd oil. Would definitely recommend.

Tim de Platvis - 2 years ago

Pretty decent weed. They often sell special items like dabbers and cbd oil. Would definitely recommend.

Dominic Miller - 2 years ago

Bought three strains there yesterday afternoon and all were low quality and overpriced. Generally find the service arrogant and unhelpful at this place. Why are Haarlem coffeeshops so poor?

T J - 2 years ago

Unfriendly staff, there are 3 Willie Wortel’s in H’lem and all are under different management. There’s a big difference compared to Willie at central station where the staff is rly nice. I lived here all my life

Mario Balestri - 3 years ago

Nice place to chill... Friendly staff.. Good choice

Samuel mohr - 3 years ago

Really unfriendly staff were super rude towards us literally just took my money and made me pay 5€ extra for going to the toilet

Sophie Stowell - 3 years ago

So we have been staying in Haarlem for four weeks plus. We travel and work as we go. I have to say for the past few weeks we have had a great experience with Willie wortels, while here we have purchased lovelly smoke from the sinsemilia, indica and sativa stores in Haarlem but our local has been sinsemilia. And up untill today its been our favourite and usually a great atmosphere. Firstly we really liked the smoke, good selection, with a good rate. Cheap coffee and usually enough space to sit and chill. Great! Like I say this has been our local for a few weeks and we love the place and usually the staff are friendly, there is a nice tall guy with spikey hair, a blonde women, and a funny guy with a shaved head. These have all been great and curtious and over the last few weeks we have spent nearly a grand between us just in sensimilia shop, we like our smoke. But today we got stopped by a blonde haired guy who said we had to buy smoke before we had a coffee and spliff. We informed him politley that we bought fifty from the sativa store last night and just wanted a coffee, to which he said that 'wasnt his problem'. Even though he knows we have spent a lot of money in there and never cause a problem. Like I say we have been in for just a coffee when other staff members are working, no problem, as they know we have smoke if we dont want to buy any. He is either on a power trip or doesnt like English people. He has tried to stop us before but we thought he just didnt recognise us. Even though he has sold us smoke as much as the others. And has seen us on numerous times inside smoking amd drinking coffee. Totally agree with other comment, your not gangster selling weed where it is decriminalized, plus its just poor customer service. You can be a gangster at home if you like. Rather than argueing we left it but really we feel we should have said more. It has really saddend us to have to say this as apart from this bad experience its been our favourite place. I suppose we will now use the other stores instead. Would have been five star but this has ruined for us.

Bart Tangermann - 3 years ago

The best shop chain in Haarlem. I'm a costumer for over 25 years and still love this place. An amazing selection of buds and the best place to chill out. You can get a drink, play games or just watch some television and people are relaxed.

Erin - 4 years ago

One star for price quality comparison, and one becouse it's a nice place to stay. For the rest the quality isn't that good for both weed and hashish (minus 2 stars) and I personally don't like the crowd there. (minus 1)

Louise Bohills - 5 years ago

Love the selection big space and greay choice

Beatriz Lami - 6 years ago

Loved the terrace, the decoration, pool table, big spot, good weed and hash, great atmosphere, nice staff


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