Le Palais

Morsstraat 14, Leiden

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M L - vor 1 Monat
TotaPlays - vor 1 Monat
The weed isn't the best compared to other shops but the space cakes are the best of the best
Sieger Geest - vor 9 Monaten
Weird space cakes
Kevin L - vor 1 Jahr
Always been a dependable quality shop. Decent folks, too. prices are fair, product cleaned & fresh. Forget the average shops along the tourist route from the train station -- take his side road and 'Go Where The Locals Go'.
Sebastian Żebrowski - vor 1 Jahr
The best cookies in NL and very good amnesia
DuKe - vor 1 Jahr
Innocent looking cookies for 5e are one of the best edibles I ate in the Netherlands. Definetly worth coming to Leiden for :)
Dan from the Burgh - vor 1 Jahr
Extremely fast and friendly service, low prices and good stuff. Pre-rolled joints are the largest of all coffeeshops as far as I know.
mike powell - vor 1 Jahr
Good prices
Ειρηνη Βανδωρου - vor 2 Jahren
Very nice quality and nice people
dao ist - vor 2 Jahren
a bit more expensive than other shops in the same area. Although they sell space cakes with 1 gram of weed in it, and the cake is cheaper than 1 gram of weed. they have plenty of light in the shop. very often young happy chicks are bud tending there and i am pretty sure they are stoned a lot of the time at work.
Emma Holden - vor 2 Jahren
I go here often because it’s on my way home. The menu is average but I enjoy the 2.2g amnesia for €25 deal

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