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Coffeeshop Bob Marley

Nieuwe Binnenweg 403-A, Rotterdam (Delfshaven)

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Orgánica 73 - vor 2 Monaten

Fair prices and honest service.

Glebs Gromovs - vor 4 Monaten

The best!!!


One of the best weed in Rotterdam !

Maciej Siepietowski - vor 2 Jahren

Best Amnesia in all Nederland.

Paweł Lukaszczyk - vor 2 Jahren

The joint's are without weed inside

Houda Evolve.Antwerp - vor 3 Jahren

Best real shop ever ♡

Houda Elouarti - vor 3 Jahren

Best real shop ever ♡

Bjorn - vor 3 Jahren

The prerolled ones are pretty much 99% tabacco. It's a pitty because it was much better before.

mon ami assisi - vor 4 Jahren

Only had one joint from here (€2.50) and could have swore it was all cigar tobacco til about half way through. A mild, mellow effect, just what I asked for. Wish it had kicked in a little earlier , though.

Rene Chamorre - vor 4 Jahren

Good quality and value for money

Artur Huramshin - vor 4 Jahren

Best prices!

Cornelis de Leen - vor 4 Jahren

In Holland soft drugs are partly regulated. Only you van not be a official supplier. Loophole in the Law.

Francois Dubois - vor 5 Jahren

After an intensive sightseeing tour over Rotterdam, we decided to have a nice joint. Thus we visited Bob Marley Coffee Shop along our way to Centraal station. We bought two joints, 2.5 Euro each. Since the first one, apart from not getting us high one bit, has almost provoked vomit, we decided to make a disectomy of the second one. The photo clearly shows, that the amount of weed inside was practically residual. What it doesn't show is how it tasted = like Ghandi sandals with the aftertaste of a dead pidgeon in your mouth. Bleah!

Halil Özkal - vor 7 Jahren

nice quick lines and price aren't the lowest, but their stuff is great!

Bjorn Burgh - vor 7 Jahren

The prerolled ones are pretty much 99% tabacco. It's a pitty because it was much better before.

Brian Watson - vor 9 Jahren

The worst ready-filled joints in the whole of Holland never mind Rotterdam I mean , there's very, very, little grass in each one try coffee shop "Amigo" now that's a joint!!!!

A Google User - vor 11 Jahren

They have good weed and I like good ganja.

A Google User - vor 13 Jahren

Best place in Rotterdam to meet some nice fellows. And to find the best in what you need. You can even meet me there, where I like to chill with some friends.


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