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Coffeeshop Witte de With

Witte de Withstraat 92, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Donát László - vor 1 Monat
I think you can buy the best amnesia haze in Rotterdam.
Buy Ass - vor 11 Monaten
good weed,nice shop
Björn Engel - vor 1 Jahr
Was nice
Shooli Bagheri - vor 1 Jahr
I got two rolls and both were full of tobacco instead of weed (I opened them up, I used to grow weed). There are other coffee shops in this street that are better.
Lucas Silva - vor 1 Jahr
You ask something and they give you something cheaper. I smoke every single day pure weed, no tabaco in my weed. I can notice if I ask super silver haze and they gave me white widow.
Šventas Bravo - vor 1 Jahr
The weed quality is subpar. And they do not weigh it before your eyes. Got less on every bag i purchased. Would not recommend, and I will not be returning there.
Douglas F - vor 1 Jahr
Bolek Zsd - vor 1 Jahr
I think this place is worth attention, great hia hash
Moe Hos - vor 1 Jahr
Good small shop and prices,big menu good quality flowers
Jeremy - vor 1 Jahr
Bought some jack herer, ak47, and hiya hash, and I actually thought it was of decent quality particularly the jack herer or ak47 (don't remember which one anymore) taste good and I like the effects, because I'm quite sensitive to the effects of weed and easily get overwhelmed and paranoid, but that was not the case. The only thing I didn't feel comfortable with were the security guards who looked a bit shifty, and the people behind the counter seemed friendly, but something just felt off, so I just bought my buds and left.
Monica N - vor 1 Jahr
The space brownies are fake. No effect at all. I would not recommend it.
Nazar Gerasymchuk - vor 2 Jahren
Total scam! Sells 100% tobacco joints instead of weed. Do not recommend.
Mr. Peanutbutters - vor 2 Jahren
DON‘T BUY HERE AS A TOURIST!!! YOU WILL BE FOOLED We bought 5 pre-rolled Joints, smoked all of them later that evening and felt absolutely nothing. (2 Persons) To be honest, a nicotine flash from a cigarette is way more than 5 joints from this shop. Come on guys... I mean, I’m aware that pre-rolled have less Dope inside, and that‘s ok because they are comfortable, but that was nothing. 20€ for a herbal mix. That‘s Scam. Other reviews say the same.
andrew sommerville - vor 2 Jahren
If your not fluent in dutch they're very prejudice. Twice got hash and weed, but they will give you tobacco joints. Stay clear of here!!!
Paul Simon - vor 2 Jahren
Tried the Gorilla glue sativa for 14€ per g. Absolutely low quality and no effect. Suspicious acting salespeople in the shop who didn't bother to tell us anything about the product we wanted to buy. I would not recommend anyone to spend their money their. Total waste.
Mario Penners - vor 2 Jahren
Before you go in there, look around the corner, there's a better coffeeshop called 4th floor ..... The prerolled ones in Witte are 2EUR cheaper but don't contain substance.
From the ground To the clouds - vor 2 Jahren
Great coffee shop with a good selection of produce on offer at respectable prices. Even had the back room to ourselves as was quiet at the time. Will be back
Bloom Buddies - vor 2 Jahren
Do not go here! Terrible staff poor weed.. they suck
mon ami assisi - vor 2 Jahren
As a tourist, no hassle whatsoever. And my product *worked*! Decent price and amount for the Amnesia. I have low consumption/ tolerance, tho, so that helps ;- )
Reversed Hub - vor 2 Jahren
Friendly staff, bad product. I've been sampling shops around Rotterdam for 6 months now and this one is NOT worth a visit. The jack herer nugs were decent but nothing special. No cmment there. The pre rolled joint I got was horrid. It felt as if I was inhaling glass and I got nowhere near even a light buzz. Ripping it open, wouldn't you know it - no weed or hash to be seen. Stuffed to the brim with tobacco and I even found two seeds mixed in. If you're looking for a quality shop, Witte de With isn't the one.
Bob Kuklyclausa - vor 3 Jahren
not very good. be carefull with cakes - they sell it by "face control" - tourist can by just cookie, without any effect:( sad
Mert Hakan - vor 3 Jahren
THEY ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!!! Yesterday i get white widow from this coffee shop but I never ever smoke any weed of this poor and low quality in my life . I pay 20 euros but it is not worth even 1 cents..
paul - vor 3 Jahren
Good coffeeshop nice products very relaxed friendly and helpful staff
Kieran Horner - vor 3 Jahren
Dispensary style shop. Competively priced in the area.
Shay Barry - vor 3 Jahren
AVOID !! Rude staff that don't give out the product that was asked for. They think all tourists are stupid.
Katie 131 - vor 3 Jahren
We had some fruit haze and bubblegum and it was NICE. AND we were allowed to go out back and it had air con. Super friendly people nice space definitely going back
Osama Ansi - vor 3 Jahren
Best weed, prices and best services in the city. Recommended to all kind off ppl aslong your over 18..
Abhishek Ghosh - vor 4 Jahren
The hash here is really smokin'.
William H Walker - vor 5 Jahren
This place is like a prison recreation room. Lots of tables , no chairs, unfriendly staff, why would you bother to enter? I could double there profits for them with 5 minutes of business advice but dumb arses will never progress.
angela chroftes - vor 5 Jahren
after landing in rotterdam and running around like headless chickens assuming coffee shops would find us we stumbled upon this one quite a pick up and go kind of place but they will let u in to chill with i.d lovely silver haze will go bac staff alright too
Kirsty Harris - vor 5 Jahren
First coffee shop found and they let through to chill some seriously nice silver and would go back just for that
Michael Moss - vor 5 Jahren
The guys was a little rude, and told me I couldn't go in, probably as a foreigner, even when paying I felt like I was paying some fine to the police, rather than taking produce from the best plant in the world.
Łukasz Mrozik - vor 8 Jahren
Good quality, fine prices, unfriendly staff. Had a feeling like: hurry up, ask no questions, buy just whatever, and go away! Anyway good ak47 and k2. One of the best in city centre.

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