Coffeeshop Pluto

Nieuwe Binnenweg 54, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Nimrod Palta - vor 2 Monaten
Empty place, not much choices. Cashier was unpleasant although I was the only one at the store
W D - vor 5 Monaten
They have good weed but they cut. Today I got almost 0.5g less then I should and it's not the first time. I'll still visit sometimes but I am disappointed
Wincent Dawidowicz - vor 5 Monaten
They have good weed but they cut. Today I got almost 0.5g less then I should and it's not the first time. Time to look for another place
Kenny raes - vor 5 Monaten
Nice blunts , not so good space-cakes
Sophos - vor 7 Monaten
Got 5g of weed that upon closer inspection had some mold (gray web-like stuff). Tasted wrong too naturally.. Decided to give them another chance, but I got yet another batch of moldy stuff. I'm conflicted cause other times they have some of the best stuff. Just tried calling to talk to them about it, maybe at least warn that they're selling moldy stuff(which is a health risk by the way). Except, their phone number doesn't even work..
MrGnomerdoom - vor 9 Monaten
Top! You can no longer sit there and smoke (thanks to covid). But the shop looks amazing after the makeover. And the strains they have are absolutely awesome and of a very high quality. Can highly recommend if you find yourself in Rotterdam at one time or another.
ekaitz izquierdo - vor 1 Jahr
Absolutely wonderful coffeeshop, weed was nice and mild, and the face behind the counter was a very human and didn’t hesitate to engage on my ramblings about life... came out of there with a good joint and a genuine smile for the day! So thanks to Kelly for being awesome and be sure to drop by and don’t hesitate to be nice, it might end up making your day!
Rory (Rpphanna1) - vor 1 Jahr
Really great selection of products, I was particularly pleased to see lots of Dutch Passion strains here. Please keep sourcing those quality genetics! One of the few coffeeshops to have an indoor space for people to sit down in. Everything is very clean and modern. Would recommend a visit if you're in Rotterdam!
Ben Dover - vor 1 Jahr
Good Super Polm, doormen are friendly and professional CLOSED UNTIL DECEMBER 21st 2020!!!
Sebastien Ribonnet - vor 1 Jahr
Unfortunately because of COVID-19 not able to sit inside. Nice flavours of weed though
Paul2k - vor 1 Jahr
Good weed , trüffels was perfect
Priya Goorcharran - vor 2 Jahren
I visited Coffeeshop Pluto and purchased little packages of seeds. 1 package were to contain 5 seeds each. I bought Premium Diesel, OG Kush and Super Silver Haze. I opened the pack of SSH, but it only contained 3 seeds. I was quite disappointed, as I have paid to receive my 5 seeds. Besides being short 2 seeds, from the 3 that I received, only one seed sprouted. I have not yet set the other seeds, to know whether or not they are any good. When I do, I will update the review.
m m - vor 2 Jahren
First place which I have tried cannabis in my heavy experience..
James Ahmed - vor 2 Jahren
I thought the staff were friendly, the selection was clear and really good, the tables were all full but I shared a table with some people and got into good conversation with them,
sybren bijleveld - vor 2 Jahren
Good place to be with a good quality of products and service. No complaints at all! Yeah, maybe..... Why aren't they open 24/7?
Mesh A - vor 2 Jahren
Best coffeeshop in Rotterdam. Free wifi Cool vibes Cool stuff
Taras Piskunov - vor 2 Jahren
Nice pre-rolls, can smoke inside, very pleasant staff
Fred Hughes - vor 2 Jahren
Nice place for a good small coffee too. Bartender was whizzy and huffy, doesn't like queues obviously. Furniture and ornaments are dark, delightfully so.
Roland Bencs - vor 2 Jahren
Cool coffeshop! Looks awesome, the stuff also cool.
Link Blaze - vor 2 Jahren
Great shop. too bad the new security really ruins the friendly easy vibe. But besides him I love stopping by here whenever I can
Nico Thurman - vor 2 Jahren
My favorite in all of Rotterdam! Amazing staff, amazing quality and a really cool seating area with a edgy biker theme to it! Super unique
Dean Sesto - vor 3 Jahren
Nice place, nice cakes, mad table & chairs made from welded up bike parts etc loved it I’ll be back again one day I hope
Mike Babuev - vor 3 Jahren
My favourite place to rest when i'm in Rotterdam, nice and friendly staff, good range of products and good prices.
Arc Rich - vor 3 Jahren
Great service, Great weed, you can smoke inside and buy bongs, pipes, seeds and more... the security guys are very friendly and the owners are awesome...
H.A. Boer - vor 3 Jahren
Friendly staff, friendly security. Also the styling of the interior is very nice. To my opinion, this is the best coffeeshop in Rotterdam! They also accept debitcard and cash.
Pavle Tomas - vor 3 Jahren
One with a smoking area, around 50 square meters. There are nine tables that can seat about 35 people, vending machine with cold drinks, glass shelves for various smoking merchandise, walled phone carger case with three lockers, dual toilets and ofcourse, a christmas tree.
J C - vor 3 Jahren
The worst weed I smoked in all of the Netherlands...and there’s some bad weed here. The prerolled pure tastes like cat piss
Levi Kruis - vor 3 Jahren
Beste plek in Rotterdam om binnen te roken, maar verreweg van de beste shop in Rotterdam.
Csaba Borbély - vor 3 Jahren
It is a really nice place and and you can chose a lot of different buds
Donna Burns - vor 3 Jahren
Nice place to sit, chat and smoke. Met some nice people here
Piyap lenno - vor 3 Jahren
Great shop, but weed quality is not allways the best for all strains. Definitly check your weed before walking away, if you don't like the smell ask another strain, you won't walk away dissapointed if you like the weed your buying... #QUALITYCHECKPLZ
Verena Pacelli - vor 3 Jahren
One of the best coffee shop in the city centre of Rotterdam. Good atmosphere and decoration!
Bart Romeijn - vor 3 Jahren
My favourite coffeeshop! I get my weed here since many years.
Unknown Invictus - vor 4 Jahren
A very nice shop. Been there more then once and I definately recommend to pass by if you happen to be in Rotterdam.(and like to smoke ;) )
Pablo Sol - vor 4 Jahren
good coffeeshop where you can also sit down and smoke one.
Ben Wade - vor 4 Jahren
avoid this coffeeshop. the employees working at night behind the counter are rude came tonight and I asked for a pure joint and it's 4 euros. When I was there earlier the same day today, a different lady employee offered to lend me a lighter so i could light my joint. I was happy. I give this employee tonight 10 euros after I ask him for a pure joint. He then hands me 5 euros back- meaning he charged me for a lighter when I didn't want one. He wouldn't let me into the lounge area unless I bought the lighter. This guy working today told me that I had to buy the lighter and I couldn't borrow one and locked the door to the smoking room entrance. The person was nasty and I found no reason behind it. I went back to try to talk with him about the situation. He got angry and he then threw the lighter at me. I tried to ask him to calm down but I won't have stuff thrown at me ever. Just avoid this spot as it's low quality weed anyways. rudest people ever.. you can only stay 30 minutes ...
Zimbaba wewewe - vor 5 Jahren
I can highly recommend the Green Poison (which this shop is famous for). Very sharp taste with a clean and energetic high and for 45€/5g you can't go wrong. Moby Dick is nice as well though GP is my personal preference. Only 4 stars because there's only 4 strains on the menu
Vebjørn Sandøy - vor 5 Jahren
Cool tabels but not so customer friendly emplyes!
Ivana Šálková - vor 5 Jahren
The best weed and good space cakes!! I love this place!! ????
Brian Hardaswick - vor 5 Jahren
1st time here. Traveled from Tilburg. Easy 15 minute walk from the train station. Great selection, friendly and knowledgable staff along with large, modern indoor smoke area.
Bart Rietkerken - vor 5 Jahren
The People behind the Desk Are all right. The decoration of the place is awesome! Besides the good weed they also sell truffles and headshot items.
Bence Rácz - vor 5 Jahren
Mushroom is very good weed also, chill place.. Good shop in R'dam
Kirsty Harris - vor 6 Jahren
Absolutely amazing chill out area nice lovely pretty rolled party mix made me and my girlfriend dribble back to our hotel defo a revisit in store
della ugr - vor 6 Jahren
Good atmosphere and great weed. One of my favourite in R'dam
Simon Grashion - vor 6 Jahren
Loved every minute good friendly staff off back in 2 weeks see you lot there ????????????????????????
Viva España - vor 6 Jahren
Good smoke room and good weed menu but prices are a bit elevated
Benjamín Martínez - vor 7 Jahren
Horrible treatment, I asked for rolling papers and the guy responded "you cannot smoke youre own weed here", so I said — I wont, just wanna buy them for later. Now, can I buy some" He answerd "I said you can't smoke your own here, get it". Minimum purchase of one joint per TWO PEOPLE, or you can't get in. Then the guard was cheking all the time to make sure I wouldnt smoke my weed (which I wasn't going to)... We had to buy two pre-rolled joints for four friends, and they were 70% tobaco. Very bad service and rude staff, not going to this ugly and boring place with my friends ever again.

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