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Koopvaardijstraat 46, Tilburg (Centrum)

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Владимир Видановић II - vor 2 Monaten
You must visit this place, Organic, fragrant, tasty, with several selected strains. Friendly staff and service in a beautiful setting. See you again !!
Usama Khan - vor 2 Monaten
Good shop, potent stuff.
Renato De graaf - vor 5 Monaten
Good shop if it's open, most of the time its closed without changing that status at Google
Sandro Ferari - vor 7 Monaten
nice place has board games good choice of weed
Bartosz Kwolek - vor 8 Monaten
Brown Sugar Haze
Abel Alves - vor 11 Monaten
Only outside its closed, but perfect space ✍️
Michael Gibson - vor 11 Monaten
Pleasant place to be. Board games available. Drinks mostly €2.50. Closest place to Zeeland for non-residents to buy.
Goce Trimcevski - vor 1 Jahr
great weed store keep going guys
David Hicks - vor 1 Jahr
Not much on the menu but it's worth going for the brown sugar haze alone!! Lovely!! Defo try this bit!
Chris J. - vor 1 Jahr
Very good qualities in brown and green for affordable prices...always my first walk when I'm in town!
EDGE - vor 1 Jahr
The place was nice. Lots of room, games. Very clean for a cofee shop. Only thing I didn't like, was the security guy. He gave out unwanted vibes while asking for my documents.
S L - vor 1 Jahr
The friendliest staff I have ever seen. The choice of weed is limited but they have very good stuff (with excellent quality/price ratio as well).
MaNwE MeLoDy A.M - vor 1 Jahr
Best coffeeshop in my opinion. But I do not visit them all. Big parking. Nice inside. Positive vibrationsss :-)))
Victor Ribas - vor 1 Jahr
Not much variety but I'm in love with their brown sugar haze, is one of the best weeds I've found in the Netherlands and hash is OK for the prizes. Only cash but place to park and table games inside, staff is OK, not nice but not rude
Anonymous Anonymous - vor 2 Jahren
Very good shop! Quality of the (brown sugar) haze is the best in Tilburg. Weed is weighed in front of your eyes. And unlike most shops very friendly en respectful staff!
kay kayhoeymakers - vor 2 Jahren
Awsome haze brown sugaahh haze
Matt'i Rocaveler - vor 2 Jahren
Good hashisz and well made
Neil Johnstone - vor 2 Jahren
Heavenly vibes
wtk rbl - vor 2 Jahren
Cannot pay by card
Emiel van der Velden - vor 2 Jahren
Good price / quantity ratio, friendly staff, often no queue
the buble - vor 2 Jahren
I come always there the weed is almost always verry good there amnesia

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