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Vlampijpstraat 52, Utrecht (West)

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Music Sloth - vor 2 Monaten
Used to be a good shop but not anymore. Rude employees (heard the short blond make fun of somebodies speech impediment) and bad products have changed the shop for the worst. Try another coffeeshop.
Cuba Libre - vor 3 Monaten
best in Utrecht. Very good selection. Fantastic hashish. Easy going staff always smiling and happy to give advice. Price range from 5 to 25 for bag. Jammu Kashmir strongly recommended.
Menno Doorn - vor 5 Monaten
By far the best coffeeshop in Utrecht, the staff is very friendly and helpfull and they take out the twigs which is appreciated. The product is always of good quality, i highly recommend the Purple P x Watermelonz Indica. There is a great variety of products including Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Hasj, Spacecake (and mix to make it yourself) and many different kinds of paraphenalia. 10/10
ploopploop - vor 6 Monaten
Fantastic service, with friendly staff and even better products. They have a wide range of supplies, herbs and blocks. I have been going here for years now for their Gorilla Glue, which has become rare during the pandemic, but it is one that I can personally recommend if you are looking for a chill high when listening to music. If you are looking for specific things which they dont have in stock they will give you a good recommendation that gives a similar high with a similar amount of crystals. They know their products that is basically what it comes down to. Lastly the place is discrete for those who need it. It looks very modern and it is very well ventilated. I am not sure if you can sit and smoke during the lockdown, but when you can it is a very chill environment. The picture is Blue Coco. It is comparable to Gorilla Glue.
Daniel Górski - vor 6 Monaten
Great kind people and pro service. Best Regards from Polish man in Utrecht.
aruba 297 - vor 8 Monaten
Friendly staff en good strains
Miki SNOMA - vor 9 Monaten
The best coffeeshop im Utrecht
Mateo - vor 10 Monaten
The most awesome place in Utrecht
Jurian Van de Beek - vor 10 Monaten
Very informative and helping staff. Chill vibe in the shop overall!!
Nikola Tkalec - vor 11 Monaten
Grate range of products, acceptable prices.
adametz grzegorz - vor 1 Jahr
Low prices for a good stuff.
Gamawa - vor 1 Jahr
probably one of the best coffeshops in Utrecht. the only bad thing is the pre rolled joints; there's too much tobacco in it and it feels like you're smoking a cig.
Alex yo - vor 1 Jahr
Smart coffee shop
Chris Andrews - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffeeshop, nice vibe and very high quality weed. This is my regular shop and I highly recommend it.
Marko Novosel - vor 1 Jahr
What else can I say. I recommended everybody who visit Utrecht to go there!
Brian B - vor 1 Jahr
Good price/quality ratios. Kind employers. So, all you need to become the best shop in Utrecht.
Dimitar Dimitrov - vor 1 Jahr
Always nice and fresh weed! You need to have that experience!
Oumar Toure - vor 1 Jahr
Super chille crew, good stuff!!
onur lmkn - vor 2 Jahren
Handsdown the best coffeshop in utrecht! Without a doubt the best looking one in the whole EU !! If you ever been to california, oregon your gonna like the looks and vibe of this one ! The weed is a bit on the pricey side compared to other stores But like always in life u get what u pay for! They got the genetics u crave !! A nice clean high! Picked up 5 different strains today! And the bud tenders are super cute!!! Stay green peeps!
Yolanda Afonso - vor 2 Jahren
Amazing place to buy weed and have a pleasant capuccino. Staff are five stars and willing to take time to advice you. Great spot to chill and play board games. Highly recommend it.
A Google user - vor 2 Jahren
Great products for a reasonable price. The staff is always friendly and willing to take the time to show you the different weeds they have. I've been to every shop in Utrecht and Gallery Colorado is simply the best.
lukas jurak - vor 2 Jahren
I think this is the cosiest coffeshop I have ever been in. The staff is amazing, always friendly and helpful. They have huge offer of weed, hash, accessories, CBD and even tea and coffee. You can smoke inside in one of two smoke boxes and then stay to chill and play some board games or read some magazines. Prices are very reasonable and fair overall atmosphere of this place is just awesome. Love this place.
Samuel Wegener - vor 2 Jahren
Love the atmosphere and the kind people there! The cannabis they sell is allright as well but I've smoked better stuff for sure, if you're looking for affordable quality cannabis you should find a coffeeshop that collaborates with Amsterdam genetics, they are most definitely the best in and around the city
Ryan Patterson - vor 2 Jahren
Staff were brilliant. Probably the best weed I had on my trip. The tangie smelled and tasted unbelievable. Good prices. My favourite shop in The Netherlands
Troy Patterson - vor 2 Jahren
The weed is excellent the tangie smelled and tasted amazing definitely will be back best Coffeeshop in all of the Netherlands
Matthew Op't Eijnde - vor 2 Jahren
In need of some coffee or some reefer? And do you enjoy art? Then this place is golden. Amazing choice of strains, smoking gear and equally good coffee.

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