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Laat 32, Alkmaar

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mariusz rycerz - 2 months ago
The best Coffeeshop in Alkmaar in my opinion. I highly recommend. Friendly stuff and carefully selected product make me come back there quiet often. Location is also unnoticeable - just in the middle of the city. Enjoy!
We had an experience that was better than anticipated with Eddie and Jessie. Thank you both for having us in your coffee shop. First customers after lockdown (COVID-19). Accidental photo of the South Pacific from our homeland in New Zealand
Caiera Machado - 1 year ago
Never disappointed regarding quality and service. Great variety of weed. I recommend this place.
Jouke Tjamme Kooistra (DidgeridooAmsterdam) - 1 year ago
Sweet high
Zbigniew Gaciag - 1 year ago
always lemon haze
Eazel _GER - 1 year ago
Daily Offers are quite quip, Stuff is good quality! Due to Covid: only take away
Ádám Topa - 2 years ago
Very very Good :)
Aluminator82 - 2 years ago
I only buy the Cheese here, so can't say how the other stuff is. Good quality, nice taste!!
Gabe Stattic - 2 years ago
Smaller place..but good weed ! I can recommend!
German L. - 2 years ago
They have 1gr for 7 euros (cheese something). Nice place
Paul Craven - 3 years ago
A really nice place, with staff both knowledgeable and friendly to an English speaker. Great S5 and plenty of space. A nice change to Any Time.
Dylan De Groot - 3 years ago
Great coffee shop. I had the Special Haze and I was very satisfied. In fact, I'm currently stranded after one joint. I'm unable to participate in traffic. Besides the weed, the store itself is great. Nice staff, quick orders, great selection and a comfortable seating area. However, when I got there, there was a confused man screaming angrily because he had to pay before the other two customers that came in after him. But that's not the shops fault, they handled it professionally. Great coffee shop overall!
Amanda Hewitt - 3 years ago
Nice coffee shop staff are friendly and make a nice coffee good selection of weed and very welcoming for tourist.. football on the tv so you can enjoy your smoke while watching foot ball
Brian Traill - 3 years ago
I have spent considerable time here and for me it's great. Large smoking area, good weed. The tea selection is excellent however coffee when served with milk. The milk is usually UHT/long-life which I'm not a fan of. Otherwise a great coffeeshop.
Łukasz Zwoliński - 4 years ago
Very nice place, good service, and nice products, only high prices, don't made this my fovourite place ✌️
A Google User - 4 years ago
Very friendly staff, fantastic cannabis and great prices. Cheper than Amsterdam same quality
Gavin Gray - 4 years ago
Very friendly staff, fantastic cannabis and great prices. Cheper than Amsterdam same quality
mika breuring - 4 years ago
Amazing service and incredible herbs, also a very nice vibe
ää 5565 - 4 years ago
good weed. amnesia, white lady, strawberrry. great quality to good price. but then i bought hash and it was the worst i have ever seen. it smelled like a burning trashcan and didnt have any effect at all. i threw it away.
P. Schneider - 4 years ago
Small Coffee Shop with a relatively small but good menu. We liked what we got there and had a fun time. Will come back.
jack cawley - 6 years ago
Worst Coffee shop in Alkmaar avoid like the plague theres a much better one just 20 metres down the road on the same side
Bastian Schau - 7 years ago
Super Preis Leistung, zumindest vor einem Jahr ;-)
Michael G - 7 years ago
Niks mis mee...
robert biggers - 8 years ago
I walked in bought a gram. Asked to go in and smoke. No problem. A few days later, I went back. This time the black woman was totally rude. I was polite to her until I left. My closing remark was -- kiss my ass. I went to the toilet, came back and set down to smoke. She then approached me bitching that I had messed up the toilet. I told her truthfully that it was messy when I went in. She then began raggin me on and on. I just got up and left. Being a white male and having told her I was from Texas, she must have thought I was naturally a racist. Ain't cultural ignorance just fantastic? I have been going to that coffeeshop off and on since the early nineties. I will not go back again.
Swilly Larsen - 11 years ago
It is a good place. people who work there are great.. :)

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