Coffeeshop Balou

Halvemaansteeg 5, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Emanuele Esposito - 6 months ago
Very beautiful and comfortable place! Buddy staff and very very good weed! You must stay in this place if you are looking for relaxing time
Alexander Donald Thompson - 7 months ago
Good hash, good hip hop music and nice staff. Not a lot of seating space at the moment while they renovate upstairs but it's not too busy there so a nice place to chill on your own or with a couple people.
Stian Abrahamsen - 1 year ago
Great place, great atmosphere,, loveley people..!! Love it..!!
Anthony Pimentel - 2 years ago
Nice Local Shop. Friendly Stuff and very helpfull! Thanks to the Italy Guy. :-)
THEUNCLE MUSTANG - 2 years ago
Top coffeshop! Riccardo is the best
Rox Lauren - 2 years ago
ABSOLUTELY LOVE. they didn't have any lemon haze when we went but I tried Amnesia and fell in love with it
Daniel Scanlan - 2 years ago
Too many years ago I first entered Balou ! My memories are fantastic. The staff is amazing, even Fox. We now have legal weeds here in Boston but I look forward to a return to the BALOU soon. Hope all is well. Dan
Afshan D'souza-Lodhi - 2 years ago
Lovely small place that is generally tourist free. Has a nice sitting area in the top where you can just spend hours. Very friendly staff and near lots of great eateries
Hans Mayer - 3 years ago
Nice to chill... I love it ... Very friendly
Dmitriy Levchenko - 3 years ago
An unigue place with nice looking second floor for chilling
Oskar C. Bernal - 3 years ago
Best weed I've tried in Amsterdam. Good price, nice staff.
Harvey Williams - 3 years ago
My favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. It's unpretentious. The workers inside didn't try hard to help us which was fine. The area upstairs to hang out is very nice. Everyone has taken a rolling paper, written something on it and stuck it to the walls. The music is often nice and it's not too loud.
Kip Meadows - 3 years ago
Lovely staff. Affordable. Tried amnesia haze and blueberry haze and was satisfied with both. This place has a great mood, loved coming back here while visiting Amsterdam. The upstairs is the best part of this store!!!
Rodrigo Bastias - 5 years ago
Great location. Beautiful store. However, Lack of knowledge from staff. Cero customer service. Pre-rolls are a joke! Waste of money and time
Peter Francis - 5 years ago
The people were nice but I bought what I thought were four marijuana joints but they had little effect so I opened them up and they were mixed with tobacco. At the bottom it was all tobacco. Disgraceful.
tuzio tuziovskij - 5 years ago
Cozy. Selection is nice, and so is the manager. A bit small, however.
Botond Palencsar - 5 years ago
Nice place, a bit away from the crowded coffeeshops in the city centre, but still reasonable close to everything.
Jordan Briggs - 6 years ago
This place is wicked - it was right next to our hotel, so became a local haunt for my girlfriend and I while we were away. It has a really relaxed atmosphere, with a killer 2nd floor. The smoke is good here too, but for me the atmosphere was the selling point, especially at night. If you're planning on spending quite a while there, I'd recommend getting a seat downstairs - trust me those tight spiral stairs can be perilous.
Shay Carmel - 6 years ago
Nice 2nd floor and staff
Jan Kåre Mikkelsen - 6 years ago
A nice and humble coffeeshop without the "ganja man, weed and greens and get stoned"-image. Popped in for some space cakes. I was not dissapointed. Quality all the way.
Katie Oakes - 7 years ago
The only coffeeshop! My fiancee and I are true lovers of the herb and the atmosphere that should come with it. Don't tell your friends and keep it to yourself and keep this place a hidden gem.Katie & Chris. Balou.xcx.
dergrossee - 8 years ago
A great place. A totally different experience from the coffee houses that cater to American college students. A laid back experience with a friendly staff. Free Wi-Fi. They were tolerant of my terrible Dutch. Other customers, mostly locals, readily strike up a conversation and/or offer some advice on sightseeing and rolling. If I find myself in Amsterdam again...this is my place.

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