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Utrechtsestraat 14, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Leon Morgan - 3 weeks ago
Fantastic coffeeshop. Friendly service and nice seating indoors and outside. Good selection of products. Will definitely visit again next time I am in Amsterdam.
Abby Payne - 4 weeks ago
Friendly service, great price. Highly recommend.
Fenia Pliatsika - 1 month ago
The staff is really helpful! Everything was awesome! Very good prices! You can chill there and smoke and drink your beer. I tried this IPA and was awesome!
Matthew Benson - 2 months ago
Lovely stuff. The gentleman behind the counter is a fine fellow. You'd want him on your team during a zombie apocalypse. I had some lovely stuff recommended by said man.
María Barceló - 3 months ago
Best coffee shop in Amsterdam. The staff is lovely and give you plenty of recommendations. Highly recommended.
XpS predators - 4 months ago
The nicest staff since we have been here. Recommended her personal favourite bud which we had to try. Gave us panflets in things to do and EVEN has a bar next door to smoke and drink a cold pint in. Seal of approval
Leanne Matthews - 4 months ago
Love hunters! Always a great spot! The staff here are amazing, never too much trouble to give an Irish woman a cup of tea !
Katalin Zanykó - 4 months ago
Cool experience, nice bar type of coffeeshop. Excellent service!
Royston Bayliss - 4 months ago
I don't think this was a very nice place. The staff weren't particularly friendly and the vibe was quite unpleasant really. One thing I would say however, is the weed was pretty good. But then again, we are in amsterdam after all.
Sophia M - 4 months ago
First time here was on my own, on my way to visit the museum. What a perfect spot
Luis Pena - 4 months ago
Hunters was the first coffee shop we visited and we went back multiple times! Of course there are hundreds of others to choose from, Hunters provides top quality buds for your enjoyment! It’s easy to make new friends here and the staff is awesome!!
Josh Crawford - 4 months ago
Friendly staff, very helpful
manea mariana - 7 months ago
For the first time, after about 4 years of attending Hunter, I had an unpleasant surprise due to the employee of Hunter this afternoon. He was probably menopausal and could not control his anger caused by the discussion of wearing a mask. Too bad for the rest of the Hunter team, but this poorly educated and choleric individual would deserve some therapist sessions or simply thrown out like a decayed tooth ...
mari vardosanidze - 8 months ago
Well... At least the coffee is tasty
matt gnthr - 8 months ago
Great stuff and variety of prices, cool place to sit and chill, nice terrace, the guys from the staff theyre one the best in town.
Frikki Gunn - 9 months ago
Awsome place and nice staff
Terry Pryor - 9 months ago
Worth a visit with a lovely bar next door to drink at
aico verschueren (aicogaming) - 10 months ago
Hade a fun night! Good stuff and nice staff
Erfan Ghoreishipoor - 11 months ago
Great if you wanna try smoking weed in a Bar!
Dawid Gałka - 1 year ago
Enemy of the state, is it? Nice place to sit and to drink Coffe with
Bruna Vieitez Sanches - 1 year ago
We went to the coffeeshop first and then hung out in the bar with drinks and it was an extremely pleasant evening. Cool music and nice atmosphere!
paul jones - 1 year ago
Visited for first time, and enjoyed my time there. Nice atmosphere and music. Was given free lighter, for buying 5 grams of hash. Tangie block is strong and good price. Will visit again.
Alicia Henderson - 1 year ago
I've been using hunters in all different locations for over 4 years now, they're always very helpful & the staff are lovely. Good product as well!
Wiwi77 Wed - 1 year ago
once it's great once it's not terrible it depends on the day or otherwise in general it remains valid
Adrian Matuszak - 1 year ago
Very nice place, wide strain selection and good quality!
Linus Wildner - 1 year ago
No matter what, the pinapple express ist some of the best dank i smoked in years!
Dolan Trump - 1 year ago
Nice Hash of superior quality.
Noura Sakr - 1 year ago
We weren't allowed to sit outside and have coffee. Maybe it was because of covid19 restrictions but there were two other people having coffee on one of the tables outside and two big empty tables were we could have been allowed to sit for a few minutes to have a cup of coffee and smoke especially since it was heavily raining. Unfriendly staff! Good weed though!
Connor Cant - 1 year ago
Great place! Very friendly staff and nice venue. Great menu and good value for money!
Chillonthe Hill - 1 year ago
Always nice to chill there. One of my favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
Claudiu George Patrascu - 1 year ago
Great coffee shop with lots of strains to choose from, outdoor & indoor seating, friendly staff
thanos leventakos - 2 years ago
really nice place amd friendly staff! Matias really friendly we had the time of our life there with my friends. Only bad thing was the music! For real was the worst.
Friso - 2 years ago
Lots of shops sell overpriced wares, not this one. I really like their Dr. Greenspoon/Grinspoon. It's at the top of their menu and worth every euro. A really nice, pure sativa. - which has become rare in Amsterdam. Very nice staff as well
Roy Beyse - 2 years ago
Best chilling
Myron Hekking - 2 years ago
Been coming there now for 5 years they are reasonably priced. But good quality that's why I come back. Employees are really friendly and fast but I personally think some times understaffed. But overall really good work! Cheers
M.k Hasan - 2 years ago
one of the best in Amsterdam. Good collection of marijuana and nice interior. Perfect for smoking and gossiping.
Eirini Panagiotopoulou - 2 years ago
We wanted to check if there was a table available, if there was we would buy as normal. so we entered the shop and tried to check in a glance, the man there told us something like don't ruin the line stay behind these, like we were trying to steal someone else's place (we knew he was watching us and we didn't even know if we wanted to enter the line, so it was not very polite to assume that we were trying to take advantage of something). If our friends were there and we wanted to see where they were? And the service was talking like that? It's a shop don't just assume, ask if you can help. Anyway, we left, there wasn't a table available probably.
Andrey Minyaev - 2 years ago
Best place, best stuff. Stuff help me to change €500
Lay C - 2 years ago
Atmosphere and prices better than those right in the city centre like 420 cafe.
Mirko Camporese - 2 years ago
Very nice. Very good music. The guy is very kind and helpful.
Sonia Lowe - 2 years ago
I love coming here always chilled
Jonathan Rangel - 3 years ago
Great place and great vibe. I was very comfortable just sitting there, smoking and using the free wifi. Thanks northman
Alexia Cillekens - 3 years ago
Great place to chill and smoke one, located on Rembrandtplein ideal location, and not too crowded. Staff is really friendly, give good advice for those who don't know what they want, and show great care and concern for their customers! Not just a coffeeshop that will rip you off and not care about the product quality of what they sell you. :)
Agnietė Kisielytė - 3 years ago
Super unfriendly staff. I was expecting a nice experience here but the coffee moment was frustrating, the staff were shouting, I left the place completely disappointed.
Rico Esta - 3 years ago
Freindly staff, buds were good. Great place overall.
Jamie Hunter - 3 years ago
Great coffeeshop, staff are friendly, good prices and most importantly good bud!!
Joseph Threapleton - 3 years ago
best mango kush ive ever had and top lemon haze
Keet Bob - 3 years ago
Awesome place! Great smoke and super helpful staff! Lovely to chill outside in the front seating!
Jon Skewes - 3 years ago
The employees here were so polite and knowledgable. They were so energetic and easy to get along with. The overall place was a little smaller and they were super busy so it was cramped inside but that's just how good this place is. Their products are delicious and do their job ;)
JB M - 3 years ago
Good menu, great hot chocolates my partner informed me lol. Staff are friendly and helpful, one staff member helped me find a laundrette close to my hotel on google maps, Legend!! Id recommend stopping by and having a look.
you're all so gullible - 3 years ago
Really nice relaxed coffeeshop with great service. They even let me smoke my goodies I bought from boerejongens. Music was nice chilled hip hop. It was quite busy with most tables taken but still a very relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend!!!
Michael Scofield - 4 years ago
The service is super unfriendly and as we experienced even disrespectful. We had the feeling as if we would block the shop and anger the 2 servants just by asking a few questions. Considering all the great shops in Amsterdam even the small amount we bought at Hunters was a mistake. Far better shops with better quality and employees out there !
Javier Rubio Gallardo - 4 years ago
Very nice kind of weed and strong.. The tipical coffeeshop super friendly
Shanee Skelton - 4 years ago
Great little coffee shop with a good selection and friendly helpful staff who will offer their opinions if you want it. Outdoor seating is great for when the weather is nice. Reasonable prices and in a good location
paul - 4 years ago
excellent coffee shop,very friendly staff,good coffee and even better weed and hash it's one of my favourite shops when I am in the area witch is not as often as I would like mostly stay in rotterdam as that's where I live and work i think this is my favourite hunter's coffeeshop
Chris Bautista - 4 years ago
Loved the ambiance and sounds, friendly people, and coffee is not bad. Really enjoyed my time in this place. Outdoor seating is available too. No smoking cigarettes inside which is normal and a good rule.
Mathew Stowell - 5 years ago
Friendly bar staff. Great atmosphere.
callum sturdy - 5 years ago
One of my favourite coffee shops in amsterdam with a nice laid back atmosphere
Rodrigo Bastias - 5 years ago
Here, I tied a few strains that I know back home. Similar taste, but weaker. Staff really friendly and helped me to find a nice spot in the store when it was a little busy! Great!
Danny Stefan - 5 years ago
Nice place to hang out if you need some chill,drinks and some music :)
Harvey Specter - 5 years ago
The coolest laid back vibe going. Cool staff, chilled vibe. Great cannabis selection and quality in remberandtplien & "chill n smoke your own cannabis" attitude in the red light one. Staff are very friendly too! Best coffee shop in Amsterdam - try the pineapple express ????✌

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