Boerejongens Coffeeshop Centre

Utrechtsestraat 21, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Lia' Zoio - 2 weeks ago
Such amazing staff! They knowledgeable! Worth the visit
Nikki Bates - 3 weeks ago
Fantastic weed shop but the highlight for is was the smoking area upstairs, it was comfortable and light on a very hot day, selection of drinks available was amazing and the staff were just absolutely lovely and so kind. I will be coming back again next time I visit Amsterdam. The best coffee shop I found on my trip.
Piotr Rozwora - 3 weeks ago
Everything would be fine if it weren't the surly security guard at the entrance Answer: it doesn't mean he should be rude!
Katy Orozco - 3 weeks ago
We went for the edibles; brownie & red velvet cake. The taste was incredible and after an hour we noticed how potent they really were. Besides taste, the premium quality of the packaging is a plus point.
Le CrookZ - 4 weeks ago
Heard a lot of peeps talking real good stuff about that store so I had to try it but everyone recommending it was just a consumer without knowledge and for someone with proper knowledge this is not the place to go for sorry guys. Bought weed for 15 bucks a g which was as potent as regular street weed back home and they had no clue about genetics. Besides that it wasn’t really friendly. Not unfriendly but definitely not a good vibe. Sorry guys but you need to improve a lot to keep up with the dispensary image you try to sell. Tourists will buy it anyway and I guess that’s enough
Tam D. - 1 month ago
Most professional coffeeshop I've ever seen! Professional staff and very good explanation of their products and customers demand. I highly recommend this store!
Temur Urakov - 2 months ago
Amazing staff and quality of buds. Very cozy smoking area.
Wian Louwrens - 3 months ago
Best coffeeshop in town. Great quality weed at great prices. Super friendly staff.
Gordon Bleu - 7 months ago
Even though the place was completely packed, everyone from the doorman to the clerks was very nice and helpful. I asked for a sativa that's not too strong but has a nice fruity taste. So I was recommended a Mexican Strawberry Haze and it held what was promised.
Alex Galani - 7 months ago
Easily the best edibles in Amsterdam; I highly recommend if you're not into smoking to give their edibles a try! As for the weed, very good quality / price, guys know their stuff. Keep up the good work!
Twenty Patel - 8 months ago
Very good coffee shop. Men r really help full. Good selection of smoke in weed n hash. Best smoke in dam. Iv been houng here for years and I go 3 times a years. Amazing products. Even the edibles... But that lady worker is very rude. Try to avoid being served by her.
Mohd Zakhir Mohd Zuhuri - 8 months ago
Good quality and selections of weed. Recommended to be your first visit before hopping to other coffeeshops. Ask the bartender for recommendations
Javiera Bruna - 8 months ago
These guys know their stuff for sure! This is my favourite place to buy weed because of its quality/price. Also the staff is super friendly and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’ll gladly help you. This location has a small smoking room, if it’s crowded don’t you worry because there are plenty of coffee shops where you can go to smoke what you just bought here. Much love for you guys, keep up the good work!
Javiera Antivilo - 8 months ago
These guys know their stuff for sure! This is my favourite place to buy weed because of its quality/price. Also the staff is super friendly and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’ll gladly help you. This location has a small smoking room, if it’s crowded don’t you worry because there are plenty of coffee shops where you can go to smoke what you just bought here. Much love for you guys, keep up the good work!
Momenah Tokhi - 1 year ago
Visiting Amsterdam from the San Francisco bay area, I made sure to do my research thoroughly before deciding which coffee shop I had to visit in Amsterdam. A lot of places are popular for their history or their ambience, etc. But my main focus is quality. Boerejongens have a reputation for having the best herb in town. They provide more information about their product than the other coffee shops in Amsterdam. The shops have a beautiful art deco marble theme. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely return in my future visits.
BIONIC EMPRESS - 1 year ago
best coffee shop in the square...the menu is very serious and prices decent 2!!! lovely service...the waiters/servers in suits add a nice sophisticated touch to the experience. Can be a bit of a wait as there are usually queues to get into this place as its known to have the best weed in town!!!
Susanna nati - 1 year ago
5 stars coffee shop! One of the best for a good quality of weed! And the staff with those nice uniforms are so cool, even if you don’t smoke just go and see, it’s a must to have a look how is this place because it’s very unique! I love this place! Enjoy the show guys!
michael jensen - 1 year ago
Best Coffee shop in Amsterdam. Great products and quality.. The staff are well dressed and ready to help you. Especially the morning team is really really awesome...! Thanks for a great experience
nicole D.Z. - 1 year ago
One of the best coffee shop in Amsterdam. They have cakes that are really good and strong and a lot varieties of hash and weed. Is not the best place to stay and enjoy the weed but is the best to buy good quality.
Damon Crush - 1 year ago
Best weedshop ever! The prices are more than reasonable in comparison to other places near the city center. The staff is friendly and helpful, everyone speaks good English. The place is always crowded (I've been staying in the line even at morning), but now I know exactly why - the best shop. Stay cool. Hope to visit you again!
Yiorgos Niotis - 1 year ago
Hello, You are a very reputable shop attracting many customers due to the professional approach to your business. Actually, the fact that you bother to ask what can you do to get 5* is another proof for this. The reason I gave you 3* instead of 5* is that your facilities are too small for the number of customers you are attracting. We had to queue on a small pavement obstructing the walking pedestrians in order to buy from you. Otherwise, the service was excellent, the prices reasonable and the personnel more than friendly and knowledgeable!
damien greene - 1 year ago
Dropped into for coffee and a look at all things Cannabis.. Staff were hugely knowledgeable and patient with my 420 questions
Lynne McPherson - 1 year ago
Very busy but seems to be able to cope with being busy. The staff seen very helpful and knowledgeable which is a huge plus. They seem to have a while selection of products. The prices seem a little higher than normal for the area. Unsure if the quality is any better than others but worth checking this place out.
giuseppe fazio - 1 year ago
The best coffees shop in Amsterdam for sure. The best quality of hashish and also the weeds is wonderful. The price is better than a lot of "commercial" coffee shops. I love this place. I bought 2 different hash and 1 gram of weed. Both hash was really nice and the weed was unbelievable. 8,5/9€ hash and 11€ for weed. I advise to buy here and consuming in another place. The smoke room is little but quite and u can smoke only pure joints.
Matt Crothe - 1 year ago
This joint (pun intended) is amazing, lovely and knowledgeable staff, with the best strains locally. The edibles here are incredible, not only are they among the most delicious cakes I have personally ever eaten, but they were strong too and at good prices! Easily my number one spot in Amsterdam.
Lucαs Cαlαzαns Luz - 1 year ago
This coffee shop is a must visit in Amsterdam! Top quality with great assortment, the staff are friendly and ready to help you no matter if you are a professional stoner or just a occasional user. Make questions, ask to see (and smell) those beautiful buds and if you prefer hash... the Amsterdam Genetics blocks will amaze you. They have different locations and beautiful cannabis oil soap bars, merchandise products and even seeds.
Pani Spyrou - 1 year ago
I've visited Amsterdam many times before however I had never come across this place before. I was pretty amazed at the quality and prices. Brilliant and really clean too.
Luisa G - 1 year ago
This is a truly incredible place. They are always stocked up with de best quality stuff at decent prices. The bartenders are knowledgeable and patient. If you visit once, it will be on your list in all your future visits to Amsterdam
Natalia Dembowska - 1 year ago
Best weed in Amsterdam. Best prices for what it is. Unfortunately they have a very small smoking place upstairs, but it is honestly worth it to get your stuff here. Never disappointed me, always puts a smile on my face.
Lydia Conroy - 1 year ago
There was quite a queue to get in so couldn’t get in at all on our first day. Woke up bright and early and got there just after opening and it was empty. Very good selection however completely different vibe to most coffeeshops. It does feel like you’re going into a high end apothecary from way back in the day but then this is what gives it its charm.
Ian Ritchie - 1 year ago
THE best Mary J in Amsterdam by far .. Amazing Haze is top top quality, along with the Milkshake!!!! .. The hashish
Marco Cavallari - 2 years ago
High quality products, cheap price. Elegant place and staff, with a small but very comfortable smoking area upstairs. Understandably crowded. It would be 5+ stars if the smoking area wasn't full or closed 3/4 of the times!
Richard Beasimer - 2 years ago
This was a great experience for me. I didn't feel hassled to make a purchase or embarrassed for bring naive. The staff was informative, patient, professional and unintimidating. Will definitely visit again.
dA AdRi - 2 years ago
Farmers boys coffeeshop is a must try if you are looking for the best strains in Dam. Menu changes very often. One of the best service in Amsterdam, very friendly staff always providing you with good advice on their products!
Ryan James - 2 years ago
If you want to get taken to space by the magical dragon this is the coffee shop to be in. Probably the best bud in Dam, get down there splash out and a couple of different strains and enjoy! It's not really a great place to sit & chill so weather dependant, go chill in the local parks or back to the Bulldog hotel for a game of pool!
Javier Rubio Gallardo - 2 years ago
Similar like a laboratory but its normal because the strains are amazing.. Great kind of weed and hash.. Super cheap for the quality..
Tray Starks - 2 years ago
Amazing service and prices. Best coffee shop in the city. Got the best help from the German buddtender that made my trip awesome. Thanks dude!
jordan e - 2 years ago
Go here and it's easy to see why it has a reputation as the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Very helpful guy helped me choose just what I was looking for. Also the prices are very fair.
Veronica Grecu - 2 years ago
really good place for buy some weed and good hash.... the service is professional and so kind. anyway for find a really good joints is better to follow the amasterdam genetics ..
Didi cohen wollin - 3 years ago
Sweet classy local coffee shop, very nice staff and awesome selection of great weed. Asked me to take my hat off when was inside (in a super nice cla$$y way).
Jason Chiu - 3 years ago
Loved the kosher tangi block hash and super lemon haze! Wonderful atmosphere, very professional clean layout. Upon entrance felt like i was in a medicine clinic, clean and strains displayed. Antonio Balboa is the man to speak to! Great host!
Dario Albers - 3 years ago
My go-to coffeeshop, although it is pretty far from my house there is no reason to go to any other. Their prices are low, and the weed is always amazing. The people that work there also are some of the nicest people. Check it out if you haven't before, it will blow you away :)
zack wallwork - 3 years ago
Brilliant place. Came here for a smoke session with Tony and I'd highly recommend it. He gave us 3 different types of weed and explained the difference between each one. We ran overtime because he invited 2 people on to come for a smoke with us which I thought was really nice of him. Will definitely come again next time I come to Amsterdam.
Mariel Parton - 3 years ago
Very classy but still casual coffeeshop. Amazing selection of hash and weed. Was lucky enough to do a smoking session upstairs from the shop. Free smoke and chill with cool people. The shop has a pharmacy like feel, very professional i think. Love this place!!

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