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Amstelstraat 35, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Lennart Scharfe - 2 weeks ago
Great atmosphere, the seats are very comfortable, the employees are super friendly and the weed is great quality! Would absolutely reccomend.
MikoĊ‚aj Kolman - 2 weeks ago
Good vibe. Calm. Didn’t try the weed there though.
Tectasy - 2 weeks ago
Out of all the ships I visited on my trips this plac had the best value and quality. Great staff know their stuff.
Andrey Dyazhuk - 4 weeks ago
Definitely NOT recommend. Very rude and arrogant stuff. Teach a tall guy some manners!
john doe - 1 month ago
Cozy nice decor I enjoy the music vide and menu.
Michael M - 2 months ago
Coffeeshop + Our House electronic music culture expeience...wake me up...Im dreaming...thanks for the lighter:)
José Pedro Marques - 2 months ago
High standards on the quality of the weed. Friendly and helpful staff
Dabscher Typ - 2 months ago
Chilled stuff. Nice house/lounge-music. Cozy couches. Crazy room design.
Franco Laiuppa - 3 months ago
Loved this coffeeshop! The attention was amazing, the place is nicely decorated and the produce is extremely good. The edibles are tasty. Definitely recommended!
Nyxtomania “Blackice” - 4 months ago
Very chill and cozy Coffee Shop, prices are nice and the location is quite central. I would have wished for a little more energy from the people behind the counter.
Clementine Lloyd - 4 months ago
Really chilled, lovely knowledgeable staff!
Jenne Siaka - 5 months ago
They had a good selection. Bought the edibles and they were quite decent.
Boris Zlatopolsky - 5 months ago
Good advice and pretty comfy couches.
Ekaterina Mayskaya - 9 months ago
The place itself is really cute, we really liked the vibe. Paid 30 euros for 1 joint and 2 space cakes(they didn’t hit us at all), quite expensive
Nedjma Morazé - 9 months ago
Nice welcoming mood, lots of choice and the decoration of the place is really pretty. The service is great.
Fiona - 9 months ago
Chilled vibes. Good menu. Toilets could do with an upgrade
Dani Marty - 9 months ago
Loved it - my absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam!
Conan Scholl - 10 months ago
Fancy interior that invites you to linger. The coffeeshop is not as busy as others, which makes it all the more attractive. The quality and the staff are convincing. Simply recommendable!
Selina Selke - 10 months ago
Small coffee shop with cute interior. Might be great and chill for common users. We were first timers to go to a coffee shop and weren't helped out very friendly. The staff simply gave us the menu and stared at us while we tried to work our way through it :(
Din (Musiacl People) - 1 year ago
Best stuff i got stickers best coffe and service there
Daniel - 1 year ago
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff,
Richard Waschkowski - 1 year ago
A nice coffeeshop, with good chill out area. A little bit loud music, but a nice place to be...
Szymon Gajewski - 1 year ago
Great choice, good prices.
Isak Hejnesen - 1 year ago
Nice and cozy place, great atmosphere
fairy opi - 1 year ago
Great atmosphere, good weed selection and lovely staff. Nice place to chill for a while as the music is good there.
Brian - 1 year ago
I like the selection and value.
khin tran - 1 year ago
Great lil coffeeshop to smoke and have a cuppa. Best looking coffeeshop deco with the bird cages. Amazing
Roberto Blanco Baltodano - 2 years ago
Excelente attention. And drinks specially teas are super good. Product is best in the city recommended this is a must go
Jamie Griff - 2 years ago
Best place in Amsterdam. So chilled out nice owners... Not tammed with tourists. Beautiful
Ratan Phamber - 2 years ago
For a "Coffeeshop" this place is one of the best. A visual spectacle with the bird cage theme that looks great. The place is well laid out with great seating. It is smaller than some of the others but is worth it for that relaxed and visually appealing feel. Their goods are ever so slightly pricier than the rest but not where it feels greatly overpriced. We're talking a Euro or two. If you want to chill at a "Coffeeshop" that looks as great as it feels then this is the place.
cameron wynne - 2 years ago
trippy decorations thatbare just delightful after a few smokes, lovely soft lighting which is also considerate in preventing high strain. The rainbow cake is a good shout at .5 grams and super moist.
J Dub - 3 years ago
Kooi is a great joint for hang out! Staff are helpful and very customer oriented. Highly recommend and place is well ventilated) Jun from USA....
Matt - 3 years ago
You have to use their products, better shops allow you to use your own if you are buying drinks (which we did) Their recommendation (Knight Terror) was horrible. It tasted awful, it didn’t burn well, it was a waste of money. Their seating looks cozy but is quite uncomfortable. If they allowed us to use products from other places this would be a great place for it’s sheer convenience next to the Eden hotel.
Sydney Geissler - 3 years ago
Kooi had very cool decor and was welcoming initially as a coffee shop. We purchased some hash and were told we were also required to purchase one drink per person to offset the costs. The workers were a bit standoffish and cold but not unfriendly. The bathroom was not very clean and I could almost not open the sliding door when I approached it. I even turned on my cell phone light to make sure I was really trying to get in to the correct room because the light inside was not on (it was an automatic light). Overall, this was a mediocre experience compared to other coffee shops in Amsterdam but the decor and theme were fun and interesting.
Robin P - 3 years ago
They recommended me the strongest space cake they had. In the end I barley felt anything. Would not recommend their edibles.
Matty Riddell - 3 years ago
I really really enjoyed this place! All round good selection of products. The staff are absolute diamonds, very friendly and attentive. Thank you for having a great place to relax.
Dudi Aloni - 3 years ago
Excellent spot. We enjoyed. Great interior design. Kind service. Recommended
Jade Marks - 3 years ago
Unpleasant experience all round . Staff where very obnoxious and rude, Made us feel really unwelcome. Massive shame as it has potential to be a nice place, the staff just need to learn some better customer service skills.
Jemima Calixte - 3 years ago
Such a nice atmosphere and nice and helpful staff. Lovely music and the vibe was right! Highly recommend!
Cheryl Jones - 3 years ago
Lovely little coffee shop, just off the main part of rembrandtplein. Much quieter and relaxed compared to coffee shops in the main square. Drunken louts are kicked out if they're too rowdy which is nice if you're not a drinker and want somewhere quieter to enjoy a smoke
Steve Mason - 3 years ago
Really nice coffeshop just if Rembrandts plein. Friendly staff, great and varied menu, cakes, teas, coffees, and snacks. It's very cosy inside with a really nice theme, good selection of "Coffeshop" tunes and friendly staff. Would give it five stars but there menu is a little on the ricey side. It has a Cali menu but starts at €30. Stick the Dutch menu and you won't be disappointed
john beck - 3 years ago
Lovely coffeeshop a good variety of weed and nice budtenders
Hank G - 3 years ago
Asthetically pleasing and the product is great. I didn’t like how small it was, but that’s just my preference.
Kevo Covers - 3 years ago
Very helpful and friendly staff. Had a lot if time for the customers. Very chill vibe and trippy music

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