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Coffeeshop Best Friends - Center

Closed indefinitely
Huidenstraat 13, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)


Florencia Cerban - 1 year ago

Cheap and nice. It’s a must

Coffee n’ Peanuts - 2 years ago

Okay! They nice! I’ve been to several locals and they got good staff, good middle selection, good price! They are located all over city center. Looks like they trying to standardize. I can understand because good customer service is hard to find in most businesses but, the marijuana industry seems to create and hire some of the best. Real people Real smiles! Someone doing it big!

Wayne Beale - 2 years ago

Okay! They nice! I’ve been to several locals and they got good staff, good middle selection, good price! They are located all over city center. Looks like they trying to standardize. I can understand because good customer service is hard to find in most businesses but, the marijuana industry seems to create and hire some of the best. Real people Real smiles! Someone doing it big!

dotdotdotcg - 2 years ago

Overall great- the service, their special offers and the quality of their products of course. I always keep coming back to this place because it's one of my absolute favourite coffeeshops

Z K - 2 years ago

Been here twice, both times had excellent service, both guys were very kind and helpful in assisting me picking the right strain. Really love that they have the THC vs CBD content on each packaging. Can’t speak for consuming inside as I started going here during Covid19 only to pick up.

Alex Saydjari - 3 years ago

Be careful going here as a tourist. There's a guy working here with long blond hair who will try to rip you off if he senses you might be a little out of your element. First couple times visiting was fine, but the last time I went in I bought a muffin in addition to a couple of other items. I stood waiting for my muffin and after asking he said, "I already gave it to you man." We both knew he had not. Just be careful and know what you have paid for here. It's unfortunate because other than that my experience here was great, but being ripped off definitely brings a 4-5 star review down to 1.

amal W.E - 3 years ago

Love this spot. Good prices, never crowded, friendly staff. Good place to duck into with some friends or alone!

Liron Elkahal - 3 years ago

I was all alone there and it was great! The man that worked was really nice. Good weed

Pieter Fourie - 3 years ago

If you ew to Amsterdam and to weed . Go see these guys they will guide and treat you like family. you are in good hands with these guys . We want there and where blown away

TJ Munusamy - 3 years ago

Chill vibes in this place. They were playing cartoons on the TVs inside which were just what you need. The crowd in there were also equally as chill and everyone kept to themselves. Will go again!

Jay Readings - 3 years ago

Loved this place so chilled out. Loved the guy behind the counter tall guy with dreads and glasses he is chilled.

Harmony Noden - 3 years ago

Customer service is 100%. By the first couple trips to this coffee shop, I knew all the staff by their nicknames. They went out of their way to be accomodating, very helpful and patient. Happy to loan a grinder or tray to chop on. Most times I went in someone I had chilled with earlier was there or came in while I was there, really earning the coffee shop their name -‘Best Friends’. Super chill vibe, Bob Ross, South Park and general stoner stuff on TVs to space out to and the most delicious cakes. No old glad wrapped stuff here! Didn’t need to go to another coffee shop again after I found this one, herb is delicious and varied. Wide selection of cold and hot drinks available also.. I was generally smoking alone, it is a smaller venue so bigger groups or large bags don’t really work well with this particular place.

Andrea Ralph - 3 years ago

Weird vibe, staff are unfriendly and the seats are uncomfortable and organised like a sauna. Great set up if you enjoy making eye contact with strangers across a room. You have to ask to use the bathroom and there was no soap :( Yikes!

Bob Nicholls - 3 years ago

Very good chocolate happy cake , however the vanilla one was disgusting do not recommend that one. Have to buy a lot to sit inside but was nice enough. Service could have been friendlier and more understanding to tourists

Kirsty Queen - 3 years ago

One of my favourite coffee shops always stop by when in the city ✌

Luke Eastwood - 4 years ago

Wouldn’t usually feel compelled to write a report of my negative experience let alone a review. But I must say I’ve never had such a bad encounter within an employee, outraged and disgusted. Definitely won’t be returning, wouldn’t recommend.

Graham Smith - 4 years ago

not too bad prices are good weed is good didnt stay tok long but seems a nice place overall

Kevin Gaidies - 4 years ago

One pure weed prerolled joint gets me high an entire month!

Lil - 4 years ago

The seating area has limited space, but the weed is good and very friendly and helpful staff. Would reccomend for anyone new to Amsterdam. My favorite shop in Amsterdam so far.

Paul Baudry - 4 years ago

Really nice coffeeshop with nice staff ! Bought a rolled joint there (haze) : good quality !

Martin - 4 years ago

Loved it there! Super friendly staff, enjoyable atmosphere, wanna go back there asap!

Fleur Young - 4 years ago

Very quiet, not amazing seating but a good place to stop and refresh when shopping around the location:)

Angela Paterson - 5 years ago

Quite a chilled out place and the coffee was lovely and staff were very plesant

Mees van Dijk - 5 years ago

They have a wide collection of strains for normal prices. They even recommended a strain that was better and cheaper than what I had initially picked.

Miguel Tiago Rito Raimundo - 5 years ago

Very good place. Nice, comfortable, and chill atmosphere. I recommend. Also, ter restroom is free

Caeli Ashbourne - 5 years ago

Seating for maybe 20 people, tops, wooden benches aren't too comfy (especially if you have a bad back or hips), not wheelchair accessible (in a basement, so steep stairs, low ceiling (for those who don't like small, confined spaces, avoid this place). They sell edibles and some food/drinks, but haven't tried the former. Music was kinda loud, but typical for Amsterdam. Had several TVs, were all on same channel though, and muted. Small, elevated outside area in the back, unsure if open to guests. Has toilets, did not use so unsure of hygiene. Sitting area was very clean though. Has boardgames and a table that seats 6. Separate selling/seating area in case you just want to pop in and buy something.

Asim Rizwan - 6 years ago

Great coffeeshop! Highly recommend it to anyone whose visiting dam, the staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is really calm. Nice area to smoke up & they also sell some tasty coffee! 5 star.

Alex Foucre-Stimes - 6 years ago

Knowledgeable staff behind the bar. Made the experience good for a first time visitor. Vibe was good but only stayed for about 10 minutes, would recommend taking it to go.

Alain Bavaud - 7 years ago

Good, well handled coffeeshop with friendly personel and a good asortment of herbs. Could maybe be a bit more cozy, but its for sure recommendable!

Ra vi - 7 years ago

Nice place, lil small. Good music.

Lee Shah - 7 years ago

What a place! If your coming to Amsterdam and want to try coffee shops for the first time out here , but you want a chilled vibe with some great music and "product" then I highly recommend this place!. Nice and cosy , reasonably priced , and the most amazing hot chocolate ever!..the guy who runs it is very helpful and looks after you. Lee (UK)

Jan Dzido - 7 years ago

Went there yesterday around midday, got a gram of strawberry haze, it was the bomb, the budtender was cool also, very friendly and proffesional.

Sarah Crisp - 7 years ago

Hands down one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, great vibes and music, highly recommended. We'll definitely be back next time we visit!

Jakub Walczak - 7 years ago

I appreciate the vibe, style and friendly atmosphere. BEST FRIENDS II ,they have it all. Good location, cozy place, friendly service and the best products. What more could you want?


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