Coffeeshop "de Keeper"
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Van Woustraat 193, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Vaclav Jones - 7 months ago
Worst prerolled ever, just tabacco, no brown ring at all, no effect:( Guy told stop complaining, very professional…
Timothy Barson - 1 year ago
Rather polite service, coffeeshop does what it says on the tin.
Tonysk8 Lenehan - 2 years ago
Top quality plus friendly stage.
Phil Mal - 3 years ago
Really great Can only recommend ist!
Michael Speed - 3 years ago
Only went here once but everyone was super friendly. Prices weren't bad. Maybe some more comfy seats wouldn't go amiss.
Aurelian,Romeo Rodina - 4 years ago
Very good place to go Google only takes you to the well known but try just navigate the streets with just a compass and you'll find better places cheaper prices and better stuff like this place amazing not packed great stuff coffee and friendly atmosphere. Dog are aloud gives it a proper homely feel especially for animal lovers try stay out side the city limits more local places not to say the ones in the city aren't they absolutely are but the ones on outside better for first timers .
Samantha Fleming - 5 years ago
Nice local coffee shops, friendly place good selection and nice coffee also.
DopeBoyUk187 - 6 years ago
Nice place. Very friendly local coffee shop.
Philip Pervan - 6 years ago
Erik Andersson - 7 years ago
Very goot
Gandhi lee - 7 years ago
Владимир Лёвин - 8 years ago
Замечательное отдаленное место, отличный стафф
Jennifer Galea - 9 years ago
Very friendly ambient. A great place to get great quality stuff. Very Helpful Staff :) Will definitely go back there in our next visit.

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