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Coffeeshop Softland 1

Closed indefinitely
Spuistraat 222, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)


Saurabh AV - 1 year ago

Okay place, better than average product, but spacious and nice sitting. Plan her if you have larger groups

Daunyel Riley - 1 year ago

If not the best definitely is one of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Great relaxing place. They play great music. In a great central location to everything.

Mangescom Star - 1 year ago

Cozy coffeeshop with good choice of products - cali, sativa, indica and moonrocks.

Patrick Reiland - 2 years ago

easy cosy coffeshop

andy nota - 2 years ago

It was good

Iuliia Dubova - 2 years ago

Went there right before covid few times. Nice ambiance. But either the stuff was so great or one person from staff was truly always giving me total price on the bill slightly higher than it should be.

Innes - 3 years ago

Alright little coffeeshop worth stopping by Came to coffeeshop softland 1 on most recent smoking trip to Amsterdam. Came with smaller party and both of us have been before to Amsterdam. Wanted to get around to more of the smaller cafes in the city. This place was a nice surprised. The guys who were working were friendly and I seen that they have on offer for customers a gaming table. Well worth stopping in of you ever visit the city. At time of writing I know all the coffeeshops are shut but I've had a few reviews to write in the past 2 weeks

Maxwell Dibben - 3 years ago

Super friendly staff who were actually bothered to have a conversation with us about what we were buying and were very informative. Interior was nice and lighting wasn’t too dark and was actually quite bright which gave the place a nice vibe.

Ramy Youssef - 3 years ago

So, I go there with three of my friends. We ask for four drinks and 1 joint. Man at the counter says no you need "minimum" 1 joint per person. There is no such rule in Amsterdam. There is NO minimum. There is only maximum. Definitely not going there again, definitely not recommending.

Kamy Liah - 3 years ago

Very nice and friendly place to smoke

Kamila Urbanska - 3 years ago

Very nice and friendly place to smoke

Kamyliah U - 3 years ago

Very nice and friendly place to smoke

Chase Engstrom - 3 years ago

Great location, fantastic customer service and great product. Thanks to Yessin (hope I’m spelling that correctly) for a great first-time visit

v1nce n7 - 3 years ago

Very poor service. Went there on a Sunday to buy paper, and also ordered 5g of weed too as I was there. I was the only customer in and could tell the guy was annoyed to have to leave his football match for 5 minutes to serve me. He did not answer when I said hello, and when I asked to BUY some extra paper, he ignored it, throwing me the worse pack of paper he got. He did not answer when I asked again to buy an extra pack of paper, just went back to his sit in front of the TV. I will not go back there.

kelva - 4 years ago

Nice space art around and cool images , perfect place to take a coffe .

james chandler - 4 years ago

Very friendly staff good vibe good music . good selection of weed nice chilled place to go

joe wheeler - 4 years ago

Quality range of weed great vibe friendly and relaxing would highly recommend

Sara Nixon - 4 years ago

Love this coffeeshop. Friendly, relaxing chilled atmosphere, great tunes, plenty of sofas and great weed!

Peter Borcsok - 4 years ago

It's truly the best coffeeshop out there if you are looking for a place where you can relax, share good moments with others. I've returned many times and also shout out to the dudes who work there! Good stuff, good and not too invasive music and not targeted by tourists! Peace

Five_Leaf_Clover - 4 years ago

Friendly staff.. fair prices fair product.. ample space.. easy music...

Chris Topher - 6 years ago

Great weed, great ambiance and friendly customer service. Also, there are couches! Plenty of them! It's great to relax with some great Amsterdam cannabis.

Noam Cohen - 6 years ago

We bumped into this place while walking around the area. We already had some weed to smoke and just wanted a place to sit in with a mug of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the place policy says that you have to buy something to smoke in order to take a sit. Still - we weren't disappointed. The place offered a very nice Sativa (Sage) and the owner really worked hard to keep us happy. So all in all - it was a very good experience.

Sinead Wilson - 7 years ago

Probably my favourite coffee shop yet! Comfortable, chilled out vibe! Friendly staff, CUTE TURTLES, and plenty of comfy spaces to chill and relax, never too packed either so it's perfect, loved it!

Jake Moore - 7 years ago

great shop delightful smoke

Jack Le noury - 7 years ago

brilliant place the reviews were spot on top weed. great place to chill

Jordan James - 7 years ago

Chilled out, great weed and friendly service, two adorable terrapins also haha! Had the bubble gum and was the cheapest we bought while in the dam and also some of the best, highly reccomend.

William Hutton Walker & Rehia McDonald - 8 years ago

Fantastic place to get high in amsterdam.Good vibes from staff who were more than helpfull and lots of comedy to go with cool lighting and ventilation system everyone will envy.


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