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Hotel Coffeeshop Voyagers
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Geldersekade 2, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 08:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 07:00 - 01:00
    Friday 07:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 07:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 07:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.voyagersamsterdam.com/
  • +31 20 303 9280


James - 6 months ago

Best place to stay in Amsterdam, best buds too.

Cash Ali - 6 months ago

The new owners of this coffee shop are very unprofessional and very rude and arrogant they were listening to Al Jazeera news no music at all felt very unwelcome and the weed is absolutely appalling very low quality

no name - 8 months ago

Good coffeeshop. However you lot need to be a bit more polite to people. There's a couple of YouTube vids of your staff being rude for no reason. One particular vid was made by a popular UK weedtuber and you badmouthed him for having his camera out. You're selling weed in the open in a tolerated country. Fix the attitude..

Priska Chase - 11 months ago

Great location, clean but tiny rooms.

ceestocees toceestocees - 1 year ago

Update 2021:New Boss ,new rules , perfect for tourists and just for them..you can find something better in the same street.

soundwaveshadlow - 2 years ago

Stayed here last month booked a single room ended up with a double with a balcony staff where great can't complain hope to stay again next year hopefully

Kakaka Hagga - 2 years ago

Best in town center with low prices.

Killerfrog - 2 years ago

Me and 5 friends stopped here February, second night we go back to our shared room and to find a mice running all over the place, it jumps into a hole in the wall, We asked The staff for some assistance and got absolutely no where. Ended up just leaving the place getting a refund for the nights we didn’t stay but still had to pay for mouse infested room. Awful experience for a Highly rated hostel.

William Turner - 2 years ago

Never tried the hotel itself but their coffee shop is a great stop off with a great location.

Ruben Fale (Chef Ruben) - 2 years ago

The weed use to be so good, now they have decrease the quality, but the staff is amazing, and so kind its wonderful the vibe is amazing

Lee Reid - 2 years ago

Came here earlier this evening and brought some nice smoke.. But we sat in the enclosed smoking area and my phone was stolen by the man sat next to me so clear he was a local, as soon as I started looking for my phone he got up and handed a phone to his friend another local sat in another area of the coffee shop.. nice to know thieves now operate in the coffee shops.. when telling the staff what had happened and asking to view their cctv they were so unhelpful and in fact rude.. I honestly couldn’t believe it..won’t be going voyagers again.. police are now dealing with it!!

khin tran - 2 years ago

Always a great hotel for smokers. Not much facilities. Sharing bath rm great, u show with one other room and u hardly see anyone. Loction 5mins from central station. Staff always great

Edward Chaput - 3 years ago

I went a few months ago and it seemed to have changed a bit. Less friendly, less worth going. What happened to the people that used to run it? They had made it one of the best in the Dam. Hope those guys open another place. Disappointing and as such am changing my 5 star rating down to a 2.

Tristan Day - 3 years ago

Used to come here often. But the last few times I’ve been very disappointed in the quality of bud plus the hygiene of the dealers. Maybe use gloves? Opposed to dirty fingers that just finished picking a nose. 15 euros a gram? Lol it’s cheaper to take the train to The Hague Dizzy Duck.

david bell - 3 years ago

Nice location 10 min walk from train station. Easy to locate Nice smoke menu. Just a bit small but all in all had a good stay, considering it was a last minute booking when we arrived

Martin Putland - 3 years ago

For a basic hotel you can’t fault it ,clean and comfortable ,fair rates. The coffee shop downstairs has a great menu now and the lads running it are great, helpful and on point

Paul Jackson - 3 years ago

Great stay here. Comfy, clean and even got a bath too! Will definitely stay again!

Peter Aveyard - 3 years ago

Stayed for 3 nights. Comfy room in a central location. Friendly staff. Thanks for having us!

Scott Thomas - 3 years ago

With out a doubt one of best coffee shops in Amsterdam, they haven't got much seating and don't serve food but the staff are very friendly and cannabis choice is good. I also have stopped in the hotel part of voyagers twice within a year and was very satisfied.... And the cleaner Lola is a hero climbing those stairs every day (if you know you know)

Komen Cents - 3 years ago

Great hotel with great coffee shop downstairs! One of the best places to get your coffee buds! Wow the flavours are amazing! And high quality! Top of the range top shelf.

Rodrigo Chavez - 6 years ago

I wish it was bigger. The flowers were amazing quality and even better pricing. This is a hidden gem, the lounge area is tiny and lacks atmosphere but the products make up for it.

John Garvey - 6 years ago

Went to voyagers hoping the sourpink grapefruit was on the menu, it wasn't so I went for the amnesia haze at 10euro and the Purple westside at 14.50 a gram. Not the biggest fan of purple strains but this stuff won me over and the amnesia was extremely pungent, The nicest amnesia I've tried in the dam yet

Smokers Guide - 6 years ago

GET BAKED & TRIP OUT ON THE REDLIGHT. :) Amsterdam has many great cannabis coffeeshops and Hotel Coffeeshop Voyagers is one of the best when it comes to what's on the weed menu! They pride themselves in the latest earth shattering genetics and even though they get quite busy, the budtenders try to answer your questions with a smile and point you in the right direction. The hotel is budget so very simple but the location can't be beat; it's in the heart of the city and one of the most lively areas, both day and night. Definitely an SG fav for marijuana lovers on a budget.... :)

Raymond Chow - 6 years ago

My first coffeeshop after arriving at Centraal Station, excellent budtenders and A+++ quality weed. Testing Tuesday strains have always been excellent!

Jeremy Johnson - 6 years ago

Had solid buds but nothing that blew my mind. Small glasses off smoking area. I got the Lemon Bubble which is supposedly a cross between Lemon Haze and Silver Bubble. I posted photo of it.

Benjabud MassRoots - 6 years ago

My favourite coffeeshop to relax in and spark conversation with different people from all over the world. The buds here are also some of the most beautiful on offer in the whole of Amsterdam. Prices can be at the mid-upper end of the spectrum, but you get what you pay for, and can always trust the quality of the cannabis at Voyagers to be in tip top condition.


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