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Coffeeshop The Walm
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Sonsbeeksingel 115, Arnhem

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  • Monday 10:00 - 22:00
    Tuesday 10:00 - 22:00
    Wednesday 10:00 - 22:00
    Thursday 10:00 - 22:00
    Friday 10:00 - 22:00
    Saturday 10:00 - 22:00
    Sunday 10:00 - 22:00
  • This coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis in the future. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.



bashar basale - 2 months ago

great coffeeshop good people and good quality

Женя Светски - 2 months ago

the girl who works there gave me 4 gifts this Christmas. pleased 5/5! best coffeeshop in arnhem

Bruna Cardoso - 4 months ago

Good quality, friendly environment, I recommend

B “Schol10” Scholten - 5 months ago

Best Shop in town....

Willem Palts - 6 months ago

Recommend the Walm haze , friendly staff, always a good vibe relaxed

Mr GreatnessGT - 6 months ago

Nice people, and the Walm haze is really top tier

Dani Pătrașcu - 7 months ago

Mia plcut mmmult

Young Milsky - 9 months ago

The only downgrade is that u can’t always pay with card or a phone. Strongly recommending you to try the amnesia

VladImir BElochkin - 10 months ago

The best weed I’ve ever tried!

CROPPER (SMETANKA_TV) - 1 year ago

Good stuff

Hadi Abou shakra - 1 year ago

Good quality Good stuff

Osman Kamara - 2 years ago

It nice place to see!!

Eli Bouwman - 2 years ago

Super chill shop! You can pay with your debit card, and there are often 2 rotating options for weed/hasj strains! Been going for at least a year and still love it to death

Geraldine Schoofs - 2 years ago

Very nice staff, clean shop, and good bud

Misha van Gent - 2 years ago

walm, never change

Markus W. - 2 years ago

Hallo, greets from germany. Is it possible that the owner was "Bo de Flo" in the end of the 1980's beginning of the 1990's. I was there often and liked the small coffee shop with the amazing friendly people. I know it was in or around Hommelsestraat. Lots of greets. Would be nice to chat (dukemaster@online.de)

Delio Huerta - 3 years ago

Strongly dissapointed with the quality of the master kush, smells decent and looks/feels like good weed but doesn’t get you high at all. First and last time!

Dr. B. - 3 years ago

Nice pre-rolled

Geral indestructible - 3 years ago

Very nice staff clean shop and good buds

Eddy Mac - 3 years ago

The OG Kush is really weak. They say it's a mix of indica and sativa and normally it is 75/25 indica. But im pretty sure it's some Hindu Kush or another Kush that's 100 % indica and the effects are very mellow. I smoke cannabis for medical reasons and the quality is very low in Arnhem since a few months. You get the same good medicine in Apeldoorn as in Haarlem or Den Haag. I can't unterstand why the quality in Arnhem is so low at the moment. The menu's are a joke too. I hope it will be better soon, because in the past it was a lot better.

Romney Sandro - 4 years ago

Best fresh weed and good price

firewalk kenpachi - 4 years ago

Can't find the words... But the 4 stars DO justice! Don't believe me? Check it ouWTTTT! Order on recommendation, and get yoself a chess-board!

m wardeh - 4 years ago

Best haze ... walm haze

Hans Sarpei - 4 years ago

Small but friendly shop. They sell half gramms. Tipps and papers for free. The Lemon Kush is a good choice:)

M - 4 years ago

Walm haze 10€ per gram good weed

zenon zbigniewicz - 4 years ago

Very good stuff and prices, cool conditioning and nice place. Best place in Arnhem

Jarno Veenings - 5 years ago

Nice coffeeshop with closed off smoking area

Shabee Zaidi - 5 years ago

Their stuff is nice but the place is very small and the chairs are not so comfortable. Some of the people working there are friendly and some of them are NOT, specially that big fat guy. He is always rude.

Fritz Bertelsen - 5 years ago

Without a doubt the best place to buy in Arnhem IMHO. Genuine Sour genetics. OK pricing for the quality - discounts available.

N - 5 years ago

Due to the hype of this shop on KeinWietpas webpage I visited it by myself to reviewed the offered stuff. Cannot understand the positiv comments here as they sell only brixed and powdered stuff. Attention here please as even Hem is a cheater and risks your health for sure.

Emil Borup Lützen - 6 years ago

Nice little place to get a good cup of coffee a game of pool and relax with good herbs

Petra N - 6 years ago

Suprieure kwaliteit stuff.

Lisa L - 7 years ago

Einfach alles!!!

Georg Huff - 7 years ago

Chris Toet - 8 years ago

goede shop echte aanrader


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