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Hans - 2 weeks ago
Cant say something about the weed, i was just there to geht a Last joint on the journey home. I bought a Cali joint which contained like 90% tobacco. I would have paid 14€ for the joint if it would contain just a Little Bit of weed. Really sad
TheLallykat - 1 month ago
Good hash and weed,friendly bud-tenders
Farbodxt - 1 month ago
I didn't knew they have a chill backyard.
pascal reumerman - 2 months ago
Great placee
Ben Auer - 3 months ago
This place is just awesome. The weed and hash are of very good quality! And the dude who took my order was nice and patient and appears to enjoy his job which makes a purchase a enjoable experience. Also the prices are half of what you would pay in Amsterdam.
Carlton - 3 months ago
Damian M - 4 months ago
Everything's all right. perfect service. They will always advise and help. Nothing more nothing less.
adnan safat - 4 months ago
Everything is great, awesome atmosphere, the prices could be a bit mir optimal, other than that, awesome
Dawid GrykaƂowski - 6 months ago
Very good weed!
Sandu Miroznicenco - 7 months ago
Peter Kohn - 1 year ago
HenkVanBoekel - 1 year ago
represent Mike Eikenaar
Dan Newey - 1 year ago
Mert aladag - 2 years ago
Never comin again, for the second time i get only 0.75-0.8 and not 1g Baddest coffeeshop in Arnhem Bad quality too, cruel taste.
Maciej Wybierala - 2 years ago
I recommend to everyone
Christina Meins - 2 years ago
Best in the city
Kate Silk - 2 years ago
Great find, quality for a good price,, really comfortable smoking rooms and friendly staff.
Mark Crawford - 3 years ago
Decent price for good weed. No nonsense.
destruction/instructor - 3 years ago
Good diversity and service as well as nice food and treats Good price
Drippy Wall - 3 years ago
Jesse Hunt - 3 years ago
A fun little spot in Arnhem, I find it to be more laid back and comfy than other coffee shops around town.
Aleksandr Krupickij - 3 years ago
Nice en chill not lot of weed
Dreystere Dreyst - 4 years ago
Good choices of plants but the atmosphere isn’t really nice... The place is small and not really attractive.
Nicola K - 6 years ago
Good selection
Numer Jedenasty - 6 years ago
Again 4,8g instead of 5g... I do not recommend this place.
Simon B. - 6 years ago
best shop in town
Marco Carlassara - 9 years ago
So and so.. bad moad
Nickay Van De Wiel - 9 years ago
Suprr shoppie

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