To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs after 5:00 PM.

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Sonsbeeksingel 101, Arnhem

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Buy Ass - 1 month ago
Best personel,very good weed
Hommam Ghannam - 7 months ago
Not really what you pay for
tvTENET - 10 months ago
Juiliano - 1 year ago
Reza Ahmed Khan - 1 year ago
Cool place to chill
Viva Energia - 2 years ago
Familiar place, nice menu :)
Cris De la Osa - 2 years ago
We spend a very nice time there. It's a very p beautiful place and so peaceful. Wendy gave us a great welcome and an awesome coffe for free! Such a lovely establishment that feels like granny's home. & Great product too! We'll come back for sure!!
parth agrawal - 2 years ago
Great place...really good weed compared to other places...Try the gorrila glue!!
raffault hugo - 3 years ago
a real Dutch coffee shop I recommend the white rhino which is very good vaus thanks thc
Ronald Burke - 3 years ago
Terrible quality, try coffeeshop "De Walm" a couple hundred meters away. Stay away from this shop...
Bartek Nowobogacki - 3 years ago
Goog stuff
Manuel Mattarella - 5 years ago
Little but very nice coffee shop. Apple juices and thee are free! Good hash and weed!
Adolf Viering - 5 years ago
Leider noch nicht persönlich vor Ort gewesen aber ich war dort-Vorgänger-und es war gut.(vor ca 22 Jahren).Als deutscher muss man mit Bewertungen dieser Art Zurückhaltung wahren denn hier hier " gucken" auch andere!!Nicht ohne Grund so gut wie keine Bewertungen von Deutsche aus vorgenannten Grund.
John Udink - 5 years ago
Bud Silverhaze - 6 years ago
cool coffeeshop, good prices

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