Koffiehuis Reykjavik

Spilsluizen 6, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Mateusz Kuc - 4 months ago
For 4 weeks I visit the coffee shops in Groningen and So far unfortunately I do not have good news low level really bad until today just here I bought a weed which gives 7 points at 10 compared with Green House downtown Amsterdam is my favorite. So far Reykjavik is the best coffee shop in Groningen✌️
Ant Shields - 4 months ago
Explained to the girl on the counter about all the shit weed I've encountered in the Netherlands, She proceeded to offer me her "favourite" Indica. Well what a load of shit. Unflushed moldy weed.
Sam - 5 months ago
the joints are so bad made not that strong. no smoking area
Kevin H - 5 months ago
Easy, quick. No smoking area.
Ayuola - 1 year ago
Nice design. I've never stayed there to smoke, i don't even know if it's possible. When you pay you have to take a stairstep if you're small, otherwise you can't see the cashier, is kinda high
Meliisa Denou - 1 year ago
Best shop in town
Sami Mazloum - 1 year ago
the have good weed but not the best prices
ElProempie - 1 year ago
Always a wonderful time here! I'd recommend Amnesia!
Felix Garstka - 2 years ago
A pretty decent diversity so I'm sure you'll find there what you're looking for and it's worth your money, takeaway only!
Zuza Gruszczyńska - 3 years ago
One of my favourite in Groningen. Recommended by many. Possible payment with a debit card (maestro)
Tom Curran - 3 years ago
c pluis - 3 years ago
Super relaxt goeie wiet!aanrader
erwin hofstee - 3 years ago
beste wietjes van de stad
A Google User - 8 years ago

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