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Coffeeshop De Schavuit
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Schuitendiep 62, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Tinoxti323 - 2 months ago

The service and the box where they give you the pre rolled is nice. But the pre rolled joined... are quite mediocre.

Selmir Kahrimanovic - 4 months ago

Awesome service and very nice people. Quality of the goods is also top notch!

Jurij Savliuk - 5 months ago

Super service!!! Quality and price are great!!.!And because I from Lithuania , there I can speak on my country language, there working personal from Lithuania as well...

La Claqueta Trece - 6 months ago

The best Koffe in Groningen, without a doubt, spectacular and the owners are wonderful people.

Netxeo - 9 months ago

Went there last week after trying different coffeeshop and this one was a good one ! They weigh in front of you so you pay for what you want ! The quality was good compared to others ! Recommend this shop if you’re a tourist and don’t want to be scammed

MaCaVa Valente - 1 year ago

Nice and good, 3 stars because the weed could be better nothing superb but really nice customer service

Daniel Suhani - 1 year ago

The best in town!!!

Luc Simon - 1 year ago

Great Shop that also sells CBD weed. I had a great experience and the woman behind the counter was very quick in weighing the right amount. In some Shops this is not always the case and You have to wait a minute for them to get it measured correctly.

vlad matei - 1 year ago

Great prices for the quality, if you're searching for some cheap good weed or hash that's the place you want to go to. I enjoyed the 10 euro hash the most from their selection, give this coffeeshop a try!

Djurre Aikema - 1 year ago

Good stuff good price

Fernando Torres - 1 year ago

Unfairly, a few days ago i gave a negative feedback about the De Schavuit coffeeshop A week ago i bought a product that i didn't like. Today i went to the store to annouce my dissatisfaction, the attendants received me very kindly and promptly replaced the product. It was a great proof of trust and respect for the costumers. The title of best coffeeshop in Groningen is well deserved

do jutra - 1 year ago

Really good and strong stuff. Large assortment and friendly service

Marcel Schwartsmann - 1 year ago

Decent guy working there, but the weed was old. I expect to have an amazing experience when smoking Purple Haze. Felt absolutely nothing. Strongly disappointed.

Josef Kováč - 2 years ago

Top smoke and top chicks

Florin Percembli - 2 years ago

Very clean, fast service and friendly staff! Recommended.

Markus Sperber - 2 years ago

Nice place, good weed. What else?

LeheBrit27 47 - 2 years ago

My favourite Coffeeshop and i was on magic towers in first place DiBÉ476

Malik Khokhar - 2 years ago

The girl on the left counter was a total disaster. Looks like she is giving the stuff for free. We understand, we all can have a bad day but she needs to show some respect while handing over the stuff. A horrible attitude without remorse. She needs to learn basics of ethics and respect

Steeve Sandias - 2 years ago

It's a good place to go. The room inside is nice. You have a good choice of products as well. People are friendly.

Μάριος Μάκος - 2 years ago

Nice experience and nice stuff

Michel Wende - 2 years ago

easy gives 5.

Mai Chen - 3 years ago

This place is definitely worth a 5. The staff is overfriendly and overhelpful. The place is bright and clean and the seats are quite comfortable. There s a arcade table to keep you entertained, a little hoover to keep your seating area clean and free of dust or just watch the athletes on the - running on the sport channel. The coffee is yummi and this place wasn t overcrowded nor pricey.

Frank Voskamp - 3 years ago

Good price for the quality and quantity (depending on the strain of course. Especially good hash if you're a fan of that.

Domenico Barberio - 3 years ago

Exellent coffeshop, friendly, good choise, smoke corner and good prices. Very good.!

Henry Schmidt - 3 years ago

This place is great. Good weed, lovely hash...and the only pre-rolled joints in Groningen containing Cannabis :)

Dale Hanssen - 3 years ago

Best place to smoke at any time of the day

Helmut Graf - 3 years ago

Very nice and helpful people....a very, sweet and funny blond girl was really competent...thanks a lot.

Space Dog FPV - 4 years ago

Good selection and good prices. Told I need ID to smoke in the smoke room but I am 28 so if you want to go into the smoke room just walk in once you buy.

HW .M - 4 years ago

Currently the best coffeeshop in Groningen. Quality of weed is higher than other shops and you can pick up a really good strain for 10/11eu! They also list THC %, which no other shop in the city does. 10/10

Lucas S. - 4 years ago

Friendly Staff, chilled atmosphere and high quality product! You can look and smell the cannabis in a good lighting! I recommend the Kush strains, it had a great resinous taste and a very relaxing effect. Nice place to enjoy goods!

Shane Shuffle - 4 years ago

friendly people, groomed atmosphere, nice product

magic greenery - 5 years ago

Great coffeeshop that sells as little as 5 euros worth of whichever strain you choose. I went for Agent Orange which was very mellow and bright and Nepal temple hashish. What a great stone!

Sietse Torringa - 5 years ago

A cozy shop with very friendly personell!

Joseph Nieps - 5 years ago

Good coffee shop with nice interior. They have a tv and an electronic pocker table. Coffee made with nespresso machine.

Sam Hoen - 5 years ago

Great weed, great shop. Allround a 7/5


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