Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs en zijn ze om 20.00 uur gesloten. Het is niet toegestaan om de softdrugs ter plaatse te gebruiken.

Coffeeshop De Schavuit

Schuitendiep 62, Groningen (Binnenstad)

Coffeeshop informatie



Florin Percembli - 3 maanden geleden
Very clean, fast service and friendly staff! Recommended.
Malik Khokhar - 6 maanden geleden
The girl on the left counter was a total disaster. Looks like she is giving the stuff for free. We understand, we all can have a bad day but she needs to show some respect while handing over the stuff. A horrible attitude without remorse. She needs to learn basics of ethics and respect
Steeve Sandias - 7 maanden geleden
It's a good place to go. The room inside is nice. You have a good choice of products as well. People are friendly.
Μάριος Μάκος - 7 maanden geleden
Nice experience and nice stuff
Michel Wende - 9 maanden geleden
easy gives 5.
Mai Chen - 1 jaar geleden
This place is definitely worth a 5. The staff is overfriendly and overhelpful. The place is bright and clean and the seats are quite comfortable. There s a arcade table to keep you entertained, a little hoover to keep your seating area clean and free of dust or just watch the athletes on the - running on the sport channel. The coffee is yummi and this place wasn t overcrowded nor pricey.
Frank Voskamp - 1 jaar geleden
Good price for the quality and quantity (depending on the strain of course. Especially good hash if you're a fan of that.
Domenico Barberio - 1 jaar geleden
Exellent coffeshop, friendly, good choise, smoke corner and good prices. Very good.!
Henry Schmidt - 1 jaar geleden
This place is great. Good weed, lovely hash...and the only pre-rolled joints in Groningen containing Cannabis :)
Dale Hanssen - 1 jaar geleden
Best place to smoke at any time of the day
Helmut Graf - 1 jaar geleden
Very nice and helpful people....a very, sweet and funny blond girl was really competent...thanks a lot.
Space Dog FPV - 1 jaar geleden
Good selection and good prices. Told I need ID to smoke in the smoke room but I am 28 so if you want to go into the smoke room just walk in once you buy.
HW .M - 2 jaren geleden
Currently the best coffeeshop in Groningen. Quality of weed is higher than other shops and you can pick up a really good strain for 10/11eu! They also list THC %, which no other shop in the city does. 10/10
Lucas S. - 2 jaren geleden
Friendly Staff, chilled atmosphere and high quality product! You can look and smell the cannabis in a good lighting! I recommend the Kush strains, it had a great resinous taste and a very relaxing effect. Nice place to enjoy goods!
Shane Shuffle - 2 jaren geleden
friendly people, groomed atmosphere, nice product
magic greenery - 3 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop that sells as little as 5 euros worth of whichever strain you choose. I went for Agent Orange which was very mellow and bright and Nepal temple hashish. What a great stone!
Sietse Torringa - 3 jaren geleden
A cozy shop with very friendly personell!
Joseph Nieps - 3 jaren geleden
Good coffee shop with nice interior. They have a tv and an electronic pocker table. Coffee made with nespresso machine.
Sam Hoen - 3 jaren geleden
Great weed, great shop. Allround a 7/5

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