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The Flying Dutchman
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Gedempte Zuiderdiep 63, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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    Woensdag 10:00 - 00:00
    Donderdag 10:00 - 00:00
    Vrijdag 10:00 - 00:00
    Zaterdag 10:00 - 00:00
    Zondag 10:00 - 00:00
  • Deze coffeeshop zal in de toekomst gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaan verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.de-vliegende-hollander.nl/
  • +31 50 314 4807



Renāts Lācis - 4 weken geleden

Ok prices for good weed.

Leonardo Tavares Fangueiro - 3 maanden geleden

Cool, just bought some joints there and leave, unfortunately you can't smoke inside. The attendants were pretty nice

Joe “Iceman” - 3 maanden geleden

This shop was pretty nice too, very good weed & nice people :)

Nico resell - 6 maanden geleden

Great quality, sure worth the price and the staff are very friendly and helpfull

Andrew Griffith - 7 maanden geleden

It's a coffeeshop, what more can be said? Very professional atmosphere :)

Steffen Krämer - 10 maanden geleden

Friendly personal wich talked dutch english and german i havent weighted my weed after but the amount looked fine only bought the cheapest but its well for the price ash looked fine and its a solid high only 4 stars because i havent tested the more expensive strains yet cant complain in any way

Mario Bacelj - 10 maanden geleden

Close enough.to train and bus station 5 min by feet...for a short refreshment on your journey...one from "must visit places in Nl.

sofa 187 - 1 jaar geleden


Lazar Gosic - 1 jaar geleden

I bought a space cake here, very affordable. But I took it a couple hours ago and still don't fee-

Wiliamo Chiquele - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop, with good quality product and very helpful knowledgeable staff. Their opening are also quite extensive with a good variety of products and some exclusive one’s as well(Californian weed is available usually).

John Roop - 1 jaar geleden

A great selection and knowledgeable / friendly staff.

subhi Ashour - 1 jaar geleden

Love it so much

Josef Saiedi - 1 jaar geleden

Excellent space cakes..no puff no fuss...

Nikoletta Zeleňanská - 1 jaar geleden

Amazingly nice service!! Lots of different options, might be sold out of joints after 11pm

DaveRay - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop right in the middle of the city. It has a very nice selection of all the finest quality in whatever you're looking for!

Georg Büsing - 1 jaar geleden

Super Coffieshop. Good amount of nice strains. And for day-tourists super nice prerolled quality for a good price.

Bar Ka - 1 jaar geleden

Nice and professional service.

Pierre De'olsie - 2 jaren geleden

Expensive, and casier gave me not enough money back. He knew what he was doing.

B B - 2 jaren geleden

Kind of pricey but nice staff, products, and location.

sergeant Winter - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffee shop in groningen. That california weed is really awesome

Conor McCarthy - 2 jaren geleden

They sold me shake at full price, I even asked for the woman to remove some stems because it was so bad, and she says "this is a coffeeshops not a supermarket" LMAO, just go to De Schauvit they're a lot nicer and the prices are lower.

Frixos Meachim - 2 jaren geleden

Wish they had more strains to choose from. However I really like the fact that they are open until 12.

Restye Filip - 2 jaren geleden

Rude customer service! They were out of a certain weed flavoured type, and I asked the cashier if he could recommend anything similar. He pointed with a cold monotone voice at the screen and said "Can't you see the screen?" Never had a rude worker in all my two years of going there, why is he even employed ? Not a smile nor a greeting when I came there, even though I greeted him. Just unprofessional, especially during so much job loss and a global pandemic. Not shopping here again. My friend complained about the rude clientelle here as well. Please chose better employees.

somethingwithpsytrance - 2 jaren geleden

Very nice people, and a great variety of strains, edibles etc.

Bojan Knežević - 3 jaren geleden

extra. the employees are very kind and all praise because we communicate through English and there have never been any problems.

Olga Possokhova - 3 jaren geleden

Horrible and disrespectful employees (Zuiderdiep straat) especially one of them - She Always gives the wrong paper on purpose, for example if you ask for unbleached, she will give you bleached. It happened a few time till I really caught her! She also throws stuff that you buy to you like you are worse than a dog, not a customer. Briefly saying, they treat You Disrespectfully. I must say that the stuff they sell is really good quality, but just because the Employees cannot treat their clients with respect, I will NEVER be back there again!

Jelle Deelstra - 3 jaren geleden

Great place to buy some awesome weed, be sure to check out this place

High Times - 3 jaren geleden

Actually not the worst around town. Let's smoke MIDS together!!!

Martin McFly - 3 jaren geleden

I love this coffeeshop. did you put your music playlist online somewhere?

Salahaldin Salama - 3 jaren geleden

Weed stuff very good here specially which I prefer as real stoner ( strawberry kush )

Lara Bank - 3 jaren geleden

The staff was really friendly and nice even though we had a few question, they didn't got annoyed with me and my foster care mom, and answered all our questions

Christian Lenzschau - 3 jaren geleden

Great atmosphere for chill out even for none smokers

Joern Moeller - 4 jaren geleden

Simply great. Many choices, acceptable prices and clean.

Rob T - 4 jaren geleden

Nice selection. The oil I bought worked well easing my discomfort with the shingles attack I had.

unknownn - 4 jaren geleden

Very good coffeshop with a lot of different strains and hash

Carlos Ghost - 4 jaren geleden

Very nice place and very friendly, they explain everything for you, help you and even give you presents! It is always clean and fair price!

Sezer Groningen - 4 jaren geleden

Good weed, friendly staff, some very worthless though, weak attitude, talking about customers where customers are standing, you just don't do that, they work slowly when it's busy, talking to customers after they are helped while others are waiting, it all just takes way too long. With crowds it is always a chaos, nobody knows where to stand so they will hang like a horde of zombies right in front of the entrance after they have walked in, everyone has to struggle to get inside or out. I just decided to pass by the crowd one day and stood behind someone standing at a checkout, and then I got a comment that I was forcing, while in the back you have great space and can form rows behind the 4 cash registers. The so-called ID checker is also often there and just looks at it with a lax attitude.

A Google user - 4 jaren geleden

They sold me 2 Grams of Bubblegum and it did not make me high at all. They must have give me the wrong strain so I went there the next day to tell them my issue. I expected some sort of compencation since I paid 22 Euros for nothing. Their unqualified and unflriendly staff (not all of them) just told me that its bad luck and sent me out. I was a regular customer there and that how they treat me? Shame on this place

Mr. Wise Guy - 4 jaren geleden

Good collection i must admit, but no real heavyweights. Not the ideal place if you want a heavy hard hitting indica/hybrid

johnny Johnson - 4 jaren geleden

Excellent selection of weed, probably more than any other shop I've seen in groningen. Prices are a bit higher but not anything crazy. I think the most expensive is 13.50€ per gram. They also weigh it right in front of you so you can really buy any amount as long as it's over 5€ and I think the limit may be 50€. The lemon haze is no joke BTW. Super

Sneeuw Witje - 4 jaren geleden

Very nice shop, I bought some Sneeuw Witje today and I must say I love it. Good price also.

Kevin L. - 5 jaren geleden

This shop deserves your attention (and far more comments!) Have frequented this coffeeshop many, many time since 1987. It was always a decent score. But several years ago they renovated and now have a great appearance and roomy sales 'desk' (as spacious and long as any hotel check-in desk area). No attitude, no pretenses... arguably the largest and best selection in town. Quality and varied menu at all times. Easy access from the train station (short 8 minute walk). I occasionally peruse a couple other shops in town... but rarely buy anything. Just seeing where they rate in comparison to the Vliegende Hollander. For my taste, others do not come close. In 2018, there is no reason to operate as a dumpy, dark, thematic hole-in-the-wall. I usually avoid easy to find. close to the train station coffeeshops in a line of tourist restaurants, etc (like those close to Centraal Station in A'dam, especially the tourist traps like Bulldog, Grasshopper). But contrary to other reviews this place is NOT A TOURIST TRAP. They are a genuine and knowledgeable bunch. Here are some points of interest at the Vliegende Hollander: * Excellent, fresh supplies. * Competitive prices. * Knowledgeable, experienced staff. * No cheating on the weight! ...and most of all -- THEY CLEAN AND WEIGH YOUR ORDER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. No pre-packaged, dried-out products here (as is common in so many c'shops these days). Hadn't been here in about 5 months, visited yesterday, and felt I should report back to those cruising the 'net for info. If you're in or near Groningen, it's worth a short train ride. While you're at it... there's an excellent Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Saigon approximately 5 minutes from the coffeeshop. Don't let the plain appearance, tiny room fool you -- these folks are putting out 100% genuine Vietnamese food. The smells and dishes are superb -- close your eyes, take a whiff, and you'll think you're on a street full of food vendors in Saigon! Oh man, pure Vietnamese food and the Vliegende Hollander -- a match made in Heaven!!

Joseph Nieps - 5 jaren geleden

Nice interior, but no place to sit inside. Staff is never helpful and prices are too high. Basically just a tourist buy-and-go coffeeshop.

Lou Elzer - 5 jaren geleden

Bit more expensive than other shops, but the weed is premium quality

Stan van der Bend - 5 jaren geleden

Very artisticly decorated, oh and also nice buds. Prices are relatively high though.

Xiles IONs - 7 jaren geleden

They have what you need - Service and quality

Kuba Kowalczyk - 7 jaren geleden

Kocht een grammetje Icelator, maar ik en mijn vrienden hadden allemaal een hele erge bad trip! Ze waarschuwde niet eens dat het heel sterk spul was... Hele huis ondergekotst kom hier nooit weer!

Martin S - 7 jaren geleden

Wie mein Vorredner schon sagte eine reine Verkaufsstelle . Aber bei meiner Suche nach medizinischen Hanf wurde ich hier fündig . Blue Shark /11 Euro und bin mit der Qualität mehr als zufrieden . Sehr freundliches Personal ,Beratung Top.

Melvyn Heuer - 8 jaren geleden

Eine reine Verkaufsstelle. Cookie nicht so doll und weed ok

Deine mutter - 8 jaren geleden

Super Shop..Amnesia is dort sehr gut :)


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