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De Medley
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Gedempte Zuiderdiep 64, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 00:00
    Friday 09:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 09:00 - 00:00
  • This coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis in the future. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • +31 50 000 0000



randolph mambre - 4 months ago

Good coffeeshop to get you weed and they are veey friendly.

Axel Wallbaum - 5 months ago

Last white whidow i bought there wasnt that good in my opinion. Indicated dark ash, no change in mood, little headache I mean they definitly friendly, no doubt, but this was really disappointing. I had better Times here. If you gave me the biggest bud in there, make sure you are able to control your quality. The bud was huge about 3g and fueled me like nothing and the Money went in garbage

thebobnewsshow - 7 months ago

The ONLY coffeeshop in Groningen that uses paper bags instead of Plastic! Fantastic!!! No more plastic!

Mark Lee 84 - 7 months ago

Quiet tiny bar, with good choice, and afordable prices. Lovley personel. Small gift for goodbye, goodvibe. Will be back

Elizabeth Comberg - 9 months ago

Good prices and always friendly staff. One of my favorite coffeeshops in Gron. They also do a good deal on a mixed bag and I like that they don't use plastic.

ACID thefurry - 1 year ago

You won't get the most precise amounts here, but the weed is great, If I had to give a point of improvement, Get a precision scale, and try making those grammes round, on a scale of 5 grams, 200mg is a lot

list ferenc - 1 year ago

We'll no plastic ha ha ha . Beautiful. Red bull always nice and super cold

Tui Gouth - 1 year ago

Employees stealing from customers. Only naive tourists or new students in the city are going here. Seasoned smokers in Groningen know what I speak of. Ask around if you think I’m lying.

Ruben - 1 year ago

These hashjoints arent what they used to be - Jointflation

Leon Trustram - 1 year ago

One of the better shops in Groningen since renovations several years ago. Decent amount of choices + a nice new smoking room. They will give u a few free tips/rolling paper if you're in a pinch.

coen leenheer - 1 year ago

Good coffeeshop! Friendly staff and good

Francesco Paolo Pudda - 1 year ago

The staff there are awesome! The place is neat and tidy. Feels like home away from home. Coffee is pretty good too!

Aaron Hassan - 1 year ago

Tried various sativa strains including amnesia and DJ and they were all great experiences. Definitely recommend

Nash Baarh - 1 year ago

Nice variety of hash and weed, cozzy smoke room and the staff was really professional tall blond girl.

Spamela Anderson - 1 year ago

Good coffeeshop if you get the right employee. Otherwise you end up with a bunch of branches, leaves and some seeds from time to time. Should not happen when you pay €15/gr. The branches and leaves at the bottom of a nugget should be taken off as they are not smokable. My dealer trims weed better.

yasuo blight - 1 year ago

Medley is one of those coffeeshops where the staff really makes the difference - they are the best and friendliest in town and I hope they get treated like it. The weed is kind of similar everywhere in town anyways (as far as I can tell) so you might as well go to the shop with the best vibes and support them a bit ;)

Said Richa - 1 year ago

My go to place, very friendly and top quality

Ducky Blueblue - 1 year ago

God that blond girl is just the best!! Hahaha the drugs are good too i guess... Sorry i meant coffee! Go there everyday 10/10

Hendrik Hautala - 1 year ago

Great place that I have been a regular at for years. Staff has always been nice and compared to most places the prices are competitive. I mostly smoke prerolls so cannot speak on the general quality of bag weed but have not regretted any of my purchaces.

Martina Bersick - 1 year ago

Such lovely staff! Especially the cute long-haired gurrrrrl

Lily Dollner - 1 year ago

Best coffeeshop in Groningen! The staff are friendly and international, and are more than happy to tell you about the products in detail to help you choose what's right for you. They also give great advice about the city if you are visiting from abroad. There is usually a huge variety of strains on offer, which you can see before buying. As well as old favourites like amnesia and white widow, you can sometimes find the occasional California strain on the menu. It's best to ask the staff what looks/smokes great right now, and what best suits your preference. Again, I cannot emphasize how helpful the employees are at this shop! Highly recommend.

Ovidijus Pocius - 1 year ago

Coffeeshop is listening costumers complains, and trying to solve it and as I can see - weed quality is way better and prices are slightly lower, however the are a lot high price weed also but price = quality if you are daily smoker I suggest you to smoke power plant, white widow, amnesia ;) and better ones try on 1-2 times per week :)

K From the ocean - 1 year ago

Nice selection of weed and hasj. Also friendly personnel who always wants to help if you have a question.

Albert Duggan - 1 year ago

I like De Medley. The staff are friendly and focused on serving customers. They have a broader selection than most other coffeeshops in Groningen and at reasonable prices. They also use paper bags to minimise plastic waste.

Elizabete - 1 year ago

My go-to coffeeshop. The staff is always super welcoming, the atmosphere is great, I always leave happy and satisfied. Great quality, range and prices. Recommend!

Becky Serre - 2 years ago

I got 10+ seeds every single time I came here. It's nice that they give big buds, but if they don't take out the seeds and (huge) stems, then what's the point of it? Don't get your weed here: it's cheaper (and better) across the street anyway.

Sezer Groningen - 2 years ago

Hash is great, weed is decent Staff is very nice in general There is just one employee that kinda laughs at customers while they are being served This particular girl made me give this rating It's a coffeeshop, and even then she is not able to forfill the simple task of helping out a customer, not to mention the slow pace she has Shoulders hanging, facial expressions when she runs out of patience, just a bad physical attitude towards customers She is quite tall with style long hair, so not the curly skinny one, she's cute, but the one where you can say that she has the same smile like the joker All the other girls are quite small so it's not hard to figure out who I am talking about At first she was nice, but after a long time service and passing by, this is my conclusion Today was my last day here, passing by at the Schavuit from now on and they have better weed and options as well

kip lala - 2 years ago

Its a great store friendly people inside too

Ameer Muzzaffar - 2 years ago

Expensive and small. Amsterdams overpriced coffeeshops as usual

Samantha Iacono - 3 years ago

Unfriendly and unorganised personal! the new brown bags are not showing how much you get, plus some weed types are too overprices. I recomend to go to the shop at the other side of the street “The flying dutchman”, you get worth for you money at least.

Pablo Pinel - 3 years ago

Neat and welcoming but could at least accept mastercards

Olga Possokhova - 3 years ago

This place is good enough, the quality of the product is fine, but there is no AC and there are no soap and no paper in the toilet, also the toilet itself is not as clean as you expect it to be in Europe.

Juan Miguel Mariatti - 3 years ago

Central, touristy so a bit pricey. Nice smoking area in the back! And AWESOME dog! Its a coffeeshop that is not full of dealers but common people, so that's nice :)

Robert Bakker - 3 years ago

Great coffeeshop with a good selection

Pieter De Raadt - 4 years ago

Very chilled place, with nice music. Has good lighting and comfortable chairs. Apart from that just be prepared to buy a drink before sitting down but that's normal.

Даниил Жилкин - 4 years ago

Pretty nice price and quality ratio. Personnel not always friendly, but I usually just buy to smoke at home so it’s not an issue for me. Apart from that, it’s definitely the best coffeeshop in Groningen:)

Swafty - 4 years ago

I consider it to be my personal favorite, very good deals like the "Mix" bag, (1.4g for 10e) or the best hash in town "lemon haze hash". I would definitely recommend passing by, you won't regret it!

Luis Peña - 4 years ago

I consider it to be my personal favorite, very good deals like the "Mix" bag, (1.4g for 10e) or the best hash in town "lemon haze hash". I would definitely recommend passing by, you won't regret it!

Bolke de Beer - 6 years ago

Unfriendly verbal aggressive personnel.

Robby Huisman - 6 years ago

gabriele forese - 7 years ago

Skippy skefnietof - 10 years ago

Goede shop! Je krijgt waar voor je geld en de kwaliteit is ook uitstekend. Als je in Groningen een shop zoekt is dit de beste keuze.

A Google User - 11 years ago


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