Oude Boteringestraat 53/1, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Random Guy - 6 months ago
Small selection of weed for ~12€/g. All good quality. Can recommend Bommen Beerend; Sweet, fruity taste. Nice atmosphere, you can smoke outside...
ryan Bannister-Hunter - 6 months ago
Staff behind the counter are great, however i decided to smoke in the area allocated but was racially abused by the local people sitting in there.
R Rokeby - 9 months ago
Best service and products ever I went before in Groningen. Thank u for that
Greg Lytmer - 10 months ago
Overall cool place and quality product. Both times I've been it was pretty crowded so if you like a more chill vibe come during off hours. Has good pure cannabis pre-rolls.
Greg Lytle - 10 months ago
Overall cool place and quality product. Both times I've been it was pretty crowded so if you like a more chill vibe come during off hours. Has good pure cannabis pre-rolls.
Kilian Aullon Terol - 1 year ago
Small, but chic place. Nice people will attend you. I liked the stay.
Thomas Bendijk - 1 year ago
Pretty chill, good value for money as well. Not too far from the park which is a nice place to smoke.
Adrián Piñero - 1 year ago
Nice people, competitive prices and good atmosphere! Perfect option if you fancy a coffee shop
Linda Kim van der Burgh - 1 year ago
My friends like going here. Good place to smoke weed or hash. Free wifi for customers too
A Google user - 1 year ago
Best coffeeshop in Groningen. Nicest people, good weed, cheapest weed. Always go here for my weed and they serve the best tea of the whole city in my opinion. Always nice customers
Radu Gheorghe - 1 year ago
Place is great but can get crowded at times. I love the fact that they have outsise seating
HW .M - 1 year ago
Very cool place to have a smoke and a cup of tea in the centre (if there's space). Weed is good quality but can be a bit pricey.
Alene Küpper - 1 year ago
Bad preducial staff who make fun of their visitors openly. Narrow depressing, downer atmosphere. Too expensive for the quality. Sour and stale orange juice, but tea the was good.
Lars Van Dammen - 2 years ago
When you're looking for a coffeeshop in the centre of Groningen, look no further then the Metamorphose! It's a 1 minute walk from the UB and the RUG, so after a long day of studying there's no place better then to unwind. The employees know the product by heart so you'll always know what to get. And to top it all off, their coffee is the best in de business!
A. K. - 2 years ago
Unfortunately, it was not worth it. No sativa to choose from. A current online menu would be helpful
Claus Gundlach - 2 years ago
Great vibe. Friendly staff and great product
georgio jansen - 2 years ago
Very good ambiance, no dress code ,You can buy also coffee,tea,soda,toasty. Or play chess,checkers etc.Free fast WiFi
9rh9 - 2 years ago
A cozey place with friendly staff and a very inviting atmosphere. Ask for 'De verdamper' when buying weed. A lot of international folk come here together with regular customers, most of which seem to mysteriously know each other.
Misha Pchen - 2 years ago
Wonderful place with a lovely old touch. The staff is always super-friendly as well as the visitors. The venue is designed in such way that you are engaged to talk with others when in the smoking-area. The quality of all products is very good. When taking tea there is the choice of over 15 different flavors!
Adolfredo Sembergman - 3 years ago
Great place in the heart of groningen. A nice place to chill all year long. Great ambience in the summer
Pedro Ivo Sarti Jordano - 4 years ago
Some good weed option. Very friendly staff. Great atmosphere with music where you can take your time and chill. One of the best in the city, for sure
Kuba Kowalczyk - 4 years ago
De zogenaamde "Marrok" Hasj, komt niet uit Marokko, ik voel mij om dit feit zeer verneukt, verder hebben ze soms degelijke Wiet. Als je nog goeie Hasj moet, bel me..
Karel Doorman - 4 years ago
Ik ben het niet eens met de namen die zij an het product hangen, en ook niet met het lichte gebrek aan kennis. Echter, hier heb ik de beste wiet in mijn leven gerookt, uiterst schoon, en precies de juiste vochtigheidsgraad. Zij wegen niet af, maar minutieus, wordt ook het personeel in de gaten gehouden, met een vrij prominente camera gericht op alles en iedereen. Als veeleisend manneke, voelde ik mij hier op mijn gemak. De meeste klanten zijn zich niet eens bewust van het waarom, de hoofdproducten zo goed zijn. Maar die zijn in orde, heb de geperste goederen nooit gerookt, maar ik durf ervan uit te gaan dat dat ook prima is. Vreemd dat er niet wordt afgewogen, maar sterk aan te raden, geen longziektes worden hier verkocht, en het is erg schoon in de zaak. Leuk metalcafe ernaast ook! Maar wel een beetje duur, niet "te" duur, maar "gewoon" duur.
Daniel Kimberley - 5 years ago
Great selection of green. Very good atmosphere and music. Wifi wasn't that smooth, but don't let that put you off.
Melvyn Heuer - 5 years ago
Weed ist gut und zum Chillen auch geeignet

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