To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop Birdy
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TIMR - 4 months ago
Weed is not the best, but the area definitely makes up for it. Me and my friends always come here if we want to chill for the night. Free phone-charging and plenty of games to play!
Map of the World - 6 months ago
Great atmosphere, with beautiful people around. Best from the best Mint Tea in the city. By the bar are standing Lovely women's with very friendly and beauty eyes. Good place. Weed in good price and off course high quality.
Map of the Mad World - 6 months ago
Great atmosphere, with beautiful people around. Best from the best Mint Tea in the city. By the bar are standing Lovely women's with very friendly and beauty eyes. Good place.
Blue Awaiku - 6 months ago
Absolute gem of a place
Matteo Dreucci - 8 months ago
My favorite coffeeshop in Haarlem. The place is clean and chilly, the staff is nice and helpful and the products are decent and quite cheap. Plus if you buy 3 bag you have 5 euros discount. Love their logo.
Carolina Londrillo - 10 months ago
Super nice place, one of the best coffeeshop I've ever been to not only in Haarlem, but in Amsterdam as well. The staff is super friendly. Inside you can find a pool table, a Star Wars pinball, many, many, many board and card games (it was a really good surprise to find Exploding Kittens). The atmosphere is awesome and just so relaxing, I loved it!
Franz Ferdinand - 10 months ago
Decent atmosphere to just hang and do your thing.
Nancy De Coole - 10 months ago
I always recommend everyone who is in Haarlem to go and check out coffeeshop Birdy!
elmo nijhoff - 11 months ago
Nr.1 coffeshop.. its just different than your average smokestop
Stephen Dunne - 1 year ago
Cosiest, nicest coffeeshop in Haarlem. It's on the other side of the station so it's a bit quieter, with more of a local feeling. Friendly staff, good selection of drinks and food. Well worth a visit.
Fabian Dech-Solomax - 1 year ago
The best in Haarlem. Great hospitality. Birdy is a wonderful, cosy and nice place to visit.
A Google user - 1 year ago
Birdy's got to be the most fun coffeeshop around. bring your friends and some laptops, have fun with the pool tables, or pick up a book. both young & old like to visit here. peaceful atmosphere and a great selection of munchies food. from chocolate bars to soups and even cheesy toast. If their weed and hashish are of higher quality this would be with no doubt the best shop in Haarlem. that being said their weed isn't of bad quality but not as potent as for example Regine's their list. in conclusion if you're looking for a good time birdy's got your back, just don't expect the strongest high from their produce.
Shafiq Ahmed - 1 year ago
Visited this place pureley by chance. It was destiny, must have been written in the stars more than a million years ago. Out of all the coffee shops in all the world this has been the best short lived experience for me. Best Decor Best Staff and good weed. Really felt welcomed. ...
Dany Ou - 1 year ago
Really nice and cozy place to spend your time. This was the nicest coffeeshop I have visited in Haarlem/Amsterdam judging by looks&comfort. No complaints about the weed quality.
xavi naimare - 1 year ago
Great place to have a coffee and smoke if you like.quiet and wifi. Good prices
Steevo Thorstensen - 1 year ago
The best Shop in northern Holland! Love the atmosphere, the prices and quality are great, and the staff is really nice too. I'll come back! For sure! :)
Ben Hutchinson - 2 years ago
Large coffeeshop that seems to cater mostly for locals. Love the decor. Friendly clientele, that are welcoming of tourists. Most definitely the best weed i came accross in haarlem
Alain Augère - 2 years ago
Great service and choice of products. Clean coffeeshop with a relaxed atmosphere.
Daniel Schofield - 2 years ago
Great chilled vibe. Nice place to hang out. Would just be a great cafe the lovely smoke smokes are just a bonus

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