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Kanaalstraat 25, IJmuiden

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Alex Popescu - 4 weeks ago
Nice people there.The staf is friendly and nice vibe all the time :) definitely i come back :)
Rodger Mellie - 1 month ago
Good price, friendly, helpful staff and nicely located within a few hundred metres of ferry port
Animal Van Beest - 1 month ago
Good stuff,good prices
Milan A.C.A.B - 4 months ago
Great place and very helpful stuff work there....thx boys and girls just continue like that
RafaƂ Grochowski - 7 months ago
first class grass, but their joints are almost all tobacco, prices from the average up
roy alsema - 10 months ago
Top shop
A Chiwred - 1 year ago
Oldschool inventory. lots of wood. nice price service like it is in this city II
PerunWitOLD - 1 year ago
Changes.... For better! Young, chilled guys behind the bar. Friendly and knowing goods. Some peculiar stuff, rarely available, good prerolled joints! ;)
Smart Smart - 1 year ago
Best weed
Aleksandr Dauda - 2 years ago
Good good place. Perfect price for cali stuff
Michael Michaelsen - 2 years ago
Good price and quality, cool interior, everything you need.
Darren Whitby - 2 years ago
Very helpful , had everything we wanted , made you feel welcome
ayden spitt - 3 years ago
The cleaned the astrey 2 fast! We spendt more than forty euro & She splash the sigar away . I don't think this is fair on us. what a sham,nice lady but not too professional!
Boogie - 3 years ago
Old school coffeeshop, nice atmosphere. Cool international staff and full bags of quality weed. Good place to hangout smokin' weed, waiting for the boat to Newcastle.
Simon Wright - 3 years ago
Bargain price coffee shop. Nice product, good advice. Staff friendly worth a visit. Good toilet.

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