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Lucy Sunshine - 2 weeks ago
Auiih Guys! So, first day I came there, the place was closed at the time that was supposed to be open, you can never be sure if the shop is open or not. Second day I came back, the shop was open, but I regret it every second and cent to go there. Guy that served me, was smoking cigarette, talking to me through this smoke inside, extremely rude and impolite....+ he didn't have 4 things I asked for wouldn't recommend it..maybe the stuff is good, but the vibe is completely low.Pass it on.
Lenka U. - 1 month ago
3,5/5 I'm going here for more than two years... Last months are weird... Last week I bought 3g can Oceanside OG for €40,- same can today for €48,- - ok, but unfortunately can was open - pull part of can is missing, with hair inside. I don't realize that's possible so i found out this hour later when i open the can...
Purple Senpai - 1 month ago
Everything is great its quick what else could you want
Desi Beats International - 3 months ago
Cool staff and good service, good choice of medication ;)
Damian Zdzislaw Pacyniak - 4 months ago
a colleague who was there praised this place very much
Vitalij Kozlovskij - 8 months ago
Quallity/price maybe best choice in all Limburg.
MARTIN Allissat - 11 months ago
Hi, Nice Place with Good Stuff and the Staff is also Handsome.............Martin Germany........
Gabriel B - 1 year ago
Nice staff !
GORAS \/ - 1 year ago
This place is open to tourists... Theres no chilling area inside tho.. people just smoke against the window...
Aurimas Vaitkus - 1 year ago
Good and fast service.
Luis Gomes - 1 year ago
Very good shop, friendly at the door ,very helpful and awesome weed great atmosphere. Thanks guys. From Portugal.
Patrick Brinkmann - 1 year ago
Not Bad Dope Here, parking Situation is difficult, dont Park in Blue Zone when you Are Tourist!
Nicky Vos - 1 year ago
Good service, friendly staff and dont have to buy full grams. Taste and quality extra good. New favorite shop! Deff worth a visit
Bryan Huwae - 1 year ago
This coffeeshop is the number one leading coffeeshop of the south. Coffeeshop “skunk” a must visite among all coffeeshop lovers. Premium quality strains and commercial strains are all available here.
Ivan Dragov - 2 years ago
Very good, most of the time nice prices and good quality
Mike Ryzhyk - 2 years ago
Try it ☝️ You will like
Apollo 96 [pro player] TeamGhoulPack - 2 years ago
Too bad there is no place to sit, as should be in Coffeshop. But nonetheless stuff is good quality, prices are not high, store service depends (but most of the ladies are nice and speak fluent English).
ToXlr8 [pro player] TeamGhoulPack - 2 years ago
Too bad there is no place to sit, as should be in Coffeshop. But nonetheless stuff is good quality, prices are not high, store service depends (but most of the ladies are nice and speak fluent English).
Leon Menne - 2 years ago
Great sortiment and helpful people if questions!
Karo S. - 2 years ago
JOHN CHITTICK - 2 years ago
Good choice for good prices
Peter Hakuna Matata - 2 years ago
Nice shop with good prices and quality
hub sel - 3 years ago
don't drink and drive smoke and fly
Mladen Murdzhev - 3 years ago
saw inside was nice fface
Laura Morgan - 3 years ago
Quick and efficient.
Kejian Leng - 3 years ago
So far our fav in the south of Netherlands. Foreigners are welcomed.
Marion Hohenfeld - 3 years ago
the last visit in this coffeeshop was 4 years ago. it wasnt satisfying at this time. Yesterday i was there again and it was a different experience. the prices are better now . i only bought one strain but it was very good quality at that day !
Daniel Leichtle - 3 years ago
Nice Quality. Good Prices. Ask for the Softcard! TIPP
Carl Howard - 3 years ago
Captive audiance closet to my location at the time. As far as service, efeficean, curtious and do one thing, ive never seen take the time.ask ounce and repeat back.
Meechy Darko - 3 years ago
Preise sind humaner geworden und Sortenangebot scheint auch langsam moderner zu werden. Qualität allerdings zu schwankend ,deshalb nur 4* P.S : Last visit they got a super fire batch of Phantom Cookies
Frank Hoxen - 4 years ago
All perfekt. Best Shop. Nice People around.I love you all and i am not Michael Jackson.
KACPER K - 4 years ago
White widow last time very wet...sometimes everything is good, but now I think they've monopol in city so they don't care about weed quality.
Musab Ibn Abufahmt - 6 years ago
Viel zu teuer ist es das stimmt. Vor allem ist bei den Kultsorten Silver und Anmesia Haze der typische Geruch kaum vorhanden. Riechen oft nichtmal sonderlich stark. Die Qualität des Weeds ist also mäßig. Der Preis Mächtig. 13,85€. Pf ! Dafür ist das Zeug seit ca. 6 Monaten immer sauber gewesen und es gibt gutes preiswertes Ketama. Besser als in DE is es schon aber richtig überzeugen tut die Qualität in Roermond nicht.
david langa - 6 years ago
Scheiß weed und auch öfters feucht.öfters gesreckt mit brix!! Scheiß arbeiter sind da auch.unfreundlich zu denn deutschen. Eigentlich keine ahnung vom weed :D straßen hunde würde ich sagen.frech und unproffesionel. Da sollte mal jemand rein der wirklich ahnung hat.und auch verkaufen kann.einer der anbietet und erklären kann was das ist. Scheiß bude scheiß verkeufer.streassen dealer aber mehr nicht. Nur profit und scheiß weed.hauptsache verkaufen. Nur nicht hingehen.und lange warten auch noch.während sie essen oder mit holländern lange reden und spaß haben. Deutsche werden wie junkies behandelt. Rein raus verkaufen.und auch scheiß weed!!!!!!
DzideK Rafael - 6 years ago
They sell Amnesia from outdoor for 13,85€. That is fucked up, I was there last time.
kevin niemand - 7 years ago
Don´t go there! Yesterday i bought Silverhaze there. All buds are brixed ... not smokable at all. I´m going to throw that stuff away... pretty dangerous to sell this stuff to ur customers. Tried 1 Joint ... my Lung still burns and it tasted pretty plastic ... total NO GO
antrykot - 8 years ago
The coffeeshop is really bad, it's the worst (excluding skunk) coffeshop in Netherlands i have been to. The quality of weed is really poor and i think they are adding something to it because it looks so small when you buy it. Sometimes you can get a good sort but if there is one it goes out quickly. Price range is from 5,50 to 13 EUR per g. But sometimes the 5,50 weed is better then 13 EUR one. Once i bought 13 EUR weed called blue cheese and after smoking 0,5g of it i barely felt effects, it didnt have any sort of good taste either. The place itself looks like dump for rags - no inside design at all. The only good thing about it is that you don't need wietpass. But yeah if they had wietpass i doubt they would have any clients at all. It's better to drive few more KM's to Venlo or Weert and buy some real weed not some kid stuff in paper bag with sticker :)

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