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1e Pijnackerstraat 118-A, Rotterdam (Noord)

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Robert van Schaik - 1 year ago

Top shop!

chere cher - 1 year ago

Expensive and no good cuality

Pete Nguyen - 1 year ago

Nice quality. I bought a gram for a first time. Definitely wanna come back more.

Maarten Petrij - 1 year ago

Fair prices, good quality, quite broad selection of hasj and weed. Staff is very friendly and I never had issues with this coffeeshop.

Sagi - 1 year ago

Goooood smoke

Bahri Ünlü - 2 years ago

I left 50 Cents there

Kells de Mvp - 3 years ago

Not the best weed, there are some that are okay.. Limited choices, and overpriced.. the day i paid 8.50€ for 0.8 gram was the day i knew this coffeeshop would never be my regular again..emergency smoke only coffeeshop, and it closes at 10...great staff with an exception for one which has trouble counting, so unloads as much small currency at you so they can count bills instead of coins at the end of a shift..

wez - 3 years ago

Not bad. Not good either.

Twingamereviewers - 3 years ago

Goede shop met lekker soorten wiet en hasj

Bert van der Star - 3 years ago

Beste gras van Rotterdam

Pavle Tomas - 4 years ago

As far as I know, the best cannabis store (coffeeshop) in Rotterdam. I've visited five others so far and I'm not much of an expert on weed, but this one seems most worthy. The staff is not especially helpful, but its a run in run out type of store anyway. They have 0.8 bags of weed but the bag is cheaper and the weed stronger, so you get great value for money. And the store is charming but without a smoking area.

Jack Groom - 4 years ago

Not much of an atmosphere. Decent prices though.

Richard K - 6 years ago

Mwha redelijk goeie. Wiet en hoeveelheid gaat wel Beter dan cassa zoetermeer

Complex Detachering - 6 years ago

In menu they got 0,8g, 1,7g and 3,5g but its LIE! They are selling always 0,2g less dont trust them!

Anthony Paul van den Belt - 6 years ago


I'do. Rambaldo - 6 years ago

Best shop in 010 Noord

Mistar Small - 6 years ago


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