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Coffeeshop Trefpunt Rotterdam

Botersloot 7, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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  • Monday 10:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 10:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 10:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 10:00 - 00:00
    Friday 10:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 10:00 - 00:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.coffeeshoptrefpunt.com/
  • +31 10 555 5999


B Scotty - 1 month ago

Really poor quality. I asked for the best stuff and she gave me the Canadian bud. Literally I threw it away it had such a horrible taste and no high. (More like a bad cbd) The person after me also asked for the best bud and then she said a different cheaper one. So don't trust the people there.

Lorenzo Cingolani - 2 months ago

Good prices, nice staff and great quality, the smoking area was very comfy and tidy, I reccomend, cheap hot beverages!

DroidMan - 2 months ago

Good Prices and Asian boy behind the counter with Pro skills let me choosen the stuff + papers free. Love it.

Proud Mexican - 3 months ago

It was very nice to see only women employees! I felt completely at ease. I appreciate it ladies.

DJE - 3 months ago

The weed is good, the only thing that makes it 4 stars is that you can only pay cash. There is an ATM in the shop but still , paying with card would be handy.

Mr West - 3 months ago

Another shop only for dummies who have 0 knowledge about sativa or indica, or any knowledge about certain strains. Weed for tourists who also have no idea, perfect match for you to not smoke in the future.

SubSeven8948 - 5 months ago

No card payment. They own atm that charges you €3.5 for any transaction. The seller is polite, But the merch is less than mediocre.

Bartosz Chliszcz - 5 months ago

Im not a kind of person that smokes inside coffeeshop so I can't tell much about sitting and smoking there but staff is nice and polite and they have nice stuff too. Definitely will come back.

Alasdair Paterson - 8 months ago

Would of preferred a better selection more of choice aswell and only allowed 5gram all that included 3 or 4 sweets so not worth it in my eyes

Lorenzo Freddi - 9 months ago

Great prices. Everything seems to be 10 euros which I haven’t seen before. Staff are super nice. They only accept cash tho.

Kieran Mason - 10 months ago

Friendly staff, decent selection, very good quality and reasonable prices. Cash only though. Would return. Good quality edibles and a sit down space to enjoy but no tobacco allowed

Jonathan Arrachart - 10 months ago

Very good quality weed & staff are very sympatic

Julia Baker - 10 months ago

Best selection and prices in Rotterdam! Great options for weed, hash, edibles, and pre-rolls. Super friendly staff!

anzen17 - 10 months ago

Place with a good vibe, popular with people and have interesting menu :)

Nick Gervase - 10 months ago

Awesome coffeeshop with a great menu selection. I stuck with the edibles and space cake was only 5 euros. Pleasantly surprised by how strong it was for how much I paid. Highly recommend this place!

Bad Vibes - 1 year ago

Beautiful sour haze and critical hash is very nice too. Not much variety to be a 5 stars but one of the best in the city for sure.

Marc Pinyana - 1 year ago

There is not need to thank. Actually is one of the best coffe shops of Rotterdam. Always I go to Rotterdam i never miss a visit to this coffee. Quality, price, attention... all is perfect. And the people who works there are beautifull too!

lalnable hector - 1 year ago

Love this place going every time here. But sadly you can't sit inside anymore i miss that. But the weed is good and go to this place when it's your birthday

Mario Digiglio - 1 year ago

Really good prices and service, they also gave me free filters and papers. The quality is the standard high quality you find in Netherlands.

Tim Geschwindt - 1 year ago

These people are top notch. Great customer service and good product. The people make a business and they have hired good people.

Valter Vicente - 2 years ago

Very satisfied with the service. They let you pick which bag you want and even offer a free bag with paper, filters and lighter. The quality is also nice. Highly recommended!

Noa Iacono - 2 years ago

I love that coffeeshop, is one of my favorite! They always have good products and sometimes also some sale if you buy 5g. You can just buy cash so you have to organize yourself before going there. The girls are super cool and super nice always

Ragini Shukla - 2 years ago

Best coffeeshop in rotterdam hands down. High quality product. Mostly just for consumers that are buying, not really a place to hang out. Though they do have a small space to sit. They are always happy to give u free tips and papers, when you buy 5 grams you get a packet with lighter, papers, and tips gratis.

Douwe Ewoud - 2 years ago

I really like the quality of the hash from the trefpunt. I am always looking for the best hash in town and they nailed it. Especially when there is a crisis in hashland (like now end 2020) they still keep their prices right. Thank you I really appreciate that.

Brot Power - 2 years ago

Funny looking kiosk like coffeeshop with decent bud. Dont get the fudge (dont know about the other edibles). We were told they contain 1 gram of the good good. This was most definitely an exaggeration. Just dont like being lied to.

Marcin Cendrowski - 2 years ago

A great place.

richie Mc-Rushee - 2 years ago

Nice weed, good strong high but a gram is supposed to be a gram!! Selling 0.75g instead of a gram is bad buisness

Adm 25 - 2 years ago

Good but lately the staff is really starting to be nasty.. Been going for sometime now and always enjoyed the staff friendliness but now the staff is becoming much like the reef... Zombies.. No smile and rude.. Hope that changes

Cian H - 2 years ago

Definitely one of the best coffeshops in Rotterdam, make sure to bring cash as they don't take card

Moritz S - 2 years ago

Good prices, friendly staff, nice quality

Milana Gurkova - 2 years ago

When I take sativa strains, they put less than 1 gram, but it cost 10 euro, more than kush side. And I really miss weed strains which was there before: gelato, grizzly, ghost train and others. Because nowadays strains are in hold too long and tastes not soo wonderful, as it was before(1,5 years ago)

Ruudza TV - 2 years ago

Good and fast service plus it works thill 00:00

Fred Hughes - 3 years ago

All selections available, the turnstile window is definitely a brisk selling idea but doesn't forgive dawdlers. Edibles are recommended as good quality. Definitely for locals but respectful tourists tolerated. Good value hot drink vending and nice friendlies. Worth a visit.

Rowling Stone - 3 years ago

Many types, many less knowing or just not original genres. Look at the past was one of the best. Today - is still high quality, but was so much better. Driving that zone are nightmare.

Ermioni Hatzimihail - 3 years ago

The most convenient and easy coffeeshop in Rotterdam!! By far our favorite! Great quality and prices!! If you are lucky they also have a 'happy hour' kinda thing in which you can get something for free (who else does that!?? ;)) plus the staff is always friendly and super helpful!!

Joao Kidd - 3 years ago

When you get in, it's like a trusted place. Friendly staff, nice weed, and good food and drinks. 5 stars

babyrob0t - 3 years ago

Excellent selection, high quality product. The smoking area is fit-for-purpose.

Marco Kan - 4 years ago

Excellent breakfast! The restaurant was jam packed on the Saturday morning we had booked and the staff were on point the whole time. Really impressed.

Philipp' da Philadelphia - 4 years ago

A little intimidating entrance, like entering a popular disco. BUT they were the only place with edibles. Full offerings listed with prices and pictures. Friendly, helpful, and gave me a "sample." I would visit here first on my next visit to Rotterdam.

Phil DeBlanc - 4 years ago

Quick and friendly service. Small, but good selection.

Manel Pedro - 4 years ago

Value for your money was ok, since we smoked great hash and weed for a respectable price. We went there on a Saturday night and the atmosphere wasnt the best. Could barely roll my joint with so many people inside such a tiny space, and a lot of curious stares going around. It just felt uncomfortable. The girl that took care of us throughout our purchase was all but kind. A little smile and a warmer attitude towards her customers would do her well really. Overall a satisfactory experience, not great though.

Anesthesie Medewerker - 4 years ago

One of the best coffeeshops in Rotterdam. The service is fast, the quality of the weed is great (especially the Bubblegum!) and the prices are really great for what you get! Their variety of weeds and hasjiesj is also on point. Smoking inside the shop is also fun; they got boardgames, a television, drinks and food; all you need!

Spontan RecTV - 4 years ago

My favourit coffee shop in rotterdam, i visit every time I am there. Staff is friendly, the prices are low comparing to other places and the quality of the product is always great, the cookies and cakes are nice and strong, the smoking area is well ventilated, has tea and coffee machines and other vending machines, there are computers to use the internet free of charge which is nice, it is a pleasent place to chill. I recommend everyone who visits rotterdam to check it out themselves

mihaela šofić - 4 years ago

Small and cozy place, always crowdy but nice for chillin. You can go inside only if you buy something for smoking there. They have excellent stuff to buy of course.

Patrycja Tomaszewska - 4 years ago

Great Prices and great weed and really cool space cake :)

Ilja 1 - 4 years ago

The hasjiesj is very nice over here

Gerdas Tamašauskas - 4 years ago

Fine place to chill , good weed

Damien Michaudet - 4 years ago

Friendly, good quality and good price :)

T Kay - 5 years ago

Fast, cheap, friendly. What Do you need more? Recommendations? Try the Dutch Haze or the Super Silver Haze both are very good and the space cake is super tasty too

Keith Ballingall - 5 years ago

Nice cheap weed. Good service and chilled relaxed atmosphere. Would recommend

Mescal Miranda - 5 years ago

Nice smoke. Strains cost average 8-12 euro a gram. Not bad at all. Its no match to California OG strains but way better than Colorado.

TapRan - 5 years ago

Barf... There is a word for places like this... Starts with 'C' ends with 'Rap'— looking for great cannabis? Then don't go here! Looking for poison laced pot? Then this is your spot.

A Google User - 5 years ago

The worst, awful terrible! So bad. Do not waste any time or money here. Disgusting! Tobacco mixed into joint. Asked for a strong strain in a joint and was not told that they cheaply mix in tobacco. Asked to exchange and I’d pay the difference, because I do not smoke tobacco, and was told that’s what I get for for three Euros. It is not listed that tobacco is mixed in– no warning They do not care, they have no integrity. They said: ‘What can we do now that you lit it, it’s no good for them, I said I have same problem: ‘it’s no good for me I don’t smoke tobacco and I’m the one paying. Do not waste time or money at this awful place. It should be shut down.

Jim - 5 years ago

The worst, awful terrible! So bad. Do not waste any time or money here. Disgusting! Tobacco mixed into joint. Asked for a strong strain in a joint and was not told that they cheaply mix in tobacco. Asked to exchange and I’d pay the difference, because I do not smoke tobacco, and was told that’s what I get for for three Euros. It is not listed that tobacco is mixed in– no warning They do not care, they have no integrity. They said: ‘What can we do now that you lit it, it’s no good for them, I said I have same problem: ‘it’s no good for me I don’t smoke tobacco and I’m the one paying. Do not waste time or money at this awful place. It should be shut down.

Edward den Hartog - 6 years ago

Not bad. Need saver card with purchase

rawad hauch - 6 years ago

This coffee shop has the best value/cost in Rotterdam. They have decent options for good prices. I totally recommend it

Jānis Vītoliņš - 6 years ago

A lot of different choices, nice bags with good quality weed.

Hans De Becker - 6 years ago

More than decent quality for very reasonable prices, with possible purchase reductions and daily 'mystery prize' lottery. Worth a visit, but it's best to avoid the busy weekend evenings...

Prato Fiorito - 6 years ago

They will let you in only if you purchase weed or hashish and the room is hell of small. Very unpleasant personal (the person who served me was a blond girl, so I'm referring to her.) What a shame! It'd be a very nice place, because the products are very good.

Paul Uriarte - 6 years ago

My favorite coffeeshop in all of Rotterdam. The location is prime for once the munchies hit you. The prices are fair and they are always willing to suggest their favorite strain. If you're visiting for an extended period they have a loyalty card which you can kindly ask for. The inside has a good atmosphere, friendly folk, foosball table, board games galore, four computers free to use, free wifi, big tv's showing music videos or football games, fair priced coffee machine, candy machine, and cold drinks machine, cigarette machine, free papers and tips for your convenience. Make sure to have everything ready once it's your turn at the line as it does get busy at certain parts of the day (normally right before closing, right after work hours, and generally on the weekends). The inside area does tend to get packed at times. Many great memories made here, I appreciate the service, I miss you Trefpunt! You will always have a special place in my stoner heart.

della ugr - 7 years ago

Try super silver haze. It's amazing! The inside of this coffeeshop is like an internet cafe and it's quiet busy at night, but i like it

Lily Price - 7 years ago

The weed is okay priced and the quality of it is way above average. They offer a large selection of both Hash and Weed. Their pre-rolled joints are excellent and you won't find a better or more potent piece of space cake in all of Rotterdam than the ones they sell here. For 5 euro's you have a great high that lasts for up to 10 hours. Most of the employees are really really nice, the boss is just a bit grumpy but not rude. It offers Air Conditioning, Free Wifi and Computers. Also, every couple of hours you can win the Mystery prize and get a couple of free grams. Frequent buyers also get a stamp card to earn free weed.

Viva España - 7 years ago

Great weed, but prices can be a bit lower because you can get for the same price high grade AAA+ weed like Silver Haze (excellent weed) and for the same price less powerful weed, but well is good. Anyways haze joints haven't got very much weed taste... But weed is very good, I've tried 3 different and all of them taste good and give high!!

Stefan Penev - 7 years ago

One of my favorite coffeeshops in Rotterdam. Everything is 8€ per g and they have some nice bud. Smoking area is also nice. It has a few pcs and wi-fi.

Deano machino - 8 years ago

Best one I've found friendly staff and customers free wifi 4x internet stations Table football Refreshments English friendly just don't be a twat and ruin that! Only tried blueberry great selection of green and hash I shall return


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