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Branko Rodic - 4 weeks ago
Super cool place with friendly staff
Mikołaj Dembowski - 1 month ago
Very very good quality staff, cannabis delicious and for first really nice service! Today was my first time here but for sure not last
Greased Sausage - 1 month ago
Very friendly staff. If you are American make sure to keep in mind. Joints in Europe are way different to those in America. They are spliffs as we would call it in America. Clarify with the staff and they will be more than happy to help and recommend items to try.
Mark Cavallaro - 2 months ago
Always nice service and nugs.
Samira Barnard - 3 months ago
Not very friendly, pricy but therfore great quality. Right in town, perfectly situated
Wiwi77 Wed - 3 months ago
many different varieties but the quality is not for their price one of the most expensive in Rotterdam
Under World - 4 months ago
Very nice place and very good amnesia haze. I'm wondering guys, what is the seedsbank of your amnesia haze strain?
Leo Lipohar - 4 months ago
Without reason kicked from a coffeshop because our friend wasn't staying on a dot on floor. Very unproffesional,rude and idiotic staff, avoid this coffeshop and Save your money, it's overpriced anyways, peace.
Kieron Gavin - 4 months ago
Nice selection! Sales is quick and easy, you can look at the product before buying and the pre rolls are great value too.
Naomi Wilson - 6 months ago
Nice people works there always with a smile
Louise Noel - 7 months ago
Super welcoming atmosphere, I love to see a fellow lady behind the counter. The bouncer although a tough exterior, a friendly man. I haven't been yet when there aren't any covid-19 regulations, but they take them seriously and it's well organised. I recommend for first timers and regulars as their stuff is also good quality.
Reuben Finklestein - 8 months ago
Decent value, excellent range, charming staff.
John Smith - 11 months ago
If you do not have a Dutch ID they will accuse you of having false documents which is basically slander (laster), ie a criminal offence. There are some staff that are friendly. But the majority don't even ask you what you want. They just stare at you aggressively until you tell them what you want. Then there is no please thank you good day. Absolutely nothing. If i was the business owner i would just use an automated machine to sell the weed. The only added value of having staff in this scenario is that they treat the customer nicely, but because they do not do that they are basically being paid to do what a machine can do. Have someone arrange all the weed outside of opening hours. Fill up the machines and get rid of as much staff as possible! The staff culture in your company is cancer.
lunaatje xxx - 1 year ago
Very unfriendly. Only out for profit and not quality. Doesn't even write names on the bags. The bouncer kept hounding us. Staff was very rude and didn't even want to explain. Half of the menu was unavailable. Very expensive. Not a nice atmosphere wouldn't go again
Unique arrindell (Cat eyes) - 1 year ago
The best place to buy weed. When it was open best place to chill been coming here for more then 15 years. Love the place and the workers.
Крум Кърков - 1 year ago
Very nice coffeeshop, Some strains are good some bad. I were given less than a gram of different strains but I bought a gram each.
Adriaan Lagaay - 1 year ago
Great weed here not necessarily cheap but quality stuff. Aswell as the underwater vibe is dope
Ben Dover - 1 year ago
Rude staff, overpriced product. Only positive is that you can pay by card.
Odessey and Oracle - 1 year ago
Disrespectful staff. Won’t recommend things, barely show product or interest for that matter. Went in, asked for the purple haze. Was told they were sold out. Had a friend go in and ask in dutch, they gladly sold to him. If you don’t speak fluent dutch don’t even go in. They’ll make you pay more and give you the lowest quality product they have. Which isn’t saying much because all their bud is trash. Sits in non airtight containers all day (would explain the dryness). Pretty sure I didn’t even get a full 3g, didn’t care enough to weigh it. Just went to the coffeeshop down the street. Way better, friendlier and lower prices. Only pro of this place is the smoke room but they allow tobacco smoke w the weed and you gotta pay for an overpriced cup of tea to go in.
JJ Olive Oil - 1 year ago
Pros: Large lounge area for consumption with neat decor. Staff [mostly] friendly. Cons: Very low quality product. Lowest quality since being in Holland. They should be ashamed. I smelled 4 different strains before finally settling but wish I would have just walked out and not exposed my throat and lungs to such low quality product. Entry and exit in the lounge area are separate and it is confusing for a tourist like myself.
JJ Johnson - 1 year ago
Pros: Large lounge area for consumption with neat decor. Staff [mostly] friendly. Cons: Very low quality product. Lowest quality since being in Holland. They should be ashamed. I smelled 4 different strains before finally settling but wish I would have just walked out and not exposed my throat and lungs to such low quality product. Entry and exit in the lounge area are separate and it is confusing for a tourist like myself.
Madiana Braquin - 1 year ago
A place easy to found when you're not from here. The smoking place is beautiful, staff very attentive and kind.
Łukasz Krawiec - 1 year ago
Didn't feel welcome with all the questions I had (was the only 1 in the store) - the guy serving me acted as if the 3 min I took from him was some sort of punishment. The weed is good though =)
Ermioni Hatzimihail - 2 years ago
Propably the coolest coffeeshop in Rotterdam! Normal prices and the decor is very different to all the other places!! Worth a visit!
Krzysztof Opawski - 2 years ago
Great place. Good atmosphere. Big choice of weed
Dean Sesto - 2 years ago
Loved this place in 2016 went back in 2017 and it was closed?? so is it open again now? If so I highly recommend, pukka atmosphere and mad theme going on to get mashed and look at
Vanesas Enos - 2 years ago
The security guy was friendly, the shop was clean and beautifully decorated. Prices where average. The girl at the counter was very unpleasant to say the least. Maybe she needs to smoke one so she is in a better mood?
mihaela šofić - 2 years ago
Perfect lavazza coffee, amazing interior, perfect music! People who's working there are always friendly, especially the bouncer. You can buy great stuff there.
Patrice David Förster - 2 years ago
Great location and good selection of weeds. Especially we like the smoking room in underwater style
Knefröd Zwentibold - 2 years ago
I can recommend their Purple Haze reefer with 0.6 g for €4. Unfortunately they offer no comestibles such space cookies or space cakes. And the security was a bit too heavy
grant w - 2 years ago
People crammed in and the bouncers all stand about looking pathetic and trying to intimidate a load of stoned people who want nothing but to be left alone and not threatened. The least relaxing joint I have ever had and because of the atmosphere a really glum stoned. Get your weed from a kiosk as they seem to have the better weed. We ordered a few bits from reef and none was right. We smoke a lot of weed and know our favourites and they definitely mugged us of. 4 floors is better atmosphere and more relaxed.
Christian Felipe Laura - 2 years ago
I really like this place so much to buying a good quality weed, pleople say it's a bit over the average price but you can trust on the quality of your purchase. I must say is really difficult to park near by the area, "meent" is the best option to park and then walk a few minutes straight down to get there. Heads up, minor age can not get inside, even if they are yours.
Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek - 2 years ago
One of the coolest coffee shops on Rotterdam, great decorations. Very friendly staff. The assortment is also very good, with also good prices.
Oskar Glazewski - 3 years ago
Nice coffee shop, lovely menu and great prices for good goodies
Stuart Hamilton - 3 years ago
Seriously good coffee shop loads to look at while lean. Nice weed.
goru47 - 3 years ago
Strong and tasty herbs here. Really open and yet cozy atmosphere. Decorations are some of the best i have seen in rotterdam. The only reason why this is a 4 and not a 5 is because the music is usually too loud to talk normally to someone sitting next to you and the lights could be turned up some more. All in all i enjoyed my visit, would go again.
Le Voir - 3 years ago
The best in town. Stuff is good quality and you have some bulk discounts. Interior design is great and staff very nice. Location is also 10/10! Close to the meent but not directly on it so it's more peaceful and quiet around.
Conor Croasdell - 3 years ago
I paid for 5 grams because it says 10 % discount for 5 grams. They gave me exactly 4 grams when I weighed it at home. Be careful
Nicholas Evans - 5 years ago
Fantastic!!!! The inside is just amazingly put together. Prices are fair and just enjoyable experience overall!
Nunzio Cannizzaro - 5 years ago
Eyoub Benjennat - 5 years ago
Tres bonne accueil , très gentil service et super ambiance
joao fonseca - 5 years ago
ADV TOURS - 5 years ago

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