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Emmaplein 24-A, 's-Hertogenbosch

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MichaƂ Biegluk - 1 month ago
Nice hindu kush and cristal hash
Selim Ben Hadj Ali - 9 months ago
The guy at the door is so rude. He didn’t let me in cause i’m german and not a resident of the Netherlands (which, never heard of this rule but fine). He rejected me in a really disrespectful way, even insulted me cause i stood there next the the shop (in shock) for 5 more seconds. Don’t go there. Not worth it.
Valts Vizbelis - 11 months ago
Loved it, thanks for the experience
Dawid Kaluzny - 1 year ago
I do not reccomend, specialy security guys please do something with them because your company will lose many customer because of them (they are very rude)
Bojan mendaš - 1 year ago
Number of nice giril that works here, the one with cat eyes....!
Tupac Shakur - 1 year ago
Hello,in order to come to your shop,is it enough to show the sofi number?
Abraham Lincoln - 1 year ago
Good weed. Good foor clients. Only smiley.
Noerdchen - 1 year ago
Always good, friendly staff, quality is perfect and prices are right for what you get! Will always come back
Jasper Boele - 1 year ago
Great polm
Simon R. - 1 year ago
Steady smoke
Joep van Werd - 2 years ago
Nice music, nice weed and good affordable
Arshia Rostami - 2 years ago
Good weed, nerd Dutch insurance card or ID to get in though
Thomas Lookman - 2 years ago
Fast service, quality weed. Only bought 2 grams of the white widow, but I was zoned.
Maciej Kasica - 2 years ago
nice views But not enough seating
Jacob Mulligan - 3 years ago
Foreigners (I am American) are not allowed to shop here. They're friendly about it but will give you a firm no.
Marcel Hulsman - 3 years ago
Perfect for some chillax time & a convo
Angus Seel - 3 years ago
No foreigners allowed, very racist. Don't bother if you are passing through town.
Joshua Lebedinsky - 3 years ago
Get the XXL pizza, it's the most cost effective
noah Reiniers - 4 years ago
Great staff, they are very nice and helpful. I always like the music and you can sit here and chill or just come by to get some weed.
iihoipoiii - 4 years ago
Verry nice place good produce but the chairs are not verry comfortable
Mark Hoofwijk - 4 years ago
Good place. Good employees. Great atmosphere
Dirk Van Dullemen - 5 years ago
Veel soorten maar alles lijkt op elkaar.nee kan nou niet zeggen dat ik hier terug kom.Heel commercieel maar geen echte super wietjes op de kaart.
Jonathan B - 5 years ago
This place is my absolute worst experience in a coffeshop. Was visiting a friend in Den Bosch, tried to buy weed here. Despite having plenty of proof that I am a resident of the Netherlands they denied to sell me any, refusing even to talk to me. Extremely rude and absolutely racist. Real real nasty employees. Stay away from this place. Had to send a Dutch friend to buy, he was not asked for any proof at all. The weed is of average quality at best. ????????
henri litsenburg van - 5 years ago
Relex en zo zouden alle shops moeten werken. Kan Eindhoven een voorbeeld aan nemen !!
Marek Misiewicz - 5 years ago
wat een fucking onzin, ik woon 9 jaar in Nederland, ik heb al sinds 4 jaar eigen koophuis in Rotterdam, was in deze coffeshop vandaag geweest (omdat ik op een cursus in Vught zit) en niet naar binnen gelaten omdat ik een Pools ID hebt, gewoon discriminatie! En trouwens ik ben geen jongetje, ik ben 30... Daarna had ik mijn taxi chauffeur gevraagd of hij kan wiet voor mij halen, en ze hadden hem ook niets verkocht vanwege mogelijke "doorverkoop". Slechste coffeshop ooit!!!!! Vervolgens de security mannetje was echt onardig tijdens het gehele verhaal.
Gyula Habalin - 5 years ago
Hidde Jansen - 6 years ago
Gezellige kleine coffeeshop met een vast assortiment. Loopafstand van het station.

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